Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Verizon Wireless - Advancing the Beast Agenda

The lack of recent posts is due to the level of effort required for the next post in the Rochester series. A new page for the other Web site, is in progress, which will support that next (Lord willing) post.

Verizon Wireless continues to advance Satan's triple helix DNA scheme through their marketing imagery. I'm going to present two of their more recent occult signaling images. Back in May, I featured the Verizon logo plus pair of images from promotional literature I received in the snail mail in a post titled, Symbolic logos - The History Channel, Verizon and the right triangle." Those two images give some depth of background for the newer ones.

The first one above right declares, "The Technological Transformation Has Begun." You can almost hear it humming and sense it pulsating. What will become the mark of the Beast is being conceived and will be birthed in the earth before long. The Sun symbol is for the Sun god Horus, whose hot sinister glowing eye is seen on the cold metallic Beast.

The next one, on left, declares, "Get Ready to Rule the World." Are those clamoring for the Beast and the transforming mark receiving a false promise? Or, is Verizon just aiming higher with the message, giving direct notice to their partners? I'm thinking - both!

The next image is pretty current. I saw on my Yahoo! email screen, if I remember correctly. "RULE THE AIR" is the message. The concentric circles surrounding the girl's head suggest she's broadcasting a signal, as from a chip in her forehead. Since there's a retro looking radio broadcast tower in the upper right, it also suggests Verizon is broadcasting and she's the receiver. Hmmmm. What exactly do they broadcast?

The way she appears makes me think she's pregnant. Her look says, "I've got a secret, guess what it is?" My guess (educated through excessive redundancy of this very message) is that she is being transformed into a hybrid serpent offspring. The doubled spiraling bands are her double strand DNA.

The ubiquitous occult sex magick symbolism is in view. The broadcast tower is the male "obelisk of Osiris." What is emitting from the tower's head are three elements, I'm betting lightning bolts, though they're so tiny its hard to tell. This is the seed of Zeus, of Osiris, that is going to magickally impregnate Isis so that Horus (Apollo - the antichrist Beast) is brought forth. The three bolts as from the sons of god are going to bring forth triple helix offspring. The slogan "RULE THE AIR" is on a horizontal dividing band, the horizontal being a female element. It's surrounding the red globe, which represents the red earth "Adam" circle daughters of men. Familiar yet?

1) And you were dead in your trespasses and sins,
2) in which you formerly walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, of the spirit that is now working in the sons of disobedience.

Ephesians 2:1-2

This last image is one I scanned in from the latest Verizon promotion. There's no globe and tower, but check out those little devil horns! Oh, they're actually just reflections off the sunglasses on her head. Right.

The Hermetic Maxim is in view, "as above, so below. The red band on the bottom is earthly. The blue above is heavenly. The girl is pictured here spanning from earth to heaven. She's now less in the red than she is in the blue which suggests that her transformation from earthly to heavenly being is well advanced!

A validating testimony is presented by her clothing. Her arms are bare exposing her human flesh, against the red background. Her blouse picks up the theme of the heavenly. Has she picked up a blue strand of DNA? The swirling spiraling DNA strand signal behind her head (where some will receive the mark) is very neatly double banded when close to her head, but "as time goes on," a change in the pattern of her DNA is occurring.

Notice her crossed arms. The crossed arms form the X signaling the X chromosome and the X for "trans" in transgenic transformation. The right hand (where some will receive the mark) signals "thumbs up," echoing the "ok" being signaled on the right by the large checkmark in the branding. This magickal marketing mind control device very closely compares to the "PositiveID" undercurrent. --- affirm the mark --- say yes to the mark --- take the mark. It's ok --- Uh - no. NOT OK!

The marketing blurb presents us with the inner/outer duality of this creature, or, shall we say, beast. "Unleash your inner genius. Express your outer socialite." You get their point, right?

I pray you are being attentive to the Lord's direction today. Night cometh, when no man can work.


  1. Anonymous6:18 AM

    You won't see this from the blog, but if you are a subscriber to this blog, and are reading this from an email inbox, under the "Open Scroll Blog" header, you'll see a small Google tab.

    What strikes be, particularily while reading this post, is that this Google tab is small, rectangular, and with rounded corners. Almost capsule like. It actually looks alot like an implantable ID chip.

    In the tab, to the left of the word 'Google' is a plus sign.

    The word google itself is a math term meaning 10 to the power of 100 (1 with 100 zeros behind it).

    Think 'Tracking Number'.

    The whole package together says 'Positive ID' to me.


  2. Anonymous11:12 AM


    I have a few questions. I just started reading the blog just like the previous commenter. I am going back and reading old posts but it will take a while to catch up. I am sure some of my answers may be found in there. My questions is twofold.

    One, do you think all of these marketers are consciously putting all of these symbols in there? Or is some of it just copycat effect? For example, if I hadnt heard of this like most people and I was making a logo, I would probably go out and see what the popular look was. So I would most likely use stars, and red and white etc...So would you say that most logos and marketing is just copycat or is each individual company knowingly making them because they know what they mean?

    Secondly, what symbols are not occult? I am not doubting anything you say but sometimes it can seem that every shape combination of colors etc can be seen as bad....just curious...


  3. Good questions. If you catch up on the blog it should really sink in just how broadly the second commandment applies. If you're in the business of marketing imagery, this will be really hard to get hold of because of competing interests. You certaily don't have to consider anything I write as the standard for anything, but as you look around and passionately seek insight from the Truth Himself, I believe you'll have the same insight I have.

    I know that many of the people responsible for the imagery adorning our world are knowledgable practioners of occult arts. Many are not. Whether considered as echoing trends or not, these are drawing their inspiration from somewhere. The influence comes from the world around them, which is contaminated, and from the supernatural source of that contamination.

    There is that which the sovereign God and Creator has made, nature and natural scenes. Then there is that which man is inspired to make that is somehow "more than that." As if that were possible. Men are inspired to make symbols of things to endow a graphic representation with something more that will give it some influence.

    We're commanded not to do such things (Exodus 20) and told in the context that it relates to idolatry, with false gods and their worship. Obedience always brings blessing but disobedience, a curse.

    The temptation to add a little something to our work to give some advantage is great. Self-exaltation and promotion appeals to the carnal man. Most of us are easy prey, are we not? But we can resist the devil and he will flee from us. It's not easy, but it's pretty simple.