Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Part 30 - See, it's the "i" of Horus! Phallic Arrow Brands

The arrow as penis symbol is important to recognize because the intent behind it goes beyond adolescent humor and a superficial reference to natural sex. The greater signification is to the serpent's family plan for hijacking the Creator's heritage. This class of symbols is about the union of the sons of god with the daughters of men that is the subject of Genesis 6, what was - and what will yet be.

This logo for KegelMale.com features the arrow that compares closely to the familiar Mars/male gender symbol. It's leveraged overtly as a legitimate graphical representation of their business. It's about the penis, and the arrow obviously represents the penis. While there's nothing sinister about that, the K is being called as a X/H/K Kromosome signal by the "privy member of a horse" size (Book of Enoch 86:4), plus the male member enhancement business implicates them as participants in the scheme.

I don't see anything particularly sinister about the Arrow brand of clothing and their representative graphic. However, most brand imagery with arrows has a covert agenda that is revealed by the accompanying imagery. I addressed Valentine's Day, Subway, NOS and FedEx imagery already. To help you see what you're looking at in more subtle examples I will present some of the more obvious first.

Closely resembling the male gender symbol, Volvo's logo is merely more "modest" in comparison. Given that the name Volvo is so similar to vulva (which is why someone made the related image I've included here), the attachment of the penis to the feminine circle shape may be seen from one perspective as an attempt to offset the femininity of the horizontal divider that bears its inherently feminine name. From another perspective, this logo is less about balancing the gender weighting than creating the male+female Hermaphrodite/Baphomet fusion that is so common in occult signaling, a dynamic that ultimately signals the union of the sons of god with the daughters of men.

The Volvo logo is a Horus-Eye sunrise emblem with a solar circle, a horizontal divider as the horizon and the arrow suggesting its rising.

The logo for Sunoco (formerly known as Sun Company and Sun Oil Company) is a Horus-Eye brand in name and by visual imagery, featuring a sun colored angular eye shape replete with some ray-like protrusions. It also features a red phallic arrow penetrating the feminine horizontal. The female aspect is more succinctly identified for us in their latest logo by drawing out two horizontal lines.

The Sunoco folks take their Egyptian sun god worship seriously, as you might expect from their company name and brand imagery. Their headquarters are located in the BNY Mellon Center in Philadelphia, PA, in the tower topped with a pyramid. On the 52 floor, marking the number of weeks in a solar year, is a private club known as the Pyramid Club. The building's address is known as Nine Penn Center - yes, that's the single digit number for the mark of the Beast transformation. Philadelphia - that's where you'll find the Masonic Temple that is the headquarters of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, the lodge of many "Founding Fathers" and signers of the Declaration of Independence like George Washington and Benjamin Franklin.

Another red arrow brand is Jiffy Lube. Once you see this as male genitalia it's hard to imagine how we could have "not seen" it for so long! The vertical is a male signal element, which certainly does nothing to detract from the male-ness of the other bits but adds significantly to the symbol by providing the necessary cover of obfuscation. Jiffy Lube. Think about it. If they had called it "Quickie Sex" would that have made it easier to see?

In the latest iteration of their logo you will observe how the genitalia has been made less apparent. It has been placed inside the female circle. There had been a bullseye/target style Horus-Eye in the scrotum, with the eye appearing appropriately right under the letter i. The eye is in the big red sun now, so the emphasis has been shifted slightly to focus upon the sexual union and to clarify the Horus identity.

You're starting to see how this has all been paraded about while we've been sleeping, bewitched under the Horus-Eye spell, right?

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