Tuesday, January 03, 2023

What's RESONATING with recent videos?

Addressed in our latest video presentation:

After presenting about the unicursal hexagram symbol (T-Mobile New Year's at the Needle - The [Black Magick] Dream: Raising Osiris), someone told us about how it's featured in the title screen of the new show, The Winchesters. We decode the symbolism in that context.

Aaron has been watching, Dark (on Netflix) and recognized the same kind of double helix DNA light effect featured in T-Mobile's production - and this is, again, in the immediate context of MAJOR JANUS RITUAL!

We have mentioned the Netflix show, Dark, a few times recently, like in this video 1899 (Netflix Original) - A Decode of the Esoteric. In that, we decode a show produced by the same folks responsible for, Dark!

After engaging with an acclaimed AI chatbot, Bob shared his experience and thoughts in this video: Open AI Chat GPT - Genius or Idiot? Bob engages to assess potential for a pet project

Aaron found this video, where Jordan Peterson shares his experience and thoughts: The Dark Side of AI: A Warning from Jordan Peterson (scary truth about ChatGPT)

We've been talking about portals being opened for a few years, and we recently mentioned claims that one was opened above the Biden White House. Here's a video worth watching about that, plus more: Thousands Witnessed Demonic Portal Opening Above White House by The People's Voice

Last week, Aaron had an experience with a Web portal for Rite Aid Pharmacy, and he experiencing something of a Time Glitch!

We close out this edition with Aaron's reading of some timely passages of scripture!

What's RESONATING with recent videos? (full HD version for streaming or download)
What's RESONATING with recent videos?
What's RESONATING with recent videos?

Curious about the pending reset of time? Learn more here: The Pending Reset of Time

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  1. Anonymous5:52 AM

    2023 is here and no reset yet. It could be that it happens in 2023 which is 223 as the zero is not counted, and is the reverse reading of 322 which is a prominent number in the occult I think. Could be the enemy is expecting it in the year 2023 and that is the secret meaning of 3202/322 skull and bones that people have been wondering about for some time... in 2023 time reverses course and goes backwards "TENET" style. Jesus is Lord. Time for us to go! Maranatha!