Monday, December 26, 2011

Huge Sale - Limited Time Offer

With all the present concerns over leaks about this and that, data security and network security remain some of the hottest topics of the day. I want to tell you that the most valuable information of all has an unbreakable system. The Lord Y'shua protects this greatest treasure and no one will access and aquire it without His grant. Period. He is quite generous with it, but it is only for the qualified, and much of it only on a need-to-know basis. No one can hack into His "network." No one can break into His vault. Every attempt through meditation, DMT, tantric sex or any other means of third eye activation won't breach His firewall. Even having the Sword of Destiny won't allow you to hack in. His secrets are absolutely secure. Access is through Him, and Him alone.

Those who come to Him and receive of this treasure do so through a process and technology of sorts, via what's called a seeing eye or hearing ear. Do you want it? The price is right, but get it now.

Keys to Developing a Hearing Ear

News -

Secrets Of Skull And Bones Blown Wide Open -- Daughter of Bonesman Charlotte Iserbyt lifts the veil on the mysterious secret society (Prison - 11/15/2011)
I make occasional mention of references to the secret society by way of the grandfather clock. This article even mentions it.

“Iserbyt also talks about her Skull and Bones grandfather clock which her father always ordered be set five minutes ahead of time to symbolize the fact that Bonesmen were always one step ahead of the rest of society.”

An enclosing net is being completed as yet another knot is being tied, right under our noses.

Sniper Detectors Coming to America's Heartland (Fox News - 12/22/2011)

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