Saturday, September 18, 2010

Our personal evaluation and Yom Kippur - and America's 222nd year of Constitutional government

The saints are even now crossing over a threshold into a season of critical evaluation. Many of you perceive this and are responding in the fear of God, as I am.

On the Lord's annual calendar, we are approaching the end of the Days of Awe that focus upon personal repentance. I believe the critical evaluation, which is the anticipated judgment that begins with the house of God, is marked on His calendar. September 19-20 marks Yom Kippur, the day the accounting is made. In common reckoning, the imagery of this day is that of the gates of heaven, which had been open, swinging closed. The object is to be found worthy of entry before being shut out. The serious nature of the day is often taken lightly. This year, it should not be so.

For more insight about this matter of judgment, I refer you to this page: “It Has Begun” (by Chris Anderson of First Love Ministry)

America as a nation has crossed over or is now crossing an important threshold, one that also appears to have been prophesied and encoded into a document of sorts. I've been exchanging some emails with Joseph Herrin in which he's pointed out the number 222 and a few important connections. A year ago yesterday, the 222nd year anniversary of the signing of the Constitution was celebrated. This is the very number presented by the clock on the hundred dollar bill's Independence Hall.

The Congress that was instituted according to Article 1 of that Constitution is now in its 222nd year. This is the 111th Congress and the second year of the two year Congress cycle. The office of the President, instituted according to Article 2 of that Constitution is in its 222nd year. Both Congress and the Presidency began to function in 1789. Ditto, the Supreme Court, instituted according to Article 3, which not long ago counted Sonja Sotomayor as its 111th Supreme Court Justice.

If the number 222 found on the Federal Reserve note is an encoded prophecy that points to this present season, it would compare to and further validate the "Masonic trestleboard" outline of America's destiny presented by other students of history.

It's plain to many of us that the Federal Reserve has knowingly imprinted their coinage and notes with esoteric symbols that are cryptic prophecies. The time on the bill's Independence Hall clock was a featured element in a movie titled "National Treasure" (2004) Some who are familiar with the ways of Freemasonry suggest Freemasons had a role in the development of the movie given the intimate knowledge presented and the favorable way the craft was presented. I suspect the 2:22 on that clock compares to the 13 steps of the pyramid on the one dollar bill in that they are similar coded messages. Tom Horn has popularized through "Apollyon Rising 2012" how the pyramid points to the year 2012 as the end of the appointed work that began in 1776. I believe the 2:22 on the one hundred dollar bill is probably an esoteric signal of the end of an appointed work 222 years from the signing of the Constitution and/or from the institution of the agencies outlined in its articles. If so, whatever has been appointed is now at hand.

Of course, anyone paying even a little attention to the state of things is well aware that we've reached a time of national and, indeed, global crisis. Those of us who are paying closer attention in obedience to the Lord's command to watch see how a grand conspiracy has been playing out on every hand. Much of what we have placed trust in and taken comfort in is being exposed as untrustworthy. Our idols are being removed. Don't fight it. The Lord has a plan, and it's worth every effort to abide with. He is good!

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