Sunday, December 11, 2011

Part 28 - Rango - Zombie Resurrection and Apocalypse - The Black Awakening and Beyond

There are a number of reasons why I've probably been relocated to Pittsburgh, PA, aka the Zombie Capital of the World. The zombie theme is certainly resonating with me at the present time.

The zombie meme doesn't derive from someone's pizza dream. It's not the invention of someone's overactive imagination. The concept of the dead coming to life as the undead, terrorizing the living and even eating their flesh, is biblical. This will become a reality in the near future. The folks behind the animated feature Rango know this and dramatize what may be called a zombie apocalypse because they must, as servants of the evil one, declare their agendas and objectives publicly.

They look forward to this season with eager anticipation, which is to be a judgment upon the inhabitants of the earth ordained by the Sovereign God, using as agents of destruction the ancient beings responsible for the great flood of Noah's day. Reanimated. The zombie resurrection and apocalypse versions presented are what I consider counter-flood events. As the flood of Noah's day purged the serpent's heritage from the face of the earth, so the counter-flood intends to sweep Yahweh's heritage people away. Success will be granted in these offensives, but only to a set limit. The ultimate victory is of course the Sovereign Lord's.

The scenes I'm featuring in this post appear during Rango when a posse pursues bank robbers who had stolen the bottle that held the town's water reserve. The posse catches up to the gang's patriarch, Balthazar, a mole. Rango executes a plan and confronts Balthazar and a small number of his family.

Rango: ... now you and your entire family get your hands up where I can see em.
Balthazar: Heh Heh - My entire family?

There's a rumbling and a high pitched tone. An ashen hand suddenly breaks through the ground and an ashen critter emerges. Many more come out of the ground, all as if rising from their graves. Lumbering awkwardly and chanting in unison, the mole's relatives surround the posse as in a trance. Some would say this sequence is giving a nod to the classic zombie film from 1968, Night of the Living Dead, and they would be right. However, beyond merely giving homage to the film, the reference distinctly establishes the zombie theme. This scene presents a zombie resurrection but not yet an apocalyptic scenario.

An argument can easily be made that the zombie theme had already been set-up in the scene's prelude. The plan to confront Balthazar involved having the posse masquerade as a traveling Elizabethan acting troupe. For disguise and costuming, Rango swapped clothes with Beans. The cross-dressing chameleon has to be seen as a link to the biographical film titled, Ed Wood. Ed Wood was a cross-dresser, played in the movie by none other than Johnny Depp, the actor who voices the cross-dressing Rango character. Yes, this is the same Ed Wood who wrote and directed the cult classic Plan 9 from Outer Space, the zombie movie I covered in the previous post! Rango gives nods to some of Depp's other films, like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Don Juan DeMarco, and this connection to his starring role in Ed Wood surely imports Plan 9 from Outer Space into Rango through the link.

These underground critters should be identified with those from the dream sequence earlier in the movie. They are the very serpents buried in the earth that had formerly been of the thorn and thistle kind. See Part 23 if this isn't jelling for you.

So, the zombie theme is introduced, strongly established and leveraged in Rango to give us a vivid testimony about what must be recognized as Plan 9, the evil alien plot to seize control of the Earth through the generation of an army of undead.

For even more insight into this plan, see another film with Depp in the starring role and the signal number in the title, Roman Polanski's The Ninth Gate. At the end of the quest, Depp's character has sex with a demonic manifestation and the ninth gate is opened with enormous signification! You see, the devil's plan 9 includes reproductive or genetic features alongside the pineal gland activation feature.

This is validated in the context of the focal scene in Rango as the posse attempts to flee with the water reserve jug, and we hear the following exchange.

Rango: That audience was quite responsive.
Beans: Yeah, but I think that chromosome pool was about dried up.

The audience was the mole family and underground dwelling zombie army, right? This comedic commentary on their inbred character is actually a clever NLP-style reference to the genetic responsiveness evidenced in the zombie resurrection, to the chromosome pool that had dried up being enlivened as by a watery DNA reanimation.

I believe there are waves of counter-flood zombie events planned. It seems likely to me at this point that the first will involve the chosen ones, the weaponized SRA/DID multiples programmed as Manchurian Candidates for a mass trigger event. This is what Russ Dizdar (Shatter The Darkness) has identified as the black awakening, and what Duncan O'Finioan (MK-ULTRA - Project Talent) still anticipates. I've come to believe this is the event that positions during the Wednesday Shemittah opposite the flood of Noah's day, according to the alignment of the fractal patterned millennial and Shemittah weeks. Another seems to be related to the mark of the Beast transformation, after human souls are swapped out and the animating spirits of the disembodied dead are swapped in. One distinctly apocalyptic event is certainly appointed for the fulfillment of the day of retribution and the campaign of Armageddon.

More to follow, Lord willing!

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