Tuesday, December 13, 2011

And Now For Something Completely Different

Completely different? OK, not really. It's more variations on the theme. Beings rising from the underworld, from caves, burrows, etc.

A couple posts ago I mentioned a reason why I've probably been relocated to Pittsburgh, PA. Far from the only reason, but this place is called The Zombie Capital of the World and the zombie theme is big on the Lord's agenda. This past summer some scenes for a movie were filmed in Pittsburgh, the most recent in the blockbuster Batman franchise. It's called The Dark Knight Rises, and here's a promotional poster image.

If it seems familiar you were probably giving the previous post about Rango some thoughtful consideration. Yes, the Batman rising is one more variation on the theme. Bats flying out of cave into the light? Check. High buildings of city? Check. The bat man aka dark knight (Nephilim Giant cave dweller) rises.

I found that poster image and others you'll see here on a recent post to the Acceleration Blog titled Is 2012 also the year of the 'underworld?'.

Underworld is a popular vampire film franchise that has a lot in common with the Twilight series I mentioned in the last post. They have female leads and feature blood sucking vampires and shape-shifting flesh eating werewolves. The fourth installment in the Underworld series is Underworld: Awakening, set for release in 2012. The promotional blurb? Vengeance Returns.

The Dark Knight Rises - Underworld: Awakening - Vengeance Returns. Right. Let's take the hint: A counter-flood is coming!

Another event coming in 2012 is the XXX Olympics in London. This tripled chromosome (XXX) branded promotion of openly Zeus worshiping Olympism is coming very soon, with the torch planned to be lit from the sun on Mt. Olympus this coming May.It has just been announced (on Pearl Harbor Day, no less) that Underworld, yes, Underworld, will have a significant role.

London 2012: Olympic ceremony role for Underworld duo

Underworld will be responsible for overseeing the opening ceremony's music. This dance act duo is currently involved with a production of Frankenstein. There's our reanimation of a monster theme.

Another signal is that the ceremony is a three hour ceremony. Underworld is responsible for the music during the three hour ceremony. Three is the resurrection number. Underworld resurrection. Let's not overlook the musical component of this sign, because sound or audio frequencies will enable the DNA transformation of the mark of the Beast! The opening ceremony for the XXX Olympics is scheduled for July 27. 2+7=9 Do I really need to repeat what nine signals?

Here's some other signal numbers. The Torch Relay is scheduled for a 70 day journey through the UK, covering 8,000 miles and involving 8,000 torchbearers. Equate the 70 day span to the 70 generations of 70 years in length that, according to Enoch, the giants bound in the earth, or underworld, must fulfill before release. The number 8 signals a new beginning, which is what the giants will then enjoy. That the scale of this is global and not merely local is emphasized by the multiplier of a thousand, supporting the UK signal of United Kingdom that refers to a one world government, united as the kings of the Earth give their power to the Beast. This further supports the five rings of the Olympics logo, representing all the inhabitants of the world won to Olympism.

If you're new to the blog, I've written plenty about the Olympics on this blog plus on my regular site, theopenscroll.com. At this point, it seems unlikely I'll be giving the 2012 Olympics post-event coverage because circumstances may not allow. Now is the time to give heed to what the Lord is directing. This season of opportunity is closing fast.

The Batman comic cover that highlighted the Underworld Olympics '76! wouldn't be the first occult signaling comic cover I've seen. If you've been following this blog for a while you may recall this inverted image of a Superman comic, featuring an obfuscated Masonic Temple scene. What does '76 have to do with anything? '76 references 1776, the year the colonies rebelled, declaring independence from British rule. '76 references the spirit of '76, national pride. That's not good, by the way. This kind of rebellion is what is being judged. The numbers 7 and 6 add to 13, the number for rebellion, the signal number for the rebel lord Beast.

By the way, if that makes sense to you this company's branding should too. Their products lubricate and so does their branding, reducing friction that hinders the coming mark, through the effectual spells of symbols. The underworld activity that brings forth such as the UNION 76 (7 united to 6 yields 13) branding has been around for a very long time.

I believe 2012 is a marked year and rightly so. It's not the end, but it can well be said that it will mark the beginning of the end, the end of the underworld's plan in this era to rise and reign. As I often state, the sovereign Lord has ordained a degree of success. The Dark Knight Rises - Underworld: Awakening - Vengeance Returns. The Underworld Olympics. Are you ready? Seek the Lord with all your heart.


  1. Thanks for the mention! ;)

  2. I hope you understand why the world labels us Christians as extremists and half-wits. Doctrine like this does Christ no favours because all it does is drive more people away from Him... the same people that He commisioned us to reach with the Gospel. Many people would like to follow Christ, but don't want to be associated with Christians because they stereotypically spout sensationalist doctrine like this. Humour me. Don't dismiss what I'm saying. Take a minute to think about it.

  3. Daniel. You remind me of me, about 25 years ago.