Friday, May 06, 2011

Part 25 - See, it's the "i" of Horus! Burger King Horus and the Illuminating Miller Lite

Continuing this survey of swirl class imagery promoting the Eye of Horus, you may have noticed Burger King adorning their golden fries container with a golden sun surrounded by a blue swirl. It resembles the Romish monstrance. Hey, don't worry - the Pope hasn't sold out to promote BK. Just Horus and the third eye activation, as ever.

BK is doing something very profound by presenting their golden fries in such a manner because they appear as extended rays of the sun. Their fries are munched down with little consideration of what truth there may be in that we are what we eat. When you eat fries from this container you're symbolically eating rays emanating from Horus. There is no punch line here and this is not a joke. There really is something profound in this.

Read John 6:26-58. Jesus is the manna and He is also the Bridegroom Sun of Psalm 19. Horus is the counterfeit sun and manna. Eating BK fries as served from their sun ray Eye of Horus container is in symbol to eat the counterfeit manna from heaven. It is "unholy communion." If you're tracking with John 6 you understand how eating messianic flesh is what leads to eternal life.

Here's a quote from what I wrote about John 6 in Who is Cain's Father? Part One.

"The very profound truth hidden here is that food is to the eater like a father is to a son. Something of food is imparted to the eater, which becomes part of them. Something of a father is imparted to the son, which becomes part of them. Get it? Genetic material is transferred from father to son as nutrients are transferred from food to eater. Read the context again with this understanding. Natural food relates to physical life. The genetic material "food" relates here to eternal life! The natural eating involves putting things in your mouth and chewing them up. The other kind of eating is procreative."

The BK logo is a target style "male inside female" image symbolic of sexual reproduction. When someone eats BK fries served in such a stylized container they are participating in ritual sex magick. Think about it.

BK is really working the Horus illumination in their promotional imagery, big time! BK is competing against the Golden Arch brand - think about that. They are fighting Horus with Horus, from a competitive marketing angle, but really, both are in partnership, promoting Horus and the mark of the Beast. King Horus will rule, and he will have it his way, but you will not have it your way. Having it your way, as their slogan suggests, is just feeding your carnal flesh with self promotion - witchcraft. It's the appeal of the self referential I or homonym Eye of Horus.

That could curb your appetite. If it just makes you hungry and you run out to fetch some of those fries, you might want to pick up some Miller Lite on the way so you have something appropriate to wash them down with when you get back home.

The swirl eye Miller Lite brand was featured in a post last year titled The Dragon invites us for a "Triple Hops Brewed" Spin because of the Triple Hops Brewed branding imagery presenting a triskelion with 666 signaling over which the "Star of David" deltas could be superimposed. It deserves being revisited for its considerable Horus Eye logo.

Miller Lite spends a lot of money to sponsor Brad Keselowski in NASCAR's Sprint Cup series. When they mask part of their pride-and-joy logo in a major promotion there's got to be a good reason. When you understand about the Eye of Horus, it's not too hard to figure out what that reason is.

The swirl eyes are positioned just far enough out of frame to conceal the fact that Brad has a halo. Yet, he does. A halo signifies divine illumination. Brad is pictured with his seventh or crown chakra activated. This joins the one on his driving suit that is his third or solar (Sun - Horus) plexus chakra. The "vortex" bottle neck further emphasizes the swirling chakra dynamic. "WATCH IT NOW" - with your seeing Eye of Horus.

The swirl eye logo is enhanced even further because a spiral "i" of Horus instance is presented. The letter i in "Lite" is dotted with a stylized inverted capstone that serves to direct attention to the spiral of the M in "Miller."

You'll notice the M is particularly exalted on top (like in the BMW roundel). The exalted M is sometimes meant to represent horns, as in the serpent's Baphomet identity. It is also signifying the Rebel Lord Beast, the meaning of the number 13, M being the thirteenth letter of the alphabet.

Well, then, have I spoiled all your fun yet? If you've been reveling in ignorance, I hope I have been able to have a part in effecting such a change. It's truly far, far better to be sober and rejoice in the truth! Instead of having it your way now, have it His way, the true Messiah's way. Those who humble themselves before the true King now will be exalted by Him in due time, to reign with Him with life that is truly life!

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