Monday, May 21, 2012

The Plan - Executing...

The Plan - Executing... Some notes of interest made while on watch.

[video] 20 year old cartoon programming ... Neo-Sapiens Occupation Committee

Note Chicago activity at one minute in...

[video] Now in Chicago

Authorities grapple with protests, threats, website disruption at NATO summit

Police violence, peace, love-making among 75000 rights defenders saying 'No NATO

Neosapians - homo sapiens - like The Matrix and Neo - Mister Anderson, new man / new son of man -- NEPHILIM!

Today, the 21st of May is the deadline I was given for expressing my intent to not renew my lease, to therefore vacate my residence, to evacuate the premises. This residence is a sign of National 911 judgment. My residency is to cease by the end of September.

Today is the last day of the NATO Summit in Chicago, Here's news from a couple weeks ago about preparedness for the evacuation of Chicago during the Summit.

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