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Part 18 - Rochester, NY - The Dream of the Green Snake

In this eighteenth post in the series I'm continuing to share what I understand about some of the places, people and events that happened around Rochester, NY that had lasting and sometimes global impact. In this, there's also some things to be learned that are more universally applicable. I grew up nearby and still visit on occasion.

What I've been writing about has been sometimes very personal, because of my history there and what the Lord is doing in peculiar ways at the present. Some of what I write might make you suspect I hold a grudge or some bitterness. While the "area" was seldom particularly kind or generous to me, the motivation in this series compares with everything else I write in that I'm honestly just trying to be faithful to what my Lord is doing. His work in Rochester is a work of love for great good!

I believe what He's doing with me and Rochester involves a special provision of grace at the present time, because His vast provision of mercy must very soon be withdrawn. Judgment is coming even now into the world, into the U.S. and into Rochester, NY. What makes today different from yesterday isn't just that the judicial decision that precedes the execution of a sentence is closer, what has changed and is changing is the accountability factor. Some of you are very aware how that some of the declarations being made today are not without authority. What you, reader, are doing in response to what your eyes are opening to see and your ears to hear, matters. It matters on the personal level and on the community and regional levels. You might be able to shrug this off, but you shouldn't. As conviction comes, take heed, my friends and family. There is nowhere to hide - except in Him, the Lord Y'shua. Repent and seek His favor.

In part 17 of this series I pointed out some of the circumstances surrounding my reading of a short story about Rochester, NY's Midtown Plaza, the "Clock of Nations" and what might be called the blood sealed vault of Cthulhu.

I must offer the same caveat as before, if that one bothered you, don't read this at bedtime.

The fictional story was authored by Terry Mahoney and posted on Helium: Short stories: Inspired by H. P. Lovecraft Beyond what I shared in part 17, there's more you should know that might give some teeth to what I shared in the previous couple of paragraphs. It means more than just confirming the magick of the mall and clock. Judgment is here.

The circumstances of my reading the story served to highlight it as something that demanded further attention. The word "synchronicity" (coined by Carl Jung) might come to mind, but these things are absolutely not "causally unrelated." 1. I had watched the A&E special about the history of human sacrifice and blood sacrifice in the nights before reading the story, with a bizarre blood sacrifice scene featured at the story's climax. 2. I had the current background image on my pc desktop framing the app I was using to read the story, and with all the themes and backgrounds available, the one in view just happened to closely resemble the rare features described in that scene as sea anemones or mushrooms. 3. The only Netflix DVD I had on hand was titled "Stranger than Fiction," which aptly described the situation. When watching the movie, I perceived how the Lord was emphasizing to me that there was something personal about this short story that was going to be revealed.

I'm going to refer to the unnamed email-writing character of the story as "Terry," since that's the author's name and it was written from a first-person narrative point of view. I had previously shared only one parallel between myself and "Terry," the missing fingers on the left hand. There are more!

Midtown Plaza's grand opening ceremony took place in April of 1962, when "Terry" was "no more than four or five." I was 4 1/2. Born November 20, 1957.

"Terry" wrote, "I felt a sharp tingling in my birthmark, almost like the time I had touched the bare patch on the kitchen lamp's power cord." I have a vivid memory from when I was probably 3 years old, of being tossed across the room during a brief experiment with a bobby pin and a wall outlet. My right hand was burned, maybe both. Some blistering, pain and crying ensued.

"Terry" attended the ceremony at Midtown Plaza with his Mom, cutting the red-ribbon at Mayor Gillette's invitation. I doubt I had ever heard of Mayor Gillette, and was probably at home that day, in Macedon, about 20 minutes away. I can't say because I don't know the exact date, but I was either living in or about to move into my family's newly constructed home on the outskirts of the village, at 666 West Main Street. The number has since been changed, but, yes, that was the number while I lived there.

"Terry" was living in Canandaigua in 2008. He visited Midtown Plaza following the removal of the clock, where he performed the ceremony at the clock's former position. I was living in California in 2008. I didn't visit Midtown Plaza, but I did visit Rochester in December of that year. As I was leaving town at the conclusion of my visit, I definitely noticed the Clock of Nations in its new home at the airport, reflecting back upon having watched it at Midtown Plaza when I was a little boy. I took pictures, some of which I've used in this blog, and some video, which I recently posted to YouTube. (In some contexts of viewing this post, the video will appear below.)

Here's a link to video of The final moments of Midtown Plaza that may help you picture the place.

With regard to the clock, here's what "Terry" remembered from the red-ribbon cutting ceremony. As the ribbon fluttered down, I felt a sharp tingling in my birthmark, almost like the time I had touched the bare patch on the kitchen lamp's power cord. My vision shifted a bit then, in a way I can now only describe as curdled. I was focusing on one of the puppets in the Clock of Nations, and while I could see the puppet Statue of Liberty, the rest of my field of vision seemed to crinkle up and pull in."

The video was shot during "the hour of United States," at Noon, so it features music keyed to this nation. When you watch that video I posted from my visit in 2008, you'll notice that the only nation's scene that's animated is the one for the United States. You find most other videos posted have all of them animated. When I look at that "United States" flower pod with the statue and the flags of all the nations twirling around to that music, about all I can think of is BABYLON. It just screams BABYLON! The enchantments of the whore who rides the Beast! (I've got research notes and insight awaiting a near-future post connecting these "Statue of Liberty" dots, Lord willing!)

One wonders what "Terry" might have seen at the casting of the red-ribbon cutting spell. Was his curdled vision of the Statue of Liberty in 1962 the distorted view as seen through a time portal into 2008, or 2012 perhaps? Was he looking beyond through a magick portal to when the clock's magick, bound to the magick of the Statue of Liberty, would, like a timer, count down to an appointed time? Is something like a blood sealed vault of the Cthulhu going to be opened with something like the "Clock of Nations" involved as some kind of magickal seal or key?

Why would I wonder such things? After all, it's just fiction, right? Well, no. It's just fiction only if there really is nothing more to it. Can you say there's nothing more to it? Well, of course, you can say whatever you want, but logically, there's no proof you could back it with. As for me, its my testimony that there is something more to it than mere fiction. Like Harold Crick (Stranger than Fiction) knew he wasn't crazy and that his life was being narrated, I can tell you this resembles that!

Back in 1999, the loss of my fingers in a table saw accident took place in a very interesting context. It's far too long a story to go into much detail, but the Lord had been working with me about some very large scale kinds of things. He had been testing me in peculiar ways, proving me and my willingness to follow. I can't say I have all the answers from that period but this short story connects some dots for me.

A few days after the accident I had a dream. The following excerpt is from a page on my Web site. My Accident on 11/2/99 and Dream on 11/7/99

"I had a dream the Sunday night following my table saw accident. I was fighting a snake. It was a very short dream. The snake was very threatening and struggling to attack, but I placed the index finger of my left hand on the back of his head and pressed down. As much as he tried, the snake couldn't strike while I had my finger on him. I just used enough pressure to restrain him, but I must have realized that I couldn't just maintain this situation because the snake would have resumed his attack if I lifted my finger, so I pressed down really hard and held it. After a few moments the snake stopped struggling and became motionless, and, while that was happening I found myself aware that I was actually feeling pressure from my hand inside the cast. I had been pressing with my hand, even feeling the pressure on the tip of the index finger that I don't have anymore. I thought that was odd, and with that thought, I woke up somewhat, concerned whether or not I hurt my hand by doing that. (I wasn't supposed to do anything with my hand yet and I had been exerting a lot of pressure. I had cut off my fingers only 5 days earlier.) When I realized I didn't hurt myself, that I just had the lingering sensation of pressing with the tip of my index finger, I drifted back to sleep. In the dream, all I could see was the head of the snake facing to the right and my left hand and nothing else. When I was waking up and remembered this dream I thought about the snake, that it had been green, and that I must have killed him or put it out of threatening status."

Now, here's an excerpt from the short story.

"There, in the scarred floor where the clock once stood, a fissure had opened. A single green tentacle had started to nose its way out, but the eye blinked at me soothingly, so I didn't worry. Besides, I had the scissors. Then my left hand shot out toward the tentacle, and the white marks on my left fingertips seemed to blossom. Things vaguely like anemone and mushrooms sprouted, and seemed to grow rapidly to meet the thrusting tentacle halfway. When they met, I felt that same electric shock I had felt so long ago when I cut the ribbon. The eye on my right hand blinked at me again, and seemed to pull my right hand toward the sprouting left hand."

"Terry" described how his left hand shot out towards the single green tentacle that had started to nose its way out of the fissure. In a prophetic dream, my left hand shot out towards the green "snake"! "Terry's" left hand met the thrusting green tentacle halfway, and as it did, he felt the same shock recalled from his memory. In my dream, my left hand's index finger's tip (that had actually been cut off five days earlier) met the green snake on the base of the back of its head and pinned it down. The pressure I felt was a tingling pressure, real enough and intense enough to bring me half out of the dream, a sensation I recalled from memory because I no longer had a tip on that finger!

I'm not making this up. "Stranger than Fiction" indeed! Here's another excerpt from what I had written about my dream nearly 11 years ago.

"When I got up, I told my wife my dream, not having given it much thought. She didn't comment on it because of the company we had visiting at the time. When I laid down for a nap later in the day, I remembered the dream and it startled me that I hadn't realized before that it was a prophetic dream. As to the interpretation; the snake is the devil, and the tip of my index finger I don't have any more is the Lord's power. By His power He will use me to destroy the power of the Serpent! this has been confirmed through a number of people who have spontaneously brought forth prophetic words. The evidence of this has been seen to a certain degree, and I believe it will be multiplied."

"...For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil."
1 John 3:8

Here's where dots connect. What is going on today relates to what was going on then. The Lord was preparing me and preparing a work that is being fulfilled in activity that includes this blogging.

"Terry's" action was being directed by an entity pictured as the animated eye of his birthmark. I have no birthmark such as is visible on my skin, but I have the Creator's seed passed down through Adam and Noah. I have also been born from above of incorruptible seed which I have as a token. With this birth marking me as a son of my heavenly Father, He (omniscient lamp-eye) directs me lighting my path and showing me things through His eyes.

I understood the meaning of the dream to be a promise that the Son of God will manifest himself through me to destroy the works of the devil, but not through my flesh. Like my dear brother Joseph Herrin continues to preach so steadfastly, it is through the cross of Christ and the cutting off of the flesh that the Lord manifests Himself. Certainly, a parable can be found in that, but what happened to me with the table saw in 1999 was not directly an act of willing sacrifice. I didn't spill my blood on purpose for some higher cause. There was no command, and neither was there any Professor, scissors or magickal chants involved. Some dramatic circumstances lead up to that accidental flesh cutting and blood letting encounter with the saw and the dream that followed. When I consider the accident and dream in the context of those circumstances and in light of the short story and circumstances surrounding it, dots connect.

You might perceive something of it. I won't share it here, which would consume another lengthy post, but consider 1 John 3:8 (above) in its context and consider what I've written in the past couple years. I've written about the green. I've written about the snake. I've written about the children of God and the children of the devil, and Cain. Whatever of that is of me, it will come to naught, but there's more to it than me. Some of you reading this post may observe how the Lord has been working with you in recent days and reflect back upon what the Lord has promised to fulfill in you. I am perceiving right now the Son of God manifesting in us and destroying the works of the devil. And shouts of "Amen" arise in the camp! :)

The works of the devil abound in Rochester. I anticipate continuing to expose their nature and purpose. I can't really say how long this will last, because I'm just going where I'm led. I may be done before even posting this. If the Lord continues to go "there" and I follow, the evil works will continue to be destroyed.

I want you to know that the Lord is not going to destroy any facet of Babylon until He is fully done with it. What He will do is continue to call individuals out of Babylon, and draw them out. And, He will continue to set such as these, whom He loves with a great love, free from the bondage of sin. He will remove Babylon from them, and the scales from eyes, granting the ability to see. And, He will bring the sentence of judgment with wrath in His appointed time. As I noted at the outset, I believe what He's doing with me and Rochester involves a special provision of grace at the present time, because His vast provision of mercy must very soon be withdrawn.

If "Terry's" curdled vision of the Statue of Liberty in 1962 was a prophetic view through a time portal into the future when the clock counts down and something like a blood sealed vault of the Beast and his Nephilim is going to be opened, well, let's not act surprised. Let's act with wisdom and courage now, preparing, knowing that the Bible will be fulfilled. This is our time. Make it count. Focus on what the Lord has before you right now. This is a season for fulfilling dreams and visions. Not those of our flesh, but of His spirit!

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