Monday, May 02, 2011

Occult Symbolism - Video of the London Ceremony - 2008 Summer Olympics - Beijing

Occult symbolism is always featured at the Olympics, whose committee does little to disguise the fact that they honor Zeus with all that is done. If they were more open about Zeus being an alias for Lucifer and Satan, perhaps more people would give their level of involvement with the activities more serious consideration - but perhaps not.

The facilities and ceremonies during the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing raised the bar pretty high on many counts. It came to my attention in a pretty dramatic way shortly after the close of those Olympics that the closing ceremonies were modeling the coming Antichrist Beast and the mark of the beast transformation. A while after I wrote about it, logging my observations of the signs, the official video furnished by that had been the basis for my observations became unavailable. Other video has since come available, and while it's less relevant that the original feed, I'm providing a link and embedding a version here.

If you haven't seen it or read the series I wrote about it, I highly recommend doing so. Several of the pages have been slightly updated, with some links fixed and some nice video that has become available added. This will help you understand where I'm coming from as I blog about signs and symbols and give you a more substantial foundation for the Satanic plot I describe.

Part one is an intro that deals mostly with the main Chinese part of the ceremonies. Olympic Ceremony Symbolism After that, I get pretty deep into the London Ceremony, which is featured in this video segment.

[video] Beijing 2008 Closing Ceremony

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