Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Part 31 - See, it's the "i" of Horus! The IN-N-OUT (B)URGE(R)

Picking up from the previous post, out here in California there's a popular fast food franchise whose brand imagery has some pop culture history. When I arrived in California as an East Coast import back in the late Summer of 1983 I noticed bumper stickers that had obviously been altered by the drivers.They presented what you see in this image at left. IN-N-OUT URGE. This was a clear indication that I had arrived in sunny Californi-cation.

It was a month or so before I really paid attention to these, discovering that they were promotional items for a local franchise called IN-N-OUT BURGER. This cultural phenomenon of the modified logo is another example of folks grasping the superficial sexual signalling of a brand. Do you think the folks who named the business and the brand professionals who designed the logo didn't realize they were stamping every instance of their promotional imagery with an inducement for procreational lust? Of course they did! Evidence of that can be seen in their other trademark image, the two palm trees.

Every location I have ever seen has two palm tress that form an X. What to you get when you cross an elephant and a rhinoceros? Elefino. :) But I do know what's signified when I see two trees crossed in connection with that sun-yellow phallic arrow. Have you read what I've written about what happened in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve engaged with the serpent? What happened in a figure when Eve ate of the fruit of the tree was a genetic cross between two trees. Cain was conceived, the first hybrid, a cross between two trees that represent two genetic lines. This crossing of two trees is what Genesis and the resulting Flood of Noah's day was about. In our day, the crossing of two trees is going to manifest in what is referred to in Revelation 13 as the mark of the Beast. It will first manifest as the Beast himself - then as those spawned through taking his mark and becoming transformed.

The X is a common emblem for Christ, as in X-mass for Christmas. The fast food franchise's version is the Antichrist version. The X is also a symbol of the chromosome, signaling the genetic transformation of the DNA as the two "trees" are crossed. The X is also a dimensional gateway construct signaling passage between the earthly and heavenly, marking the intersection or union of the sons of god with the daughters of men as the up and down deltas pictured connect. The trees reveal the meaning of the arrow with no ambiguity.

The phallic arrow sign matches to the brand's other featured imagery, the crossed tree, the female contribution in reproductive biology, the X gamete.

The brand's arrow is sun-yellow, signifying that the phallus belongs to the sun god Horus, aka Apollo.

The arrow's bend makes allusion to Freemasonry and the compass of their famous square and compass pairing. The Masonic square and compass in standard configuration can be recognized as picturing the sex act. The female square is on her back while the male compass is in the superior position. The bent arrow of the burger franchise mimics the compass but is rather the "third leg."

They have a drive through. In-n-out. Like Jiffy Lube.

What I mentioned about Subway and BK and John 6 applies here too. Food is the eater as a father is to a son. The point I'm making is that you and I are being played. We have been deceived. This imagery is no harmless joke. Ritual sex magick is real. Revelation 18:23 is true. See what you're looking at. It matters.

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