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Part 29 - See, it's the "i" of Horus! FedEx Hidden Arrow and Healthways' Triple Target

In recent posts in this survey of Horus-Eye imagery the stylized heart and arrow as symbolic of genitalia have been introduced with examples from the branding of NOS, Subway and what you see marketing the pagan fertility festival Valentine's Day. This post features the hidden phallic arrow of a major Eye of Horus brand plus an exceptional example from the health/disease management/medical industry of the target(s) for such arrows!

Did you ever notice the arrow in the ubiquitous FedEx logo? The white arrow appears so naturally in the negative space between the E and x that it's seldom recognized. Among those who are aware of its presence few understand it as a penis, and fewer still as the privy member of Horus that it most certainly is. Let me explain.

In the collection of FedEx brand images at right the one on top is probably most familiar. As they have expanded their business beyond the shipping industry and necessarily their branding, the purple and orange color theme has been retained by their legacy business, renamed FedEx Express. The second image down is a familiar transitional branding. FedEx bought Kinko's in 2004 and used this imagery before rebranding it as FedEx Office in 2008, although the implementation of the rebranding may yet still be in progress. The third and fourth brand images of their print and ship services chain can be found today on their Web site.

What makes the legacy version an Eye of Horus variant is subtle. The reality that it is should become apparent momentarily - bear with me. Sun symbols come in many forms. The orange of the letters E and x identify the arrow's container as the sun. That's the central feature of the logo because the other elements surround it. While the shape of "Ex" isn't rounded, the sun color plus the arrow inside assures me that it's an Eye of Horus.

You're wondering, "How is the arrow an eye?" Like many symbols, to visualize what your mind sees subconsciously and what is intended to be presented requires considering it from another perspective. Think 3D. How does a cone-headed arrow look when it's coming at you? The point is a dot and the edge of the cone is a surrounding circle, forming the bullseye-target Horus-Eye!

The Horus eye connection appears on another, more vulgar level. There is a slang term for the penis you may have heard; one-eyed monster. The arrow as a penis makes it a "one-eyed monster." The FedEx penis is the eye of the monster or beast Horus. Think about it.

Convincing evidence that FedEx is a Horus-Eye brand comes from their Office imagery. Consider the logo on the bottom, the current FedEx Office brand. The most significant difference you'll notice as you compare it with the others is that the hidden arrow is missing. It's no longer necessary because the new design is more powerful without it. It is now an instance of Harmerty, or, Horus "who rules with two eyes," comprised of an oversized registered trademark (darkened left eye) balanced opposite the bright solar eye. If the arrow had remained it would have diluted the impact and influence of the powerful Horus symbol. The other two iterations shown retain the hidden arrow and familiar legacy brand shape, yet, having given up the orange in exchange for a non-sun-color, that symbol's influence is compromised, vastly diminished. For those who "get" the Horus brand, the bottom logo's oversized registered trademark symbol just shouts HARMERTY in your face!

FedEx Office's solar eye symbol is a substantial example with layers of signification, signaling the Eye of Horus illumination that will be the mark of the beast transformation. The union of the sons of god with the daughters of men that will result in a triple helix DNA upgrade is pictured in the triad of orange, green and blue elements. They represent Isis, Horus and Set or Osiris. The elements resemble a triquetra, showing their union at the center, and a triskelion, rotating around a hub. The six pointed star figure I've addressed before, as stars figuratively represent angels. The FedEx Office solar star hides a hexagram and the Star of David style overlaid opposing deltas.

Is FedEx Horus branded? Is the hidden arrow in their FedEx Express logo the penis and Eye of Horus? That's affirmative.

21b) Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all.
23b) for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.
Revelation 18:21b,23b

Now, arrows are all about targets. I had supposed Target's bold corporate logo pretty much ruled the dot-in-circle corporate Horus-Eye roost but that was before I saw the Healthways logo. Target has been one-upped, or perhaps two-upped!

The red elements are the familiar dot-in-circle sun Eye of Horus but what are those blue elements all about? Think - anatomy. Think - targets for arrows, penis arrows. The graphic is indeed graphic. This has all the modesty of a hospital gown! I have to wonder about Healthways. Do they specialize in proctology or gynecology, or both?

How can it be that folks don't see this? Ahhhh. The sun is in their eyes. Surely. Really, though, all those professionals trained in anatomy. All their clients and partners and vendors... Does no one see what they look at? "In 2009 Healthways acquired HealthHonors, a behavior economics company that specializes in behavior change science and optimized use of incentives." (Wikipedia - Healthways) I bet those behind this branding know exactly what they have, why it works and what it means - and what it does. This hearkens back to the Garden of Eden - BIG TIME!

As a sign that some have interpreted their symbol it has been toned down a shade, presenting it on their Web site with a smidgeon of obfuscation by reducing it to black and white. The white and gray divides on the dot, presenting a horizontal line, a female element that also signifies the Hermetic Maxim, "As above so below."

On their Web site next to the logo is the link titled "APPROACH." Can't you just picture someone pulling on some latex gloves and reaching for the K-Y jelly? I have to wonder whether Patch Adams had anything to do with this logo? Do they get crank calls asking reception to page Doctors Mike Hunt and Ben Dover? When FedEx Express services a Healthways facility, how do they know whether they should deliver the goods in the front or in the back? Do they have Starbucks in the lobby and sell Valentines in the gift shop?

I'm not trying to be crude here, but it's actually very important that we both see what we're looking at and consider what activity is involved with brands. I previously expounded upon the example of eating golden fries from BK's serving sleeve that was decorated with a radiant Horus-Eye sun. Occult ritual magick is evidenced when some action is being engaged in association with products or services and the symbolism of the action is consistent with the brand's occult imagery. When FedEx Express drives around making deliveries all over town in their Horus penis branded vehicles, that's occult sex magick.

If you think the Healthways logo is just an innocent prank, or not really what it looks like because "it just can't be," you're still under the spell. There's nothing funny about that.

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