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Part 21 - Rochester, NY - The Clock of Nations and World Domination

The cryptic features of Rochester, NY's Clock of Nations reveal what purpose it serves. In the previous post I drew upon a body of work I had done exposing the occult symbolism of the Olympic ceremony signs from Beijing. I compared the clock to the Chinese ceremony's "Memory Tower" as examples of the flowering serpent tree. I also connected the eight bells in the flower pod atop the clock to the Chinese ceremony's extravagant eight-fold conception dramatization, which you see here for comparison.

On their own and out of context, they don't seem to compare at all, but in context, they are exactly equivalent symbols.

The eight-fold conception is the serpent's counter to the great flood of Noah's day, wherein eight souls were saved. This represents the offspring of the flowering serpent tree overspreading the earth. I'm going to highlight a few other features of the clock that were signaled during the astonishingly elaborate depictions of the devil's scheme in Beijing. World domination through propagation of the serpent's seed is coming; a dragon army will be birthed.

Clock as Carousel

The Clock of Nations shares another feature that I noted about the London Presentation. As the presentation began and the red double-decker bus was pulling up to the "bus stop," a carnival atmosphere was generated by music resembling what you'd hear coming from a carousel. The clock's design and movement is very carousel-like. As it rotates, prancing horses and mythological creatures lit with numerous spot lights are mechanically animated to a musical accompaniment. A carnival spirit was attributed to the clock in the narrative of a vintage promo movie "Midtown Plaza Mall (1963)" which began: "Meet me at the "Clock of the Nations" in Midtown Plaza, Rochester, NY, where each passing hour is gaily saluted in the carnival spirit that is universal with people everywhere...". What I shared about that music and most particularly about the carousel applies here to the clock. The key to interpreting this feature is the origin of the carousel. These technological innovations were training devices used to prepare cavalry for combat.

The clock as carousel reveals how the ritual magick is preparing those under its spell for battle. An antichrist army is being assembled and trained. Hatred for the true God and His people is like a flame being fanned that will become like an uncontrolled wildfire. The trained and equipped army will assemble to wage war against the armies of the true God in the campaign of Armageddon. (Revelation 19) This is the secret scheme of the magickal carousel called the Clock of Nations: World domination.

Clock as ... Clock!

What is in fact the clock's most notable feature may have escaped your attention by reason of it being the most obvious element. It's a public clock. Puzzled? What could be evil about a public clock? Let me explain.

Clocks mark the passage of time and provide a reference standard for the same. The Bible has something to say about marking the passage of time.

And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:
Genesis 1:14

Observations of the passage of time were made based on the movement of celestial objects until fairly recently. One could argue that, ultimately, they still are, but time is now most popularly marked in terms of fixed calendars and monitored using mechanical and digital timepieces that are only remotely related to the celestial lights. God's time has been hijacked, in a sense. The world now runs on Babylon time, a counterfeit replacement that pretends to improve upon the Creator's way. From this perspective, some of you may agree that such calendars and clocks are used for rebellion against the Creator.

I found an excellent document online I'd like to excerpt here. As you read, consider the devil's schemes of 1. disassociating people from the natural ways honoring the Creator and 2. creating an army of slaves engaged in the industry of the great city Babylon. From
[PDF] Time and Information Technology: Temporal Impacts on Individuals, Organizations, and Society by Heejin Lee and Edgar A. Whitley

"The mechanical clock, in its simplest form, was a tool for measuring time. However, it had two fundamental differences, which enabled it to make huge impacts on human life and civilizations, compared to its predecessors such as the sundial, water clock, hourglass, etc. First, the mechanical clock, which had became reliable since the application of the regular swing of a pendulum in 1657 by Christiaan Huygens, was incomparable in accuracy. Before 1657 clocks could not keep time more closely than to about 15 minutes per day; within 20 years they kept time with a variation of less than 10 seconds per day (Macey, 1980, p. 33). Now it became a reliable tool which could direct, and provide criteria for, the organization of human activities. For example, before the clock, it was not possible to consider and apply notions of accuracy and punctuality as we do now."

"Second, the mechanical clock freed time from nature. Before accurate mechanical clocks, time had always been measured in relation to physical and biotic phenomena, for example, the rising and setting of the sun and the growth of plants. By those temporal indications from nature, people organized and conducted their activities. They woke up and started to work when the sun rose and harvested their crops when the days drew in. This “time was not something fixed in advance and divorced from external events” and with the advent of the mechanical clock, time became “a function of pure mechanism” (Rifkin, 1987, p. 85). People wake up when the clock strikes seven, not because the sun rises. Therefore we can argue that clocks “dissociated time from human events” (Mumford, 1934, p. 15) and “human events from nature” (Landes, 1983, p. 16)."

"At the organizational level, Thompson (1967) investigated the impacts of the mechanical clock on labor disciplines in early industrial capitalism when the “task orientation” of time organization by which work proceeded in “natural” rhythms gave way to “labor timed by the clock” (pp. 59–60)."

"Mumford argued that “The clock, not the steam-engine, is the key-machine of the modern industrial age” (1934, p. 14) because the clock was “a model for many other kinds of mechanical works, and the analysis of motion that accompanied the perfection of the clock, with the various types of gearing and transmission that were elaborated, contributed to the success of quite different kinds of machine” (p. 15). Macey (1980) suggests that the British supremacy in the horological revolution of 1660–1760 contributed greatly to the British industrial revolution, which is usually considered to have begun about 1760. He further insists that clocks in the 17th century not only affected industrial organizations, but also affected every aspect of the society: literature, philosophy, theology, and therefore, our way of thinking and our view of the world."

Some very good observations were made in that article. While books could be written about such things, I'm going to try to hit it rather lightly.

Consider how the Clock of Nations is the very appropriate symbol of the proud city of industry Rochester, NY, an icon of the great city Babylon. Consider how Big Ben is the primary iconic symbol of London. London stands opposite Jerusalem from above, in symbol. This preeminent city of the U.K. represents the counterfeit United Kingdom that is the antichrist Beast kingdom, united against the kingdom of the King of Kings.

Could a clock perhaps be used in ways that don't dismiss the Creator's ways and assert our independence from Him? That's something to think about. I suspect that the clock itself is a wicked invention, given where it has brought us. From the perspective of the second commandment, could artificial calendars and clocks be considered graven images of things in heaven? As you ponder that question, you may want to reflect upon what insight may be drawn from the Prague Astronomical Clock.

There are a few implementations of the clock that reveal it as a device intended for world domination. Clocks are publicly placed to unnaturally regulate the lives of people and facilitate the industry of Mystery Babylon.

For a long time now, clocks have been placed in town squares and city centers. Several posts back, I made a point about civic-mindedness, and how Cain built the first city and how these population centers became the hallmark of the ungodly. I observed how people gather in cities to rebel against the sovereign God together. Putting a clock at the civic center and crossroads of commerce makes perfect sense. Here, men's lives are governed not by the natural institutions of the Creator but by those institutions of the fallen one who continually inspires and leads men to rebel.

I am reminded as I write this how that, since have had little need to mind the time, my body's natural schedule makes it such that, when I do have to keep any kind of scheduled appointment, it is notably challenging. I can see now that the Lord has been making a point with it. Thank you, Lord!

Clocks were made portable to facilitate navigation, which, far beyond even the advancement of the industry of Mystery Babylon granted the owners of the technology such a military advantage that they extended their empire around the globe. Comparing closely to that is the ability granted to synchronize battle forces and thereby enhance the strategies of warfare.

"Without their accuracy and the accuracy of the feats of navigation that marine chronometers enabled, it is quite likely the ascendancy of the Royal Navy, and by extension that of the British Empire, would not have occurred; the formation of the empire by wars and conquests of colonies abroad took place in a period in which British vessels had reliable navigation due to the chronometer, while their Portuguese, Dutch, and French opponents did not." (Marine chronometer - Wikipedia referencing "The Influence of Sea Power on History" by Alfred T. Mahan.)

Again, the Clock of Nations is about world domination. Every perspective from which the clock's features are interpreted reveals this constant theme. Granted, the clock at the ROC airport isn't being used as a missle base or for guiding a Trident sub, but those do reference the standard, Babylon time. The Clock of Nations regulated lives around Midtown Plaza and does so now at the airport, calling attention to that Babylon time to which every slave gives honor.

What I call Babylon time is what's based upon GMT, Greenwich Mean Time. One particular hour and number has been chosen that just happens to signal its purpose. The number 13 is signaled by 13:00 hours or 1 PM. This is the reference standard. It is the number of rebellion, signifying also "Lord" and most commonly referencing the Beast of Revelation 13:1.

It was at this hour that Empire building ships would gather to watch for the synchronizing signal from the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London.

"It was common for ships at the time to observe a time ball, such as the one at Greenwich, to check their chronometers before departing on a long voyage. Every day, ships would anchor briefly in the River Thames at Greenwich, waiting for the ball at the observatory to drop at precisely 1pm. This practice was responsible for the subsequent adoption of Greenwich Mean Time as an international standard." (Marine Chronometer - Wikipedia)

"To help others synchronize their clocks to GMT, a time ball was installed by Astronomer Royal John Pond in 1833. It still drops daily to mark the exact moment of 1 p.m. (13:00) year round (GMT during winter and BST during summer)." (Royal Observatory, Greenwich)

Empire builders synchronized with Babylon at thirteen hundred hours, global Beast time. They then departed on their missions to expand the empire in a global domination scheme, generating revenue and acquiring more slaves for the system. The ball still drops at 13:00 hours. The world still navigates by it, runs by it. Don't you? Do you have to catch your flight? What time is it? Ah-ha!

It's at Times Square in New York City where America's famous "New Years" Ball Drop occurs, and the world generally watches and celebrates this Babylon's time in pagan revelry, synchronized, compliments of satellite technology.

Is there something special about Babylon time and the Clock of Nations' magick? Perhaps.

The TimeSquare Building in Rochester, NY's financial district is the "Gothic" Art Deco tower with the "Wings of Progress" overhead. The very day the cornerstone was laid for the TimeSquare Building was Black Tuesday, October 29, 1929, when the stock market dropped in New York City's financial district. Synchronized on Babylon time? I have to think so.

The Statue of Liberty in the Clock of Nations wakes up every half hour, marking Babylon time. Is there some supernatural connection, some time portal networked together with the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor? How about with Big Ben in London, which also has some features in common with the Clock of Nations? That's for another post, Lord willing.

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