Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Part 111 - The Sodomite Gateway - A Sporting Tradition

When I was looking at the NFL logo yesterday and realized what it meant, then saw the image Aaron had found representing Super Bowl XLVII, I was inspired to post another installment in this series.

Caveat: If you're a victim of ritual abuse who is still being delivered or you're easily offended by mature subjects and descriptive language, please consider moving on. If you're new to this series, welcome! You may want to start at the beginning to get the foundation for what's here. Series Links: The Sodomite Gateway

The sporting traditions of those who honor Zeus and Apollo have always involved sodomy. The testimony of history is plain enough, and the evidence persists today. The imagery of the NFL logo is a crude picture of defecation. Look out below! The white space above the shield is a bare bottom and the football is dung, making a big splash. Footballs are brown and rather suggestive in shape. Shields protect something, and this shield is a sign of the cover spell that shields the symbolic meaning from discovery.

Of course, the graphic outhouse scene is not just a crude prank, and what's signaled is more than just defecation. It's a symbol of ritual abuse and sodomy, which should become evident from the considerable testimony of the previous 110 posts in series. That declaration is also validated by last year's Super Bowl logo.

What you see in this imagery is a classic combination of the obelisk “phallus of Osiris” mated with the dome “womb of Isis.” This is familiar, right? As ever, it's all about the production of Horus in the earth. With the “football” stuck on the end of the phallus, how that metaphorical object gets there doesn't require a lot of imagination. Ritual sodomy is what that represents and this is the Horus Eye opening sex magick. Yes, the Vince Lombardi trophy that is pictured in front of the stadium is just that, in symbol, and, yes, that is offensive. It is an idol, a graven image that honors the sodomite gods, and that is offensive.

Those who worship with their lives give honor to this coveted idol by kissing it. Eh, gross.


Remember the Penn State scandal involving Jerry Sandusky and Joe Paterno? Do you think this imagery has no basis in reality? Are you aware of how many multiples and chosen ones there are, and what kinds of activities they are engaging in?

Notice how the letters “ER” of “SUPER” are highlighted, as Re, the sun god. Hermes/Mercury is the god of athletic contests, and his presence in these contests in nearly always symbolized in the winged foot on the Goodyear Blimp that oversees the event. these are held to honor the sun god. These are the gods exalted by the sorcerer Dr John Dee, who encoded their identities into his magickal sodomite standard, the Monas Hieroglyphica.

Super Bowl XLVII or 47 bore the number assigned great Occult significance. It seems likely to me that was the last of the series. The 47th Problem of Euclid's esoteric meaning has to do with the production of Horus, and the time appointed for his revealing is near. America's role in advancing that day is about to change, and many recent established traditions will pass away in the transition.

The 47th Problem of Euclid is embedded in the NFL logo in such a way as to identify the football as Horus, the star-man pictured as being birthed from Isis and falling from the celestial heavens to earth. The Vince Lombardi trophy's football stuck on the end of the obelisk is the capstone on the pyramid. It's the eye of Horus, and Horus. The 5-Horus is the football. Count the laces. This is produced by the union of the Osiris (NFL ~ 3 letters) and Isis (4 stars in a group). The football is the 9th “star” or celestial “divine white” being in the heavenly blue field. Nine is the single digit number representing of the mark of the beast transformation, which will involve beast or Horus DNA. The football plus 8 stars plus 3 letters in the shield totals 12 elements, which is often used to signal the 3.4.5 Pythagorean triple as 3+4+5.

Code 33 appears in this magickal symbol with a 3 formed in a trace of the top of the shield and the match to it appearing below in the count of the letters: NFL.

I don't mean to pick on the NFL. I mean to pick on all idolaters. NFL is only one among many sporting institutions, and all of them honor the ancient sodomite gods. I've given motorsports some coverage recently on this blog and it's time to highlight a couple of sodomite traditions. Of all the venues in American motorsports, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway stands out as perhaps the most highly exalted. Their logo is a variant of the familiar winged disk that is sometimes called Horus Behdety. Their sun disk is a tire, a common symbol of the anus, so this is the typical composite sun god anus symbol of the sodomite gateway. It appears below with this collection of images of what has since 1996 come to be a tradition, of “kissing the bricks” at Indy.

Bricks and the mortar that binds them together are symbols leveraged by Illuminated Freemasons to represent their great work of building as directed by their “great architect of the universe,” Lucifer. They are each bricks and the mortar that binds them together is the fecal mud because of the binding function of ritual sodomy. The bricks are also as the footballs of the NFL's symbolic Lombardi trophy. The posture of those kissing the bricks is that of prostration in submission before the gods, and presenting oneself for service to the sodomite god. The pictures I chose for this collection feature supplemental symbols that have been introduced in previous posts to this series. What a bunch of brown noses, right? Kissing up to the sodomite god as they bask in glory together.

Winners of the Indy 500 are celebrated in the winner's circle by adorning them with a wreath. This is a tradition that has always been associated with Apollo and those who dedicate their victories to him. Today, the wreath has 33 ivory-colored Cymbidium orchids and 33 miniature checkered flags, which are supposed to represent the starting grid. Code 33! Masonic Lodge Floor & the Occult symbol of the merging of the natures of gods and men.

Since 1956 the victory celebration has included a ritual drinking of milk. Milk is a semen metaphor. This is the symbol of the milk bottle on the bricks. Signal FreeMASONRY. See the NLP in the ad copy and the spotlighting suggesting a heart? Indianapolis ~ In Diana Polis ~ In Isis City. The 500 ~ 5-Horus.

Now, many of the winners shower themselves with the milk. If you're pretty familiar with this series you'll recall how the Singin' in the Rain presented this same sodomite symbolism with the rain on the hat metaphor.

If you're seeing what you're looking at, the message is consistent. This is the reality of the world we live in. What a joy to know we have an option! Thank you Lord for making provision for a people to find salvation!


  1. I'd like to add that the Superbowl is also a reference to Babylon's place in the bowl judgments. Masons know their reward in God's wrath, and flaunt it like a badge of honor. Revelation dedicates a few chapters to describing the destruction of the great harlot (the U.S.), and while it makes clear that she receives all plagues, it accentuates that she is "utterly burned" by the fourth plague of fire, and that all merchants and captains that were made rich by her stood at a distance mourning, terrified by the smoke of her burning. Masons enjoy that they are, out of all the evil in the world, the most worthy of God's furious vengeance. As always, thank the Lord for your uncanny gift for this type of work. You are truly blessed.

  2. I'd also like to add that the men behind the game of football aren't even subtle about the fact that it is a game referencing sodomy. The game is centered around a ball made of pigskin. That's forward enough. There are many different 'positions' on each team, on both offense (commonly called O) and defense (commonly called D)... Quarterback, halfback, fullback, linebacker, runningback (come on), wide reciever (wow), TIGHT END (has to be the least subtle of all), the entire offensive "line" and defensive "line". That's not all by a long shot. Let's talk about the rules. There are FOUR quarters; reference my previous comment about the bowl judgments. The offense gets FOUR "downs" before the opposing team gets control of the ball. The goal is a "touchdown" which is presumably in reference to reaching "enlightenment" via sodomite gateway. If the offense scores a touchdown, they are awarded SIX points. After that, they can either go for a two point "conversion", which is difficult to achieve, giving them a total of eight points on the drive (think 7 horns, where the devil is himself the 8th and is of the 7), or they can kick the turd shaped ball a short distance through two gaping wide goal posts to get the additional point giving them seven points on the drive. If the offense is unable to reach the touchdown, they can attempt a field goal, trying for the same two goalposts aforementioned. They get 3 points for a success, making the game revolve heavily around 3s and 6s. Appointed sidelines are boundaries which players cannot cross or their progress is stopped. There are penalties for actions such as "holding", "facemask" (gross), "unnecessary roughness", "roughing the passer", "off sides", "delay of game", and other explicit sodomy references.

  3. So let's look at some of the common terms coined in the game. If a defensive player intercepts an offensive pass and makes a touchdown, it's called a "pick six". If a defensive player tackles the quarterback behind the "line of scrimmage" (really?), it is called "sacking the quarterback" which is kind of hard to rationalize without sexual innuendo. The offensive line's job on a run play is to create a "gap" in the "defensive line" for the runningback to run through. Often players, upon making it into the goal (or "End Zone") will throw the turd shaped pigskin forcefully to the ground, which is called "spiking", which when we look at the trophy, is pretty easy to decipher. I could go on for a very long while about this, but I highly recommend watching some clips of the most recent superbowl and just listening to the commentators. They don't disguise their references AT ALL when you know what you're looking at.


  4. While football is America's most popular sport by design, the sport commonly called America's sport is baseball; a game that similarly doesn't disguise it's allegiance to Satan at all. Again, we're looking at FOUR "bases", think base chakra. We have a 'batting' team and a team trying to catch balls. Teams sit in their respective 'dugouts'. The goal for the batting team is to 'run' all the 'bases' until they get to home plate. An ideal situation for the batting team is when the 'bases are loaded' (you see where this is going). If the batter in this situation hits a "home run", he earns his team a "grand slam". I'm not as familiar with baseball as I am with football, but watch a game or two and I'm sure you'll catch on to the finer details.

    I won't go into basketball, which is a sport supposedly derived from a football coach cutting the bottom off of a "basket" and putting it on top of a high pole, where players bounce balls and shoot 3 pointers "from downtown" or "slam dunk" or put the balls between their legs in fancy maneuvers. There's just too much material here, I'd have to write my own page about it, and I don't have the resources that you do.

    I hope this gives you some more insight into Babylon's games, you're definitely on the right track already (your information was my cipher to decode all this information, so thank you).

  5. I didn't realize you already had several sections devoted to the NFL, I apologize for any of my comments that contained information you were already privy to

    1. AdCouncil responded to Bret's comment, writing: Not a problem to this (unenlightened) reader, Bret. The more information and the more angles explained (exposed!) the better, in my opinion. I found this site through, and after reading Marion Knox, I know for a fact our world is run by sodomites. I am wierded out about it, but am grateful to all of you who are writing/commenting on it.

  6. I'm curious, because this is all very interesting and always wondered why the Vince Lombardi Trophy was/is so phallic. It literally looks like a massive penis and I thought to myself, am I the only one that sees this? I also noticed that uniforms are very "sexy" the pants literally show their genitals sometimes even in great detail. Their butts, literally everyone of them has a bubble butt, like in every sport and I found out that they are made to excercise the butt muscles particularly in baseball because apparently/supposedly they get their "strength and power" from the butt muscles. What I don't understand is why then is the sports world so homophobic? Wouldn't they actively try to promote "the naturality of homosexuality" or the acceptance of it?