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Part 19 - Rochester, NY - Rumors of "The Council" roaming the airport at night

In this series about Rochester, NY I've presented a variety of signs that testify of demonic dominion and ceremonial magick. The last few posts have featured the Clock of Nations and its Statue of Liberty. The clock's former location at Midtown Plaza has been addressed at some length, as has its current location at the Airport. I've presented some insight into the "Wings of Progress" and the statue of Mercury on the Aqueduct Building, and into some of what's found at the gateway to High Falls. What should be more and more plain is that there's a very real supernatural conspiracy that's at work to deceive and enslave. The evidence is both concrete and abstract.

You might think, "I don't live in Rochester, what do I care?" What happens in Rochester impacts your life wherever you live. Yes, there's something special about the place. Plus, what you learn about Rochester may have an application where you live. You should care. And, as the Lord leads, I believe some of us are to pray for the Lord's people in Rochester, NY, for the work He is doing in them in this very hour.

Many of you are personally familiar with the kinds of things I recently shared about my personal experience with finding and reading the short story about the clock at Midtown and the blood sealed vault. You know the Lord works with His people in some strange and remarkable ways. Some of you have been made intercessors, which is to become involved as a willing agent at the Lord's invitation in a legal process through which the Lord brings some benefit into reality for one or more others. This is not something widely understood or easily explained, but many of you get it. (One of my favorite books: Rees Howells - Intercessor) While the accident and subsequent dream from 1999 was not the short story's magick ceremony at Midtown Plaza, I believe there was and is a legitimate intercession in play. Maybe I'll share more detail sometime, but as I consider the amazing events of the season just prior to the accident, and then the accident and dream, in light of what's going on now I have to see "this" as where He was going with "that."

I don't have any sense of how many more posts will focus on Rochester but there's so much more that could be shared. I've been holding back a few items relating to the airport that I want to share at this time.

There's a page on the Rochester Public Art site dedicated to The Council by Bill Stewart The dimensions are given as 12 x 20 feet. It's big. The caption reads:
"The inscription on the marble base says that in the very earliest time, when both humans and animals lived on earth, a person could become an animal if he wanted and an animal could become a human being."

"Another inscription from Chief Seattle says that if all animals ceased to exist, human beings would die of great loneliness of the spirit."

"There are rumors that the figures slip out of the pool at night when no one is looking and stroll around the airport."

Did you catch the last line? This isn't a humor site. Think about it! It's not so much a matter of whether they actually do, or even whether there are actually rumors that they do. It's enough that it's simply reported on this page that "There are rumors that the figures slip out of the pool at night when no one is looking and stroll around the airport." There is magick involved with this portal, and Hermes and other gods are involved, literally invoked. On the Rochester Public Art site is, at the very least, a suggestion of the animation of these beings. What's coming soon enough will be manifested openly. Let's see the signs and read them.

The moving of the Clock of Nations from Midtown Plaza to the ROC airport was - * surprise * - cause for another official ceremony. The major "news" media 13 WHAM has a video clip of the ceremony at this page: Special Report: Midtown Plaza Memories I can't easily link directly to the video, but you should find that clicking the middle of three video thumbnail images presented in the right side bar will play the "RAW Video: Clock of Nations Unveiled at Airport" clip. In this capture from the clip, notice how the camera had been carefully positioned to show the clock superimposed onto the pyramid. "The Monument" stained glass pyramid in the background frames the Clock of Nations very appropriately. What is signaled is that the clock is as the pyramid!

The pyramid represents the kingdom of the Beast. The capstone is the Beast as the head of the temple/body. The temple/body of the Beast is composed of its members, those of the world with the mark of the Beast. I'll elaborate further, Lord willing, when I describe the clock's design, but in the carefully presented imagery from the official ceremony you have the graphic witness to its purpose. Tell me this wasn't planned.

I can't make out what appears on the podium, but it's a pretty safe bet that it's their now ubiquitous star-flower brand. Star = fallen angel. Flower = reproduction. That would be one more layer occult symbolism with the same basic meaning as the others.

Last November and December, while I was blogging about the scenes, I didn't have much insight into the commercial jet that was featured in scene 4. Given what I've learned recently about the ROC airport, it seems pretty obvious that commercial airlines and airports factor heavily in the scheme. The prompt on NCR's scene 4 triple-helix is a response to the question, "Would you like to experience a world where travel is about making connections?" Given the physical evidence, isn't that what the ROC airport is all about!

I think it was while I was in bed a couple weeks ago, about ready to get up, that I was thinking about the clock and its very similar home environments at the airport and at Midtown. The NCR series came to mind because of the commerce and travel elements of the Mystery Babylon scenes 3, 4 and 5. "Would you like to experience a world where every transaction is a connection?" In the All Soul Shop? No, please.

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