Monday, January 30, 2023

The Power of a Love letter from ChatGPT - Disruptive Technology!

In this video: The love letter drew her in and brought her to tears. GPT stands for generative pre-trained transformer. This "Active AI" chatbot is already transforming our culture. Consider what's already available to the public, and what isn't! It is reported that ChatGPT is going to be given access to the Internet. Consider what's available now and the pace of change driven by AI. How much longer can this possibly continue?

The Power of a Love letter from ChatGPT - Disruptive Technology! (full HD version for streaming or download)
The Power of a Love letter from ChatGPT - Disruptive Technology!
The Power of a Love letter from ChatGPT - Disruptive Technology!
The Power of a Love letter from ChatGPT - Disruptive Technology!

Resources referenced in this video:
She dates millions, says she'll end humanity. AI robots, w Elon Musk, ChatGPT." - by Digital Engine

Curious about the pending reset of time? Learn more here: The Pending Reset of Time

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  1. Anonymous4:15 PM

    Hello Bob and Aaron. I have had a number of unusual experiences over the past few years that seem to relate to the time reset you talk about so frequently. Several of them have been shared on this website. This most recent one has left me completely awed. I apologize for the lengthy introduction of the account, but i think it might help you to understand the connections.

    We live in the country and have a septic system buried in the backyard of our property which holds wastewater from our house in a tank. After treating, it sends it through an underground pipe to a "leach field" where it percolates into the earth. Every 2 years the main holding tank needs to be serviced to keep it operating efficiently. On December 19 of last year a service technician came to pump out the tank and noticed right away that the level of the wastewater was much higher than it should have been. He said that had he not come when he did, we would certainly have raw sewage backing up into the pipes in the house within a few days. We were told to significantly reduce our water usage until a repair technician could figure out why the water was not being sent to the leach field. Several days later the service man arrived and diagnosed the problem as a malfunctioning pump that sits in the bottom of the last tank in a series of 3 before sending the waste on down to the corner of the property. Several days after the repair a, "high water level" alarm started to sound in the basement indicating the main tank was again filled to an even more critical level and would soon send dirty water into the house. We were told to go back to limited water use for a few days until someone could come out again and troubleshoot the system. This time the problem was a malfunctioning float that activates the pump when the wastewater reaches a certain level. They fixed the problem and we have had no issues with the septic system since. We did however have another water problem on January 10, of this year. The well that brings us fresh water has a small, pressurized holding tank in the basement and a rubber bladder inside failed, causing the pump to turn on much more frequently and potentially shorten its lifespan. That was another expensive but necessary repair. After this clean water fix everything has been operating as it should.

    Here's the reset connection- The dirty septic water, (water as time) represents the tainted timeline that has temporarily disrupted times normal flow. The clean water fix allowed the entire system return to normal status. The, "Keystone Pattern" is revealed by the fact that it took 3 "fixes" to repair the dirty system followed by a single fix, (similar but different) to get the entire system back up and running.

    Equally noteworthy, if you count from December 19 to January 10 it's 22 days. Please add any thoughts or additional comments you may have. I see the number twenty-two and time connections continue to pop up on a regular basis.


  2. Thanks G. The numbers and pattern speaks to me, too! The Keystone pattern, the 22 days, and your interpretation about the allegory of the dirty waste water and fresh clean water - that's encouraging! Thanks for sharing this testimony with all of us here!

  3. Anonymous4:10 PM

    It just occurred to me that the dirty/clean water problems are also separated by a clearly delineated time line. Dirty water events all happened in 2022. Clean water event in a new year, 2023.