Thursday, May 26, 2011

Part 33 - See, it's the "i" of Horus! Sprint - A Phallic Arrow Brand

Continuing the survey of Horus-Eye symbols, I puzzled over Sprint's logo for a while before the Lord put me on to the Phallic Arrow Horus Eye class. I had considered it might be an Aphrodite shell but wasn't really convinced. As I'll explain shortly, it is that, but the dominant symbol is a phallic Horus Eye.

Update: Or perhaps the dominant symbol is the XO mark of the beast symbol, with the t in Sprint as the tau cross, encircled as suggested by the arc of the feathering.

Sprint's logo is an arrow. The arrow points to the right with the yellow graphic elements forming the head and the company name forming the shaft. The head appears feather-like, alluding to an arrow's feathered tail.

The Sprint Logo is also an eye. Picture the word "Sprint" inside the oval defined by the arc formed at the near edge of the arrowhead. Picture that yellow graphic as the corner of the eye, the right eye. The i in Sprint may be considered as the "i" of Horus, which is a sun colored eye filled with white light.

The version that appears on their Web site header today is what you see in the upper right in this collage at left. The registered trademark symbol as a dark left eye creates an instance of Harmerty, or, Horus, "who rules with two eyes." Sprint's stylish logo is a phallic screw arrow Eye of Horus!

The Eye of Horus identity is strengthened by the NASCAR Cup Series branding, whose primary sponsor is Sprint. To me, that image resembles a serpent's head, a copperhead snake. Inside the eye, the backslash lines echoing the N are like arrow fin feathers, just angled the wrong way. Perhaps the arrow would be too obvious if they put NASCAR's brand under Sprint instead of over to present the fin in proper alignment.

When I consider the "Sprint ahead" branding it occurs to me how they are leading us, directing us to see the graphic as a-head. It is an arrow head, yet, interpreting the symbol in the context of Horus Eye reproductive signaling it is the glans penis. Sprint a[penis]head. As I noted in a similar recent post this brand is another one-eyed monster.

Now, I don't mean to be crude but there's only so many ways to describe this brand. Sprint resembles Spurt if you Squint, which is the dynamic presented in the "Sprint ahead" imagery. If you can accept that dynamic, the peculiar image of the sun I included in the collage will make sense. Visit today and you'll be greeted by a scene that features that image. (This scene advertises the Samsung "Replenish" phone, which is rather an appropriate name for the setting.) If you can accept the Sprint Spurt identification you should recognize the solar Sprint Splat. Hey, don't blame me, I couldn't make this stuff up! Now then, if you have male seed you mate it with female egg, right? Sunny side up! That's diner lingo for a fried egg that looks just about like that. If you don't get it, the yolks on you. :)

But seriously, it really is what it looks like. Since you and I and everyone we love are targeted in this alien retrofit scheme that attends Eye of Horus imagery, it behooves us to acknowledge what things really are, even as difficult as it may be to accept. We are being preyed upon by masters of deception. We may use the services and goods of those who are complicit, but becoming free from the spells of deception helps enable us to discern where and when to draw the lines of association. The Lord who is the Sun of Righteousness will arise with healing in his wings, but first comes another, one who bears the image of a flying solar disk and is variously known as Horus, Apollo, or a host of other names.

I wrote earlier that this logo was a shell signaling Aphrodite, aka Venus. The yellow graphic resembles the scallop shell that is this goddess' most familiar trademark. (The Shell Oil Company brand features a similar composite sun-shell) In connection with Aphrodite, her male lover Hermes/Mercury is also in view, represented in the yellow graphic by his trademark wing.

Sprint. It's a simple, elegant and powerful evil branding! This spell-casting symbol actively promotes Eye of Horus illumination and advances the mark of the Beast agenda. Sprint ahead, indeed!

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