Monday, May 14, 2012

Sponsorship Request and Signs of Judgment

When I relocated from Silicon Valley to Pittsburgh, PA last year it was to a place where the address clearly signifies National 911 judgment. The time features of the residency also appear to be signs, which I'll explain in more detail shortly.

I found myself just this week having to make a decision about my term of residence in the apartment where I live, which includes yet another signal. This is also why the donate button has just appeared in the side bar on the blog and on two pages on site. I don't know what the Lord's provision is for me at this point, but in a few days I must either extend my lease (the default) or express my intent to vacate, which will be at the end of September. Based upon my own savings, without supplemental income or sponsorship, the responsible decision will be to signal my intent to vacate. I'm seeking the Lord as to His will in the matter and what might be His provision for the near term. I had sought the Lord for a few months about whether to make a Donate button available, for the purpose of receiving sponsorship for this work. If you are led to donate now, please do so with the "Donate" button, or contact me for sponsorship. If not, please don't.

Money will be of little use to anyone shortly, but until that time comes, it buys me the ability to minister as I have. Without adequate sponsorship there will shortly come a disruption in this work, to what extent I cannot say. The season where this ministering according to The Open Scroll may be done also nears its end. My personal preference in the matter of relocating is to continue here as I have, being fully devoted to the tasks at hand, yet, if this season passes my greater preference is to be found willing for and accepting of whatever the Lord's provision might otherwise be. He has granted me a season of being able to attend to the work full time here in Pittsburgh, as much as my rather fragile health permits, which is entirely His provision as well, of course.

National 911 judgment is the meaning of this apartment's address. I didn't choose this place for that reason, and the related meaning of the timing of my residency here is also not of my own choosing. This is the Lord's provision for me, and you, by extension. I have had no expectation of how long I would be in Pittsburgh, at this address or elsewhere. I had to sign a lease, which, according to the leasing agent's standard practices, expires at the end of this coming September. This 11 month term began in November of 2011, which is usually written as 11/11. You may recognize that 11 and 11/11 are signal numbers relating to judgment, which I'll explain further shortly. This signal is additional to the National 911 judgment signaled by the address! Plus, there's more to the signs.

The notice I was given about the lease extension was dated May 7. I was given a 14 day period to respond with my intent to either vacate or extend the lease term. If there is no response, by default it will legally extend. The deadline is the 21st. My buddy Aaron observed that this number 21 is the number that means time, and the fullness of time. That's appropriate. May 21 is also the last day of the 2 days of the NATO Summit in Chicago. Contrary to the spin being given the event by the press, those who have been paying attention are seeing the formation of the police state that has been advanced so significantly by the false flag events of 9/11/01. What might be meant by this I cannot yet say. I note with interest how that will also mark the one year anniversary of Harold Camping's (Family Radio) widely publicized date for the Rapture, 5/21/11. I view that failure that was widely ridiculed as something of a set-up, acting to elevate the adversity towards those seen to "predict Rapture dates." What that means in this context, I can't yet say, but I suspect this too will factor in.

As for the meanings of the 11 and the 11/11, these have been used as a sign to me in the past. When I was to write about bells the Lord gave me two signs, one of them relating to 11 and 11/11. I suspect that sign has application for that bell study and for the present, because the penny roll sign had both an 11 feature (in the $11 dollar value) and an 11/11 (in the two columns of 11 rolls per column). This sign also came in the context of a signal number 21. I'm not going to excerpt it here, but please read the first five paragraphs of this post, Part 22 - Rochester, NY - Clock of Nations as a Bell Tower, where you'll find the interpretations.

Other facts should be taken into account alongside what I already noted, a series of items relating to signs and judgment. This is not synchronicity, a popular term that dismisses the care of a sovereign God. These are signs. The events of 9/11/01, which are so well known as to require no further identification, have been instrumental in the subjugation of the citizens of this country, bringing not only us into judgment but other nations too as cries of peace and safety continue to echo around the world. Could it be dismissed as merely some bizarre coincidence that the celestial sign of the Lord's coming in judgment had manifested 10 years earlier to the very day, on 9/11/91? (See documentation here: The Year of His Coming: 1991 - Part I) I think not. The sign of the penny rolls was received nine years after 9/11/01 on 9/11/10, again, to the very day, a sign of judgment according to the sign's numbers 11 and 11/11!

That day of the penny roll judgment sign was Yom Teruah, just like the celestial judgment sign of 1991 came on Yom Teruah. Yom Teruah in 2 BC was a day marked by judgment. If you have not yet read about The Story of Christmas that Should be Told, I recommend doing so at this time to get the import here. In brief, the young boys in the region of Bethlehem had been slaughtered because of Herod's decree, which may be seen as a sentence executed against their parents. Unto whom much is given, much is demanded. They had been given much and returned nothing. They had received notice from the shepherds who had borne witness and could have visited the Lord Jesus at His birth on Yom Teruah or at the least honored Him in that brief season. This was a rare and exceeding great honor, but they had neglected to respond in measure, incurring judgment.

Judgment. That's the word. The details do matter, dates as well as who is involved and what is deserved. Judgment is not all bad because it means getting what you deserve, and if you truly deserve good reward this, too, may be awarded.

It occurs to me that there is still one pair of items left to note, a link between 1991 and now that is another element I'm not sure how to interpret. Yesterday, I returned home from a wedding, a cousin in Virginia. Weddings in my family have been infrequent in recent years. When I think back to 1991, it was in May that the Lord revealed the celestial sign to me, which I was able to see on my astronomy program in advance of the day it would appear in the evening sky. About a week after learning about the sign I traveled to New York with my wife and kids for my sister's wedding. It was about a week after I received the notice about the lease that I traveled to Virginia for my cousin's wedding.

In 1991, the sign of the Lord's coming in judgment that had been received in May was witnessed in September. This year, the lease notice received in May relates to the end of the term in September. Does this mean some judgment will be poured out this September? Some think so, predicting big trouble. I can't say, but I can say with confidence that when war with Iran begins, America's status as a superpower is soon to pass. Perhaps Chicago's NATO Summit is more than a drill. Many think late Summer's Olympics will bring big trouble. Many are betting there will be no Presidential election this year. I would not bet there will be.

How my residence will play out as a sign remains to be seen. Watch and see!

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  1. Hey Bob,

    In light of the intense signaling and seemingly repeat of patterns, I wanted to share the following with you. The very same day you wrote this post I received the movie "I Am Legend" from Netflix. The movie had been in my queue for some time and I simply forgot it was in there.

    At any rate, I watched the film and the intense signaling pertaining to September, 2012 was really over the top. The entire movie took place between September 5th, 2012 and September 10th, 2012. The discovery of the "World saving" vaccine occurred on September 9th, 2012...or 9-9 as it were.

    In addition, the Observer from the series "Fringe" that interacts with humanity is named....drum roll please...September. Yeah...September.

    Coincidence, right? No...not really.