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Part 31 - Code 33 - TelMex and Telemundo

Picking up where I left off, there's a TM brand whose imagery is being promoted in America through their sponsorship of motorsports. Who are they? A major brand. “Telmex is a Mexican telecommunications company headquartered in Mexico City that provides telecommunications products and services in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil (Embratel) and other countries in Latin America. Telmex is still the dominant fixed-line phone carrier in Mexico. In addition to traditional fixed-line telephone service, Telmex also offers Internet access, data, hosted services and IPTV. Telmex owns 90 percent of the telephone lines in Mexico City. Telmex is a wholly owned subsidiary of America Movil. ” (Wikipedia)

TM and MC (Mexico City) are complementary Code 33 pairs. The 33 encoding repeats in several layers, as illustrated in this set of transformations. The word Telmex appears under the TM image in such a way that the letters E are pointed out for emphasis. In the mirror reflection on the right side you see the emphasized double E pair as 33. Ditto in the upside down version at lower left. The TM logo rotated a quarter turn produces yet another form of the 33, aided by the letter T's subtle serif typeface.

Caveat: If you're a victim of ritual abuse who is still being delivered or you're easily offended by mature subjects and descriptive language, please consider moving on. If you're new to this series, welcome! You may want to start at the beginning to get the foundation for what's here, or back further, like with Series Links: The Sodomite Gateway or even going all the way back to October, 2009.

If you understand how the number 33 is a graphical picture of a couple engaged in sodomy, you should be able to perceive what's being concealed by the magickal cover spell that must surely be shrouding this popular Occult logo. The stem of the T is the phallus of the sodomite mounting the M. That T may be identified further as a symbol of the Triangle of the anal triangle, which must also be labeling the anal triangle that is the form of the central part of the M.

Who is the M? The M=13 identity, or rebel lord beast? A Mason? The TM symbol features another Occult layer beyond that of the sum of the letter values. Because the letter M rotates to represent 3, the TM may be leveraged as the Triple Tau cross of Royal Arch Freemasonry, which really supports the “20+13=33” layer's link to Freemasonry. See how the logo fits the Masonic square and compass?

Masons generally meet in a lodge or temple. TELMEX has TEMXLE for an anagram. With the letter X being used as a wildcard or generic placeholder for [fill in the blank], like in Brand X, it seems likely that the transformation of TELMEX to TEMPLE is being leveraged.

This graphic promoting Rally Telmex features the checkered flags typically waved at the finish line in motorsports events. That checkerboard also happens to be a convenient pretext for representing the familiar pattern seen the floors of Masonic temples. The crossed flags present the mark of the sodomite sun god, whose name appears above the logo and isolated on the left of the X. RA!

The car number of the Telmex car that often wins in the prestigious Grand Am Rolex Series is 01, which transforms to IO, the spelling of Helios, the sun god.

Telmex has a promotion that features a dog and a paw print that is used to substitute for the O in spelling WOW. This supplements everything the Telmex logo already is with another 33 in the rotation of the W and W.

The paw print adds a 666 transformation because it resembles an i, dotted with 3 dots. iii=999 which inverts (taking the exclamation marks as a suggestion to flip it over) to 666. The 666 could also be derived with a little tracing. Dog = male prostitute, god spelled backwards, dog star Sirius...

The brand's Infinitum promo also leverages the iii ~ 666 transformation. The three letters “i” in infinitum combine to present one set, and the three waves emitting from the central broadcasting antenna “i” triple it to present another set. That antenna is an “i” between two others, the third “i” or eye, the Horus Eye. The other two letters “i” are dotted with squares, and since dots are round, these are squared circles, sodomite Horus Eye symbols!

The version where they promote the broadband service prodigy infinitum includes their pentagram and sets the Telmex Code 33 inside a squared circle form.

Here's how the beast and his mark are promoted with the sodomite Telmex Code 33 branding of their wimax, with the third i/eye and 666.

Tripling the “i” with dot waves signals iii~666. There is in that stylized dot another sodomite squared circle form, and “i” of Horus. The “i” hides or occults the place of joining the w and m into one, forming a single unit from the mirrored 3s, the number 33. If you place a rotated version against it and align the blue, like I did in the middle transformation, a pair of 33 forms appear. Pepsi Max claims that the magic is in the max. Perhaps so.

Connecting the w and m is a trick that seems so familiar. Where have I seen that before. Ahhhhhhhh. Masonic World Magazine.

Miracle Whip. Their ad campaign asked, “Are you MW?” MW=33

This old postcard asks, “Are you a Mason?” Hmmmm. A Miracle Whip degree Freemason, I suspect.

Another major TM branding is Telemundo, an American Spanish-language broadcast television network owned by NBCUniversal. Mundo means world. The two logos you see here represent their brand.

The red version you see on the right, which you'll find on their current home page, is composed of what is very nearly a disk, with much of it removed in straight cuts, then apparently mirrored, with one part superimposed over the other. By making straight cuts out of a disk the designer presents the ubiquitous squared circle symbol. By making what resembles both a T and M, it's identified to us as a single unit, 33. The merging is pictured like a vesica piscis, what you might consider a mirrored pair of Cs; CC=33. The form is anatomical, and I perceive two versions. One is where a butt is formed as a symbol of ritual sodomy. The T is for anal Triangle and the red disk represents the sun that identifies the sodomite sun god. The vesica piscis may be considered as the female genitalia that suggests another anatomical form, the female reproductive system with womb, ovaries and ovaducts. There is reproductive sex magick in this logo. It's about bringing forth Horus.

The blue version seems to have no form of the M. This has a dividing white section that circles the square. The white section also resembles the slit in a reptilian eye, which identifies the T as the anal Triangle Eye of Horus. Telemundo is network TV, and they have that all-seeing eye like their competitor CBS has their iconic version. The Telemundo version is perhaps more closely resembling the ION TV brand - “EYE ON” TV, because the eye is obfuscated.

This TM branding is not a major brand, but what do you suppose these folks at the Travis Manion Foundation promoting the 9/11 Heroes Run had in mind with their evil mask look? TM - Code 33! You do know who the real HERO of that scheme is right? Ra, Horus, the beast.

OK, it's time to close this post with something completely different. Let's switch the M and T. Hmmmmm. OK. That's not at all different. Ritual sodomy with the golden god, in Punxsutawney, PA.

That letter M sure looks like a 3. There is a little shift of emphasis to more heavily weight the symbol of the Triple Tau cross of Royal Arch Freemasonry. Hey, isn't that sign on, um, masonry? Perhaps so as not to diminish the strength of Code 33, the designers centered “Towers” under “Mahoning,” placing the letters a and T in close proximity. AT = 26+7=33.

Code 33 describes a symbol spell that is leveraged by Freemasonry, but I don't believe it's limited to that affiliation. The symbol is more broad in scope. Lucifer and his illuminated agents brand with 33 like the 666. It's powerful and ubiquitous! The fruit of this sorcery is manifest, and soon the beasts being summoned will begin their appointed season of dominion. The signs are nearly everywhere. Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

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