Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Part 17 - 2012 London Olympics - Pan(ic?) Pan(demic?) Pan(demonium?)

Attention has been drawn to the Greek god Pan in a Festival 2012 London film presentation. This fits the theme of potential disaster being signaled in connection with the upcoming Olympics because a common reaction to Pan was fear, inspiring words like panic, and pandemonium. Pan is also a prefix that means all or every. If you Web search the terms london olympics pandemic you'll get plenty of pages returned.

The event was the showing of a film by Barrie Gavin on the 12th of May. It was called “George Benjamin - Omnibus Antara” The event is now history so the official promo has been removed, but you can read about the Antara project here: George Benjamin: Antara

The antara is a panpipe, and the musical piece featured the playing of panpipes. The antara is also known as the Siku. It's a traditional Andean panpipe that is most closely associated with the region around Lake Titicaca. If you're familiar with David Flynn's work you would have heard about the giant geoglyphs of Tiahuanaco that bear witness to the ancient gods who left their enduring mark in the region. Perhaps the Andean panpipe was a remnant of that culture?

If the panpipe-antara was the only pointer to Pan, that would be of sufficient interest to mention it here. But, there's another more cryptic link to Pan that makes this more noteworthy still! The film was called Omnibus Antara. The word omnibus means, "including or covering many things or classes; of, dealing with, or providing for many different things or cases [from Latin, literally: for all, from omnis all]" The prefix pan means “all, every, everything.” Since both omnibus and pan basically mean the same thing, you can substitute one for the other and, while we're at it, substitute the equivalent panpipe for antara. Omnibus Antara then becomes Pan Panpipe.

Why present us with an obfuscation of Pan Panpipe? Given the obviously flawed anti-terror security net and the publicity being given by bloggers and youtubers to the hint-dropping movies that seem to presage trouble ahead, I have to wonder if Pan-ic or Pan-demic or Pan-demonium are what's cryptically being signaled in this choice.

Of interest:

While I was viewing the official pages for this a week or so ago I noticed one of the sponsor logos at the bottom of the page, Panasonic. It occurred to me why their logo is bereft of occult signaling style. The subliminal is in the name itself. Panasonic. Pan - a - sonic. Panpipes make music, sound, sonic. Panasonic.

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  1. Hi, I'm not sure if you have seen this but if you check out 1.21 there is a tiny pic of the word Tamiflu in amongst the tiny pics...Subtle but definitely there.