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Commercial Air Travel - Occult Imagery

I recently described commercial airplanes as chariots ascending and descending, like angelic craft. Because the "UFO" presence is such a major theme today and their references in occult symbolism are so common (See Olympic Ceremony Signs for an example), the meaning of the craft found at both of Rochester, NY's "Clock of Nations" locations (celestial object-themed monorail cars at Midtown Plaza and the vintage aircraft hanging in the airport's Observatory Area) speaks to me of such angelic chariots. I believe the role of these elements will become apparent when their obvious manifestation and official disclosure finally comes.

In the following brief survey of airline imagery, consider the "commercial airplanes as angelic craft" angle.

If there were a contest to see which of the commercial airlines bore the most flagrant occult mark-of-the-beast/sons-of-god-with-the-daughters-of-men imagery, such a prize might have to go to Pan Am (1927-1991) by reason of its name. "Pan Am" - as "I am Pan, son of Hermes - demi-god."

The globe wire frame imagery is fairly commonly seen in logo design, picturing the caged earth that is the global network trap of the Beast's mark, sprung. The circle and circle of the globe is as a female womb. The horizontal (also female) dividing line on which "Pan Am" is stamped, as intersecting the male vertical, signifies the conversion of Adamic man into hybrid (blue and white) demi-gods. The word "Pan" also means "To join or fit together; to unite. [Obs.]" (Source: The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.4) "Pan Am" signifies the joining of oneself as an earthly female with the gods. "Pan," or course, commonly means "all, every" as in panorama, pantheism, and, indeed, all men are targeted, excepting none.

Perhaps the award should rather go to Delta, especially having recently merged with Northwest Airlines. The Delta-NWA merger officially happened on an anniversary of "Black Tuesday", on October 29 in 2008. This merger formed the world's largest commercial carrier.

Delta's already brilliantly evil logo mated with the already brilliantly evil NWA logo is hard to top.

Delta, the male sons of god blue up pointing delta, mounting the female red earth (Adam) arc. Together, there's the red white and blue triple helix pyramid of the Beast, with the presiding blue capstone head covering the red and white converted hybrid beast temple body.

NWA is simply a red earth circle stamped with a red downward pointing delta, completed with the divine white.

The merger? Upward pointing delta and the downward become united into upward pointing delta(s).

The award for most flagrant MOTB imagery would surely have to be shared with United Airlines. The image on top of the stack of UAL, Inc. ( United Air Lines ) is a Stock Certificate specimen from 1970. Yes, it's Hermes with his caduceus. This is a clue as to what is meant by United. It's the sons of god with the daughters of men. The stylized letter "U" hides a white trident in the internal negative space signifying the triple helix DNA feature. The "U" is to picture "you" once you're united with the gods and ascended into the heavenlies, red outside and blue inside.

For another really tough call in the awards judging, here's TWA - Trans World Airlines (1930-2001 - acquired by American Airlines). Its the global triple helix demi-god union pictured with the vesica piscis. The word "trans" as a prefix signifies over, beyond, transform, to form through and through, that is, anew, transfigure. Think, transhuman, transgenics. Transforming the world beyond human.

The AA of American Airlines is a more complex set of symbols, but quite brilliant in its evil. Most simply, you can see the two letter A shapes as truncated pyramids. Between them is the downward pointing delta as negative space, with the sex magick imagery of the female being descended into by a blue bird of prey from heaven. The bird is a clever crossed sign, an X as in a chromosome.

On another level, if you're familiar with the Bacon/Shakespeare identity and activity, you know America as Atlantis is really very important. This can be seen as America/Atlantis, but the AA is what some will recognize as the Apollo/Athena spear shakers. Chris Pinto did an excellent job presenting this in his DVD series. Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings - Volume One - The New Atlantis. From this image below you can make out the lighter letter A on the left with the shaded letter A opposing it on the right. One page you may find helpful in your research is this one, on which the image below may be found, taken from the Shakespeare folio of plays. I believe the two wings of the blue bird between the two letters of the AA logo are meant to be the two winged Gemini and the pillars of Enoch.

Honorable mention goes to Alitalia.

You have to visit the SKYTEAM site to see their animated logo at work. SkyTeam logo Yikes!

If you happen to be flying in and out of Beijing, the "dragon" airport terminal 3 (image is of a model) built for the 2008 Olympics with its 9 dragon artwork is quite a witness to where honor is being given and who is being served.

The commercial airports of the world are gateways, and some if not possibly all are being leveraged by the serpent dragon, with every flight and flyer paying into the system. These are the hubs and boundaries where Hermai should be expected to be placed, "gifting" travelers with a fertility blessing.

The chariots of the gods are really more than symbolic. The logos and such have a role to play, and play it they do, quite well. The NCR.com marketing scenes speak very loudly to me about commercial airlines in the soul shuttle scenario of the mark of the beast.

Of course, there's more to it than just the air travel. Check the DOT logo. Check your garage or carport. Yikes!

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