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Part 20 - The Sodomite Gateway - Butterfinger

I suppose it was because Google is so savvy with their content-matching algorithm that it came to appear on my Chrome browser screen. I had been researching the Duncan Donuts MIB3 promotion of the incredible edible chocolate starfish. I generally try to ignore ads, but at one point I looked at one that was served to me in a side bar: It had seized my attention. Barmageddon. Huh? Barmageddon is coming. Right there, in angry yellow and orange. Barmageddon is coming. Are you ready? OK. You got my attention. I note the lightning bolt, the signature of Zeus. Clearly, somebody knows something to make that connection. It was hawking a candy bar.

Butterfinger. I looked at the picture of the candy bar's wrapper. Two things struck me immediately. The color was wrong. I didn't know how until I searched out more images, but I had picked up on the fact that something was not right with the color. The other thing that struck me was how the company involved their name with their product's wordmark. The NestlĂ© wordmark appears over the letters er, dividing the word to separate Butt from finger. Oh oh. Oh No. Here it is again. That's just not right. Butterfinger. That's the candy pitched by Bart Simpson. You know the character - the foul incestuous animated “porn star” of Olympic logo infamy? Could this really be what it seems?

Yes, it could. It is. The colors are supposed to be blue on yellow, but this was brown on yellow. Hmmmmm. Brown and yellow. Like UPS. What can brown do for you, right?

What I'm going to show you now is something you won't be able to un-see, but will probably want to. I'm also going to warn you that where we go from here might be triggering if you're struggling with issues of SRA-DID. If you have followed this series up until now, you should be fine. If you haven't been following the series, I recommend you do so before continuing.

When I searched for images of Butterfinger candy bars to find the brand's usual colors, I found an image for, which turns out to be a Butterfinger promotional site. I was stunned. This is the image for the ad, with the blurb, “when life gives you mud ...wrestle.” Given the context here, you already know what this is about. Could this really be what they intended? Well, yes. Clearly, yes.

I researched slang usage and found that butterfinger is indeed slang, for just what it looks like in the ad. If you've ever been to the urologist for a prostate exam, this scene isn't completely foreign. Based on what I found at, their interest doesn't seem to extend to medical procedures. I also followed up on the parent company, where the featured imagery on Nestlé's global corporate site concealed and revealed how their interest extended even to pedophilia. Since that's what the global elite sodomizers are about, making victims like themselves even at 3 or 4 years of age, that was no surprise.

I'm going to present a few of the images I found at the followthefinger site. I didn't explore the entire site, which puts an array of interactive and static media on exhibit. What I saw was all designed to promote ritual sodomy with some sick humor. It looks to be an online playground for the illumined handlers and programmers who want to get their jollies, perhaps while they pass the time waiting for their next initiation ritual weekend or Bohemian Grove hook-up. I'll present what is profitable to illustrate some of the ways the abusers subtly present their wicked devices.

The point must be made that, for any of this to “fly under the radar”, to sneak by our mental filters below the level of conscious awareness it has to be cloaked, magickally shielded. The stealth spells are necessary and important. When you perceive what's being done and why, the power of the weapon forged against you is voided. This is a supernatural (Eph. 6:12 and 2 Cor. 10:3-4, etc.) matter.

The opening screen shown above presents two options, enter the site or play a game. "feel free to pass the time by playing with our monkey" They want to engage us in getting the monkey into a dress. Monkey is a slang term and playing with their monkey, making it wear a dress, well, use your imagination.

Wearing a dress has been required for at least some of the initiates into the Royal Order of Jesters, a secret fraternal order composed of selected high ranking members of the Masonic order. Featured near the dirty phallic finger is the sign of the gods served, clouds with a sunburst, Horus and company. If this doesn't click for you, it can only be because you haven't been attentive to the blog and are missing out on some of the Lord's provision for this late hour.

When you enter the site, plenty of options are offered. We're shown ritual sodomy in the featured graphic associating the dirty finger with the exposed peanut butter and chocolate bar peeking out of the wrapper. See the highlight? Third eye illumination. “The act of sodomy is also performed to open up the victim's "third eye" which is suppose to enhance psychic ability. ” (Marion Knox) As you look around the screen you'll find some interactive elements. Hovering your cursor over the little man bending over makes him do somersaults. Just a diver? Not really. In the lower right, hovering over the sheep will make it move forward and back and exclaim “Oh Yeah” in a boy's voice. Beastiality. Pedophilia. The featured game that comes up is called Ding Dong Ping Pong. Given the slang “Ding Dong” I avoided exploring that further.

I clicked on the Photos tab in their top nav menu. The following are sampled from that slide show. The carefully occulted "Push Button Here" sign offers a clue to what is meant by the way the Butterfinger word mark appears. The picture with the dirty finger occulting the wet paint sign sends a couple signals. The wet paint is on wooden chairs, “wood” (phallic slang) you sit on, right? That's augmented by the woman touching her pursed lips, which signals the sodomite pucker portal. The finger-occulted "we pain" might be interpreted as "we're a pain in the butt." With sodomy as a trauma inducing ritual, the message sent by "we pain" is akin to "we hurt," which can be taken in both the passive and the active sense.

The finger-as-phallus symbol is made plain when these images are considered. The occulting finger is making the already modified street sign picture the peeing member. In another occulted sign signal, we see “I Can Party.” Right. Max Fleischer's Bimbo eventually came around, didn't he? That's what the illuminist fraternities do at their conferences. The skull presents us with Osiris, the man of bones, the common emblem of Freemasonry and the Skull and Bones. In that scene, added alongside the finger and guitar, we find a third phallic signal in the word “bone.”

Ritual sodomy intends to accomplish a few objectives. The victim must dissociate, splitting into multiple identities. The place where they go mentally for survival, where they are isolated from the traumatizing experience is pictured in a wide variety of ways. Here, that place is called the Magic Kingdom, a Disney creation, or at least a leveraging. Keep this sign in mind - we're going to see it again shortly.

An essential result of the ritual sodomy is demonic invocation and kundalini activation. This is the illumination that is so key to their scheme that is so commonly illustrated in esoteric symbolism. In the slide show, this feature is pictured as a plume of white smoke or steam emitting as from the hat. The gent is wearing a ringed sun on his shirt. He's illuminated with the light of Zeus, Horus-Eye activated. He's become royalty, symbolically costumed as if he's been inducted into the Order of the Garter.

One of the pictures you'll see in the slide show features a pair of sleeping dogs. This is a coded warning. Dogs represent male prostitutes, which those of the sodomite gang certainly are. There is an old adage such that if someone is told to let sleeping dogs lie, there is an opportunity to either disturb a situation or ignore it. Like a dog might bite when suddenly awakened, disturbing a situation (like, for example, blowing the whistle on the brotherhood's shameful secret) would surely result in severe consequences. Hey, I'm not a dog and the cover spell is broken, so I'm content to give those sleeping dogs whatever the Lord has for me to offer. They won't be lying or be able to bite for much longer. Praise the Lord!

This set of images features a version of Michelangelo's painting of Adam and God from the Vatican's Sistine Chapel. The Butterfinger as God - the sodomite handler and programmer (and their sponsor Satan, the original sodomizer) as God. That may be the perspective many have, but not for long.

The fake gas station sign is sending the message I read as ultimately signaling that payment for the ritual sodomy that leads to the mark of the beast will come due. To pay at the pump is what the victim of the sodomizer does. My take on it is what it will ultimately cost the sodomizer. “Diesel is the name used to describe the special scent that attracts the opposite sex. Most generally used with a large scale of the opposing sex. example: “Wow, Bryan is definitely wearing Diesel today. Every girl is all over him.”” (See Edge Diesel for Men) What is meant by Diesel in the context of the doubled Beast transformation number signaling and "pay at the pump" isn't that hard to discern. The spells related to ritual sodomy and the subtle promotions of sodomy have an effect like a love potion, a pheromone cologne, on a large scale. All the people of the earth are exposed to this pharmakeia. People already want to have sex with “aliens” and are just crazy for sodomy.

What does Bride Weight have to do with anything? Ahhhhhh, the folks behind this are slipping us some valuable intel. It has nothing to do with eating so many candy bars that you can't fit into your wedding dress. Consider the homonym: Bride Wait. The Monarch super-soldier BWBs are active but are also sleeper agents, awaiting the mass activation for what they call the black awakening, for the big mission. I had some insight into this not long ago and blogged a little about it. The Bride has the key mission in days ahead and the Adversary is ordained to run a major offensive against it. The chosen ones are like the anti-Bride force. The primary objective is to counter the Bride, and the weaponized psi-warriors will be unleashed for a preemptive strike that will look like something else but is really intended to destroy the Bride and her appointed work. That will succeed but only to the precise limit that best serves the Lord's purposes. What a privilege, joy and comfort to know the favor of the sovereign God!

To be continued, Lord willing.

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