Sunday, May 01, 2011

Part 21 - See, it's the "i" of Horus! More Spirals - BMW's Horus "i" sub brand

You may wonder why someone would put a paint job like that on such a car. BMW put the blue spiral of life all over their white Vision Efficient Dynamics concept car. BMW’s 75-MPG Plug-In Sports Car Is a Go ( - 11/5/2010) The rather unflattering scheme makes perfect sense when you consider it as the parent of the new BMW i8, which together with the i3 represents the new sub-brand with "i" of Horus brand identity.

The spiral eye scheme has been purged from the brand's imagery, thankfully, but the latest in electric car tech from the automotive giant builds on that heritage to extend the Horus promotion quite well enough without it. If you didn't trace the heritage back to the concept car, you would miss what appears to be the most obvious "tell" in their Horus imagery, which is otherwise more subtle.

The concept car had "" on it's sides and rear, but I'm blogging about it anyhow. :) The "occult branding" folks at BMW knew it was a HORendoUS look, but it had to be done. (By the way, entering that url into your browser will load the official BMW EfficientDynamics site.)

The logo is a letter i shaped pair of portals in a complex element that from the top or bottom probably resembles the letter S, given the element's shading/highlighting. SERPENTine. The marketing slogan is "BMW i. Born Electric." The element into which the i is cut might be intended to suggest both the B from Born and the E from Electric. Of course, if you allow that it represents an E you would have to allow that it also may represent an H, for Horus.

The white and blue colors from the concept car's spiral of life paint are carried over into the i logo. The blue marks the internal parts of the i portals where white light comes through. Blue is the color of heaven and white, divinity. The blue and white spirals of life signify eternal life with the divine light of heaven. The BMW i logo presents this light from another dimension beaming through the i as a portal. This is the illumination and promise of "i" of Horus enlightenment.

This screen shot at right comes from the official design animation video used to promote the brand. [video] BMW i3 and BMW i8 Design Animation I present this image from 14 seconds into the clip to show three concentric sixes formed when strands extend out of the logo. What passes before your eyes is a momentary 666, a mark of the beast signal.

Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.
Revelation 13:18.

The embedded 666 is consistent with the other Horus enlightenment imagery and magnifies the effectual influence of the symbols.

The video animation pictures the familiar BMW roundel as the starting point. The traditional roundel is considered by most to represent a spinning propeller, since aircraft engines were their original business. Some believe it simply alludes to the Bavarian flag. I believe it is readily identified as the Eye of Horus where the pupil of the eye is filled with heavenly blue and divine white light.

The BMW roundel is a two-fold symbol of the Sun. It's a composite of the ancient Sun wheel or Sun cross and the target-like bullseye in a ring. You may recall how I've already introduced several examples of the target/bullseye class. While blogging in 2010 I introduced the Sun wheel class by giving examples of the Swastika as a symbol of Horus in his Greek and Roman alias, Apollo.

In the BMW i design video, the traditional roundel very shortly has an outer ring added with a gradient lighting that lends it a 3D depth and makes it look like an eye ball. It begins a slight rotation and is lit with lens flare and washout, emphasizing that it is an illumined Eye of Horus. It then tilts, becoming elliptical like a common human eye shape and also like a Frisbee disk. As it were from a spinning disk, strands begin to spin off, and the disk moves away - perhaps like a flying saucer. The "camera" follows the projecting strands.

The three strands continue to extend and weave across the scene in a way reminiscent of how the three blue and white strands were used in the amazing key marketing animations that were the subjects of this blog through the latter months of 2009. The three strands emanating from the Eye of Horus represent triple helix DNA. These strands initially formed the 666 then continued the mark of the Beast illumination and transformation process, ultimately painting and repainting the stark canvas of the vehicle bodies.

Excerpts from BMW Wants to Be the Ultimate Green Machine (2/21/11 - Autopia):

BMW announced the “i” — yep, just like Apple — brand today, promising to deliver an electric vehicle and a plug-in hybrid by 2013 while also branching out into “mobility services.”

“The products and services have been conceived around a revolutionary approach: purpose designed and purpose built for sustainable, premium mobility,” company board member Ian Robertson, who is responsible for sales and marketing, said in a statement. “It’s a new day in our industry; a new era for individual mobility. This is BMW i – Born Electric.”

The brand is heavily focused on the urban market, city dweller lifestyle. Think - the great city Babylon. Think - Cain, builder of the first cities, and Nimrod, who nearly perfected such a city.

It has been a while since I wrote about the appeal of the little letter i in branding. As the most simple self-reference, "It's all about me" people everywhere just can't get enough of it. The i is a homonym of "eye" and the ever inferred Eye of Horus just has universal appeal for the rebellious flesh. On a deeper esoteric level, the letter i signals the number 9 as the 9th letter of the alphabet. Nine is the single digit reference to the mark of the Beast transformation.

The new brand is the BMW transforming eye. The marketing slogan is "BMW i. Born Electric." One way to read this is as "I born Electric." I am being born or reborn electric. Such birthing is fashionable these days! The horned-by-choice Lady Gaga has topped the charts with her "Born This Way" and Katy Perry still tops the charts with another of its kind, presented in the video being reborn as an enlightened chimera. Both pop music videos visually referenced the Bride of Frankenstein, a character who was, together with the reanimated monster she was intended to wed, "Born Electric." They were juiced by the lightening bolts from heaven, the life-force from Zeus, aka Lucifer.

"BMW i. Born Electric." Get it? Think of how Frankenstein's monster and his intended bride Lady Gaga's little zombie monsters were born electric. I can just about hear the workers on the assembly line when the first one rolls off the line in autumn 2013: "IT'S ALIVE" :) [video] Frankenstein - It's Alive!

From the BMW i USA site comes this marketing spiel: "Experience BMW i: BMW i is the beginning of a new world of visionary mobility: With pure, progressive shapes and lightning performance. With innovative applications and intelligent services. With an unparalleled use of sustainable technology. BMW i goes above and beyond the development of cars and is constantly evolving. Experience that evolution here."

Experience BMW i? If it is the beginning of a new world of visionary (translation: perception with Eye of Horus illumination) mobility, I'm going to want to pass on that. Lightning performance? Uh, shades of Zeus - that seems rather monstrous. Experience the BMW i evolution? NO WAY!

This language is code for "We are so going to hook you up with the Beast, sucker!"

Consider the loaded verbiage from's marketing copy, which was all about the same ideal, and "i"-deal, for that matter.

  • Scene 1: "Would you like to experience a world where healthcare is about making connections?"
  • Scene 2: "Would you like to experience a new world of banking?"
  • Scene 3: "Would you like to experience a new world of interaction?"
  • Scene 4: "Would you like to experience a world where travel is about making connections?"
  • Scene 5: "Would you like to experience a world where every transaction is a connection?"

Do you remember the world where all that experience led? Remember the "All Soul Shop"?

34) The eye is the lamp of your body; when your eye is clear, your whole body also is full of light; but when it is bad, your body also is full of darkness.
35) Then watch out that the light in you is not darkness.
36) If therefore your whole body is full of light, with no dark part in it, it will be wholly illumined, as when the lamp illumines you with its rays.
Luke 11:34-36

The Horus sun lamp eye shines darkness, casting a deep shadow. BMW's roundel, even though it's beaming blue and white light, the light is counterfeit. The promise of Eye of Horus enlightenment is a lie. "BMW i. Born Electric." Not in my garage.


  1. The spirals are to defeat the auto-focus of a digital camera. It's a common sight on concept cars to help with leaks.

  2. Thanks Blake, I understand the design also helps obfuscate the car's visual lines.