Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Pop Quiz - Decode the Sears Home Services Logo

We saw this image on a service van today. Can you decode the symbolism in this logo?




  3. I see the "Sears services "ars"/ass with the phallic arrow penetrating the "ars".

    "The chick will be fed and trained to fly at the Centre in a tunnel, and ultimately released into the wild"

    I wouldn't be surprised if they name it Horus. That's the name of the falcon-headed god they seem to be bent on releasing from the wilderness of the abyss into this realm, through their work of flying particles around the tunnel.

  5. The slightly obscured house is a slightly obscured phallic arrow. SEARS..seers..see-ers. Seers that are see-ers through the illumination of the all-seeing eye of RA, which are the 3rd and 4th letters of Sears. So with the sun eye of RA then the registered trademark is a code 33 - O+R=33 moon eye. E is used to signify an eye in the occult, thus the phallic arrow/house penetrates the ars*e. The dark eye e can also be joined with the larger e of sears to form "see" and another instance of the bright/sun eye e, larger e, joined with the dark/moon eye e, registered trademark e, in harmerty. Se*e ars*e..Seeing the knowledge of good and evil through the ritual sodomy of the arse. Another homophone for see is the "sea" of sears. It reminds me of the logo of a portable drive I have from a company called seagate. see gate see portal A swirling vortex portal consisting of 4 C's that are 2 instances of code 33 and summing, code 66. A "see portal" indeed.

    HOME SERVICES. When I see HOME I see HO and ME. Make a 'HO' - whore out of ME via M and E code 33 ritual sodomy. It gives me new perspective on the 'hood vernacular of calling a home boy a homie - pronounced like 'ho' me. I don't want any of those "services." Instead I want the Word of God to dwell in me, richly. As Paul relates to us in 2 Corinthians 5, in this realm our body is our home. The services being presented in occult symbol are being done to the home, the body. And done in the hopes of keeping those initiated from being home with the Lord in a body fit for being in His presence. It reminds of Matthew 12:43-45.

    Backwards RA and RE are matched up in Sears and Services. Also the E in HOME is matched with the se of sears to make see, and the second E of SERVICES is matched up with the ars of sears to make arse. The "services" are frequently done in the family, incestually, so they are indeed home services.



  7. Michio Kako:
    “All of a sudden we had super symmetric theories coming out of physics that then revolutionized mathematics, and so the goal of physics we believe is to find an equation perhaps no more than one inch long which will allow us to unify all the forces of nature and allow us to read the mind of God. And what is the key to that one inch equation? Super symmetry, a symmetry that comes out of physics, not mathematics, and has shocked the world of mathematics. But you see, all this is pure mathematics and so the final resolution could be that God is a mathematician. And when you read the mind of God, we actually have a candidate for the mind of God. The mind of God we believe is cosmic music, the music of strings resonating through 11 dimensional hyperspace. That is the mind of God.”

  8. Yesterday, June 11th, a horse named 'Creator' won the Belmont Stakes in Belmont Park, near New York City. Both the horse and jockey worn prominently displayed pentagrams.

    The mathematical ratio of Phi is embedded within the segments of a pentagram and is 1.618... It's inverse ratio is 0.618... and consequently, June 18th is sometimes referred to as Phi day.

    June 18th is also when the sun is over Orion's club turning it into a torch. The mythology is that when Zeus and the Olympians defeated Cronus and the Titans, he lit a torch in celebration.

    Perhaps The Creator gave His one week warning.

  9. Hi, this is my first time comment. Regarding the SEARS Home Services graphic I also noted the "SE (SEE) ARS (ARSE)cryptic. Also, I see the masonic "Square & Compass" used to form the "Home" part of the graphic, whereby the masonic "Square (L) is the wall & the eaves, and the "Compass" is represented as the roof.
    In summary - Masonic Arse Sodomy Illumination.


    Tim D