Sunday, January 01, 2023

Trending - Hospitals Escalating Covid-Test Agenda

We share about Erin and Lexi's recent trip to the maternity ward. The baby's fine, but the kind of treatment these brave Covid-test-refusers got - NOT SO FINE! This echos how Aaron Hermann was treated when he showed up at the local E.R. looking for the usual standard of emergency care. Things have changed! We just reposted a recent video by ThePatriotNurse, a woman who makes some good points as she talks about the kinds of changes you can expect and offers suggestions about how you might deal with it.

Trending - Hospitals Escalating Covid-Test Agenda (full HD version for streaming or download)
Trending - Hospitals Escalating Covid-Test Agenda
Trending - Hospitals Escalating Covid-Test Agenda

Resources mentioned in this video:
The Patriot Nurse - "You BETTER Know This: The New Healthcare Nightmare": Our re-post on BitChute / The original source video on YouTube
Aaron's trip to the E.R. proves very informative

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