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Decoding the logo of the ICIC - Is this the imagery of a true champion of the people?

A brother in the Lord wrote to us about watching a recent video interview with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich (founder of ICIC) and former U.N. secretary Georgescu. He wrote, "I felt respect for Mr. Fuellmich and his initiative filing a case (class act) against government (officials) and their policies in their 'war' against the covid 19 pandemic." When you look into the background of Fuellmich, founder of ICIC, he appears to be an honorable champion of the people. About the logo, this perceptive brother said it made him "feel awkward and unsettled." He wrote, "I am hoping you are willing to shed some light on this." The logo he included in his email had a familiar vibe. It was stinky! Watching the opening of the video from the link he included made the spiritual stench even more apparent!

To watch the video we made about this, visit one of the following links.
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Decoding this logo is a good exercise for us as a refresher because we haven't been decoding this kind of media lately.

This image is a screenshot from the animated logo featured at the opening of this video: Openhartig interview met voormalig VN-directeur / Candid interview with former UN director

  • XO cross circle design - meanings: Mark of the Beast - goddess invoking - Space-Time - sexual union of the sons of god with the daughters of men... (as covered in many of our videos and on our blog)
  • "a sun" - anagram "anus" See this study, The Sodomite Gateway.
  • IO - This spelling of, Helio (sun), resonates with the easily recognizable image of the sun. Four instances of, IO:
    1. Investigative + Oligarchs
    2. internatIOnal
    3. icIc + internatiOnal
    4. crImes + cOmmittee
  • triple redundant Code 666 - signaled in the same region
    1. Code 666 - The "O" of "OLIGARCHS" is the third in a series, with the ring of rays and the arc of the sun providing the first two. Because "O" is the fifteenth letter and 1+5=6, OOO transforms to 666.
    2. Three letter "I"s are aligned vertically. Because "I" is the ninth letter, "I I I" transforms to 999 and then to 666 as it's inverted or reflected. (As Above, So Below) The three "I"s also signals the "third eye." (ICIC=I see I see)
    3. The sun image is a semicircle, representing 180 degrees. (The zero of 180 is simply a multiplier of the 18.) 18=6+6+6 For redundancy, count the rays. There are eight full size and two half size, so, nine. Extending the semicircle to complete the circle, the two nine-rayed halves produce 18 rays, repeating the number signaling 6+6+6.

  • Code 33 - Masonic, sodomite, geographic/geometric...
    1. In the sun symbol, the inner semicircle is a C, and so is the semicircle of rays next to it. C is the 3rd letter, so CC is 33.
    2. By positioning "Crimes" over "Committee" they produce another CC Code 33.
    3. The "EE" hangs out at the far right, with EE being a mirrored or rotated 33.
    4. The "MM" of "coMMittee" rotates to a 33.
    5. The stacked M over M of "criMes" over "coMmittee" provides another MM that rotates to a 33.
    6. The "EE" of "intErnational" over "invEstigative" provides a mirrored or rotated 33.
  • IC is Code 93 (I: 9th letter C" 3rd letter) The doubling of IC is suggested by the initials of words on two lines. So IC IC is 93 93. This is a salutation between those in Magickal Occult fraternities that is shorthand for "The Law". See this Thelemapedia.org page for documentation.
  • IC is phonetically, "I see," so it is a reference to the Luciferian Illumination of the opened third eye, the eye of Horus. The Eye of Horus is identified with that SUN god and for the illuminated fraternities it's a metaphor for the anus.
  • The eye of Horus image is made redundant when you see how the extension of the sun dots the initial letter I. (Reference: See, It's the "i" of Horus!)

In the video's animated logo, an indistinct sun image is seen emanating out from the sun like a projection, evoking the sun-as-portal. Many Occultists identify this portal with the very important Sirius B dimension.

NLP (cross-line and same-line)

  • CERN
  • GATE
  • GOAT
  • TIME (comMITtee + crimEs.
  • ARSE (oligARchs + invEStigative)
  • GI (tract) redundantly
  • GATTICA (Each molecule of DNA is a double helix formed from two complementary strands of nucleotides held together by hydrogen bonds between G-C and A-T base pairs.)
  • HESTIA - goddess of the hearth (Greek)
  • VESTA - Virgin goddess of the hearth (Roman) Worshiped alongside Janus
  • NUT - goddess of the sky and heavens (Egyptian)
  • ICIC evokes ISIS (soft C sound) (Egyptian)
  • ROME

The animated version of the logo has the hallmarks of being a very expensive logo, one way or another. We believe this logo must surely have been produced as a result of Occult rituals, very likely even ritual sacrifices. It reminds us of "The S From Hell," the Screen Gems animated logo that traumatizes some. A nine minute long movie about that was an "Official Selection" of the 2010 SUNDANCE Film Festival. We wrote a 3 part series about it on our blog, starting here: "The S from Hell" - Part One - The Phenomenon of the "Screen Gems" Branding

On the ICIC webpage about Reiner Fuellmich, we find his slogan and banner, "LUMEN VINCIT - THE LIGHT WINS." We read his plea: "Support the work of the ICIC. Help us to remain independent and continue to fight for enlightenment!" We see this as the same kind of light and enlightenment (synonymous with illumination) promoted by the organization he seems to be opposing, the U.N.. Consider the Lucis Trust, formerly, Lucifer Trust. It's the light of the Theosophists, of Alice Bailey and Helena Blavatsky - a false light!

Our impression is that the ICIC's "champion of the people" is not fighting "the good fight." We believe energy is being raised and harnessed for evil through a clever ruse. Insight into a particularly effective strategy is set forth in the Bible and it seems to us to apply here.

13 For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. 14 And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. 15 So it is no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds. ~ 2 Corinthians 11:13-15

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