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Part 44 - 2012 London Paralympics - Rihanna as “Our Lady of Fátima”

I was surprised during my recent investigation into the wildly popular phenomenon of the Marian apparition to discover how the presence of the goddess was so prominent during the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics. This insight substantially extends what I knew previously, adding another layer of understanding. It doesn't change the bottom line but it certainly answers more questions, filling in details about how things are and how key events will unfold in the future.

For the context and background necessary to really appreciate what's going on here, I recommend becoming familiar with the following studies.

A bold dramatization of Our Lady of Fátima and the Miracle of the Sun was performed during the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Paralympics. The star of the show was Rihanna. The name, Rihanna, means, “Great Queen.” She has the image of Isis tattooed over her solar plexus and another on her ankle so there is no ambiguity about her identification as Isis, the Great Queen of Heaven. The tattoo on her solar plexus was visible behind the veil of her paneled garments during much of the ceremony. Rihanna's name seems to be a portmanteau, combining the name of two other goddesses; Rhea (“Mother of gods” comparing to Cybele) and Inanna, the Sumerian Queen of Heaven. Inanna was known as Ishtar to the Akkadians, and she is known to billions today as the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Here's a video of her performance. It's a celebration of the Miracle of the Sun featuring Our Lady of Fátima and the crowd who had assembled in the Cova da Iria below!

Rihanna - “We Found Love” - LIVE at Paralympic Games 2012 London

To further establish her Marian identity during the ceremony, Rihanna was dressed in a manner that highlighted two familiar features of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Rihanna's appearance created a buzz because of a striking contrast with what was expected. As you can see from this Daily Mail article, those who were familiar with her typically immodest apparel were notably surprised by the degree of modesty she exhibited, even referencing it in the title: “Paralympics Closing Ceremony: Rihanna becomes a punk pirate princess as she covers up for Coldplay duet.” The display of unexpected modesty suggests the character of a chaste woman, like a virgin, a virgin goddess - the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Rihanna had made a dramatic entrance into the stadium, clothed as she was in vivid orange. From the top of her head down she was covered entirely with sun-orange cloth; “clothed with the sun.”

A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars; 2 and she was with child; and she cried out, being in labor and in pain to give birth. ~ Revelation 12:1-2

She entered the stadium on the deck of a steam-punk ship that was rolled across the floor. It had the appearance of a ghost ship, with a cloudy mist pumped out underneath that was probably intended to give it the mystical appearance of being seen in the clouds.

During her featured performance of “We Found Love,” she appeared as a sign in heaven because she was sitting on a bench seat that was raised up on cables. That bench swing was her sun chariot, with an ornate decorative sun image on the back.

The hanging goddess is Artemis and Ariadne aka Mary. One of the iconic symbols of Inanna is evident in the design of the iron work, where the scrolling flourishes mimic the twisted knot of reeds that flanked the way to her storehouses or into her presence.

When you watch the video, look for the scene where she is made to appear right above the flaming rose, the Cauldron of petals that are copper rose thorns. It took effort to set up that shot. Think about the blessed Virgin Mary candle, the Rosary, the petition that had been made to the gods earlier about the light shining in a roseate hue to form a vast temple to which all nations throng to adore the spirit of antiquity.

As for the moon beneath her feet, I suspect the untelevised preshow performance of the Dreamers and their raising of the Agitos logo elements was done as a ritual in connection with the Fátima ritual. According to the Hermetic principle, “as above, so below,” the Agitos-as-crescent moons hanging above appear to have been bound to the stadium floor, thus providing the moon beneath Rihanna's feet. What was called a Moon Stage was in the stadium, and it also appeared in the scene of this Revelation 12 ritual.

Notice how the final image of the video presents her in front of the flaming cauldron. That distance-closing telephoto shot took effort to line up. Why make the effort if it's not a big deal? They made a crown of stars on her head. It's a rose crown, literally a Rosary, right? It has to be seen as the Blessed Virgin Mary's crown. In 2 BC, the crown of 12 stars that fulfilled an important layer of the cryptic prophecy of Revelation 12 was a celestial object, the planet Jupiter, which was positioned as though it were sitting upon the head of the constellation Virgo. (See this study: When Jesus was Born - The Celestial Signs) The Roman god Jupiter, for whom the planet is named, is that same Zeus of the dedicated flame and light of the Olympic Cauldron.

I believe that, when you see Rihanna framed underneath the flaming Cauldron, you see in that snapshot of Revelation 12:1 what a small number of us will recognize as a shadowy memorial of the past. Yet, I believe it's a distinctive ritual modeling of what's coming the near future, magickally working toward that day when the sign of the Queen of Heaven will appear and garner the rapt attention of the whole world as the herald of the Antichrist.

Look for the strange gestures Rihanna makes at the very end. I see her gesturing to suggest that she is in labor and pushing as she births the man-child, to compete the ritual identification with Revelation 12.

Given the extent of this ritual performance's symbolic match to Revelation 12, it seems there is a companion element that models the other sign from heaven described in that passage.

3 Then another sign appeared in heaven: and behold, a great red dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and on his heads were seven diadems. 4 And his tail swept away a third of the stars of heaven and threw them to the earth. And the dragon stood before the woman who was about to give birth, so that when she gave birth he might devour her child. ~ Revelation 12:3-4

Where is the great red dragon in London's Olympic Stadium? What was identified as a firebird or phoenix rose in close association with the flaming Cauldron during the climax of the closing ceremony of the Summer Olympics that was held a month earlier, which you see in this picture.

How did Rihanna's performance of We Found Love celebrate Our Lady of Fátima at the Miracle of the Sun from October 13, 1917? Two elements really give it away, the bench swing and the activities of the supporting performers.

The swinging of the sun chariot to and fro made mimicked the pendulum-like swinging of the solar disk. Researcher L. A. Marzulli summed up the historical accounts of eye witnesses who were interviewed following the spectacle. “It spun around throwing off an array of colors and then, to the terror of everyone, began to fall in a pendulum like motion to earth. What followed was mass hysteria, as people thought the end of world was upon them. Some dropped to their knees, while others ran about screaming hysterically.

The performers on the floor before her and beneath her made worshipful gestures, playing the role of the diverse crowd who had gathered to witness the promised sign in the muddy Cova da Iria. Wow! So, Rihanna was clothed with the sun, seated on her sun chariot and swinging in the heavens above the worshipful crowd, who came alive at Rihanna's arrival and prompting. When she leaned out over the front of the bench I suspect there were some terrified spectators wondering if she was going to fall. The array of colors spun off the disk were painted in light with special effects ringing the stadium.

Each time I watch the video of that performance it seems more obviously a reenactment of the Miracle of the Sun. Our Lady of Fátima was deemed worthy of such an exaltation.

The title of the song she sung is, We Found Love, which can be taken in the context as an expression of the adoration of Mary, her veneration, and the ecstatic relationship she engenders with her supernatural enchantment - a sample of the pharmakeia of Mystery Babylon. When she sings the chorus, “We found love in a hopeless place,” that speaks to me of impoverished Fátima in 1917, when the people were impacted by Portugal's involvement in WW1 (which officially spanned from 3/9/1916 to 11/11/1918). They were desperate for love, as so many are today, and Mary draws them like a beacon to herald her son's return.

While “Great Queen” performed she was attended by eight aerial performers on carousel animals. At least one of the eight carousel animals featured was antlered like a stag, which is a familiar representation of Cernunnos, the horned god invoked by name in many magick rituals. His presence was symbolic and yet I do not doubt that his presence had been evoked so that his presence was genuine in the spiritual realm. His name is another alias for Satan, or Zeus. I believe these carousel animals and riders represented fallen angel gods and, by that number of “stars” in the heavens, the planet Venus is signified, and the 8-rayed star of Venus-Inanna-Ishtar. Poles and columns are a popular symbol of the goddess.

The magickal carousel animal riding scene alludes to a famous sequence in the musical film, Mary Poppins, set in London. Here's a screenshot featuring the witch as she entertains her initiates in that fantasy sequence. The Olympics connection? Some 32 Mary Poppins clones were featured in a battle of storybook sorcerers during the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics, in a segment titled, “Second to the right, and straight on till morning.” An army of Marys popped in - the goddess of magick and witchcraft.

The Mary Poppins film won the Academy Award for visual effects in 1964, and the carousel scene was famous for the special effects combining animation with live action. I see this as yet another hint of how it's going to be during the great deception surrounding the revealing of the lawless one, with multimedia / multidimensional supernaturalism for special effects, and again, implying Mary's involvement.

I believe those aerial carousel animals and riders had other very key symbolic representations. The carousel was originally designed and used for combat training, which I described when carousel imagery was used in the closing ceremony in Beijing. The aerial carousel animals and riders testify of the warring angels in the heavenlies and of their earthly vessels, who are the anti-Bride army of Illuminati programmed chosen ones. The carousel is linked to mind control programming (SRA Carousel Programming With Rihanna - We Found Love) which is how the agents of the Black Awakening Bride army are created. They are the special forces preparing for the coming of the Antichrist and who will be his special guard. In the context of Rihanna's apparition as Our Lady of Fátima, the mind control programming theme certainly is appropriate in the context of 1917 and 2012.

The carousel horse riders should also be identified alternately as UFO aliens, just like the steam punk-ghost ship-sun chariot and bench swing-sun chariot. Olympic ceremonies sometimes feature UFO and aliens openly, like at the close of the 1984 Games in Los Angeles (the full name of the city being: La Ciudad de la Reina de los Angeles, which means, “The City of the Queen of the Angels.”), but mostly, the alien presence in their ritual ceremonial productions is covert, being presented through symbolic means like in the UFO bus in Beijing's closing London Ceremony. The IOC and the Vatican are sponsored by “aliens,” by the sun god and his agents of deception. The Marian apparition that receives worship through their activities is an alien entity, a demonic spirit that is alien or foreign to this natural realm.

There's a good reason why the Olympics exalts the Marian apparition. We have not seen the last of her.

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