Sunday, May 06, 2012

Part 16 - 2012 London Olympics - “Beast Body” Emblems, Architectural Design, Artistic Influence and Number Signals

With less than a week before the flame is lit in a ceremony on Mt. Olympus, activity has already begun in London's Olympic Park. With more focus upon the time element that is so important in Satanic ritual, an event called
2012 Hours to Go: An Evening of Athletics and Entertainment’ adds fuel to the 2012 fire. (Famous faces celebrate with 40,000 spectators in Olympic Stadium) This is the initial event for the new stadium, which featured over 30 British celebrities and welcomed some 40,000 spectators, filling it to about half of the flexible design's ultimate capacity. In yet another example of the engaging the public as fully as possible, one of the spectators was chosen to participate in the ceremonial opening of the stadium.

I've addressed the numbers being signaled before, with the ringing of the bells for 60+60+60 seconds for the Work No. 1197, where 1+1+9+7=18 and 18 = 6+6+6. I'm noticing how the number 8 (new beginning) that was so emphatically stamped upon the Beijing Olympics in 2008 is being stamped upon London's too.

The Olympic stadium venue will have a maximum capacity of 80,000. The bowl of the stadium was created by excavating 800,000 tonnes of soil.

The torch and relay exhibit the 8 in spades. “The London 2012 Olympic Torch features 8,000 small cut-out circles, representing the 8,000 inspirational people who will carry it on its journey around the UK.” (The Torch) This torch is also 800mm high and weighs 800 grams! “The Olympic Torch relay celebrations will culminate in an 80,000-capacity show in Hyde Park on the eve of the Games, it has been announced.” (...torch gig in Hyde Park) The other symbolic number built into the torch is 3, which has meanings that are merely hinted at in the official description.

The color of the torch is gold, which, along with the perforations, suggests the meaning of the torch that is supported by the number 3, the primary resurrection number. I believe the torch represents the light body of a man or woman, a version bearing the light or life of Zeus (that will later be identified as a shoddy counterfeit). The perforated gold shell represents a gold lattice cellular structure, and the triangular shape inside, three strands of DNA that are the key to the infusion with light. This symbolic object will be passed from bearer to bearer, summing to 8000 in the UK alone by the time it reaches the last bearer at the stadium. This ritual models and actively draws us nearer to the new beginning that will come with a post-human transformation, a literal joining with the gods, illuminating one as a golden torch with the light of Zeus.

Many want this. That's not good. I figure the odds that this torch has not been the subject of Satanic ritual invocation are nil. The way this works is that each torchbearer will be left with special memories - and a supernatural “parting gift.” I used to regularly see a few of the torches from recent Olympics that sat in display cases when I worked at VISA, a long time major sponsor of the games. They always seemed kinda creepy to me.

It may be seen that the Olympic stadium also has its 8-features joined by 3-features. Ringing the top you'll find pyramid structures with the top holding lighting grids, which form - YES! - illuminated capstone eyes! From outside the stadium, the angled supports combine with these pyramids to present a view of a series of pyramids, where the people inside would be within the pyramids, within the body of the temple formed. The Olympic cauldron will be inside, bearing the actual flame. See the pattern? This is the ritual magick of architecture designed to generate a worship zone, amplified with occultism that will include what is associated with the tower for the "bell of Caliban."

Nearby the stadium sits the newly or perhaps nearly completed ArcelorMittal Orbit. (The Olympic Orbit – Monument to Chaos) In this picture you can clearly see the helix inside. Anish Kapoor, the designer, openly declares that the tower of Babel was an inspiration for the work. The near attainment of the goal for the tower described in Genesis 11 was cause for another intervention like in the days of Noah, when man's activity had to be interrupted.

5 The Lord came down to see the city and the tower which the sons of men had built. 6 The Lord said, “Behold, they are one people, and they all have the same language. And this is what they began to do, and now nothing which they purpose to do will be impossible for them.
Genesis 11:5-6

The city and the tower that were built had astounding potential. What the builders purposed to do must have been inspired by the evil one. I believe this metallic lattice structure with the helix inside, that ascends people heavenward, has the same inspiration and ultimately the same goal as the tower that inspired it.

I found the current Wikipedia entry's Interpretation section worth excerpting here which, among other things, reveals an 8-feature and a 3-feature (tripod) that establishes a link to the other two items in this post, the stadium and torch, suggesting they are of the same kind. Beast bodies - hybrid god-man posthuman forms.

Kapoor said one of the influences in his design for the tower was the Tower of Babel, the sense of "building the impossible" that "has something mythic about it.", and that the form "straddles Eiffel and Tatlin". Balmond, working on the metaphor of an orbit, envisaged an electron cloud moving, to create a structure that appears unstable, propping itself up, "never centred, never quite vertical." Both believe Orbit represents a new way of thinking, "a radical new piece of structure and architecture and art" which utilises non-linearity - the use of "instabilities as stabilities." The spaces inside the structure, in between the twisting steel, are "cathedral like", according to Balmond, while according to Kapoor, the intention is that visitors will engage with the piece as they wind "up and up and in on oneself" on the spiral walkway.

The Independent describes Orbit as "a continuously looping lattice...made up of eight strands winding into each other and combined by rings like a jagged knot", The Guardian describes it as a "giant lattice tripod sporting a counterweight collar around its neck designed to offset the weight of its head, a two-storey dining and viewing gallery", while according to the BBC, the design incorporates the five Olympic rings.

Upon its launch, Johnson said of the "mind-boggling" design, that "It would have boggled the minds of the Romans. It would have boggled Gustave Eiffel." Design panel member Nick Serota said Orbit was a tower with an interesting twist, with "the energy you might traditionally associate with this type of structure but in a surprisingly female form".

ArcelorMittal Orbit - Wikipedia

A few thoughts on:

* “an electron cloud moving - shared goal with CERN LHC project - quantum entangled in time-space with Israel and 1948
* “a new way of thinking - illumination and gnosis
* “instabilities as stabilities - establish cognitive dissonance as mind and behavior control mechanism
* “cathedral like - sanctuary for worship
* “according to Kapoor, the intention is that visitors will engage with the piece as they wind "up and up and in on oneself" on the spiral walkway. - internally transformational
* “the energy you might traditionally associate with this type of structure but in a surprisingly female form - reproductive sex magick - a big loop around the core looks like sexual intercourse - red color signals red-Adam - daughters of men

Supported by the activity of the 2012 London Festival and Cultural Olympiad, the higher goal of Olympism is advanced by the occult emblems inside the venue and in the torch that will soon bear the flame. One of the objectives is to bring the nations thronging to the temple of Zeus as fully engaged and devoted worshipers. But that's just an intermediate objective. The son of Zeus will be back, and Olympism in the modern era will be acknowledged for it's role.


  1. Hey Bob,

    It appears that the work begun by the alchemists such as John Dee is becoming closer to complete as "the philosopher's stone" is almost ready. Far beyond the mere transformation of elemental lead into gold, the esoteric aim was to transform the "lead-earth bodies" into the "golden-light bodies" of the hybrid type.

    Your write-up of the torch is most excellent as it points out the golden triple-helix DNA element fused with the "light of Zeus" as that which fuses and "gives birth" to the counterfeit hybrid bodies that so many will seek...not knowing that the light that has enchanted them is truly darkness. The torch will be passed as it their own destruction.

    Pardon the crude comparison, but is it not common pagan practice to drink heavily and become intoxicated before the act of fornication? In all of this I see those who would be deceived drinking heavily upon the wine of Babylon...preparing them for the ritual sex magick taking place. Satanic "wining and dining" if you will...after all...the top portion of the ArcelorMittal Orbit is for "dining and viewing".



  2. Thanks buddy. Your mention of the alchemy makes me think of Led Zeppelin, as the name suggests the elevating or ascending of that base metal. Alchemists, they! Their hit Stairway to Heaven builds on that. I wonder if their sorcerer guitarist will perform in the Big Show, who headlined in Beijing's London Ceremony with Leona Lewis.

    The dining I think has to be a big feature there in the tower. Maybe there's an apple on the menu. wink wink

  3. Great stuff Bob.
    I'd like to add that the lighting grids as you call them as well as representing pyramids also have another symbolic meaning. I see them as Masonic compasses. If you look carefully you will also see the angles showing the set square in the bracing struts on the roof.
    Feel free to credit me and use my artwork