Monday, December 19, 2011

Part 33 - Rango - The Chalice

I'm wrapping up this series. No, really. It's just that, well, it's a relative thing. I intend to see this project through to its end as the Lord directs, so this probably isn't the last post in the series.

Right from the start of the animated feature Rango, the theme of death and resurrection is presented. Layers of symbolic images and language are cleverly combined with more obvious elements that make it oh so obvious to those who can interpret this messaging system that Rango is a stealth weapon in the ancient serpent's arsenal. It is also an operations manual, of sorts, broadcast into the public domain. Some of the messages signaled are contained in passing snapshots and some in sequences like vignettes. Others are woven in like a thread through a tapestry. This post covers the full range, highlighting several elements in the opening sequence.

You can watch this clip posted online: [video] First 14 minutes of Rango. The quality is not very good, but it's helpful to see what I describe unfold as presented. The clip of interest spans from about 2 minutes in to just past the 6 1/2 minute mark. You might find it helpful to open the video in another window to keep it available for ready review alongside this post's commentary.

The coming resurrection-transformation realities of the Beast and mark of the Beast are signaled as the chameleon sheds his skin like a snake twice. After the chameleon has been ejected from the car and his terrarium shattered on the road, he watches the wind-up fish “die” as the puddle of water he landed in dries up on the hot pavement. As he turns and looks up at the desert sun he himself also dies, symbolically. His skin crinkles and goes crisp. The dead flesh flakes away and new flesh appears. This shedding immediately happens again, which makes the final skin that appears the third version of chameleon flesh. Meaning: Third day and triple-helix resurrection. He had reached the end of his former bodily existance and was transformed by the heat or power of the light of the Sun, which is to say by the agency of Apollo and the light of Zeus, aka Satan. His serpent nature is revealed as his skin shed alluding to how a snake sheds his skin.

The umbrella bursts into flame just as the second layer of skin falls to the ground and the third has fully appeared. With the attending umbrella sign, what's conjointly signaled is that the end of the line for his genetic line had been reached. I'll explain.

Notice in this image sequence how the umbrella, burnt, resembles the empty dry seed cone of Liriodendron tulipifera, a magnolia called the tuliptree. The picture I found shows a snowy cone frozen into the winter ice of a pond, an interesting match to Rango's fire version.

Rango's symbols are very specific and I've learned there are good reasons why. A particular magnolia seed is pictured. There is an umbrella magnolia, but the seed cone Rango presents is that of the tuliptree. The tuliptree only grows in Appalachian and Chinese forests, and Rango's drink umbrella comes from the Orient. “The tuliptree is a magnolia specialized for wind dispersal of seeds.” (SourPersimmon Blog) While it fell from the sky, the parachuting Oriental umbrella was a wind borne seed. All this is to establish that the umbrella represents a seed pod.

Then God said, “Let the earth sprout vegetation, plants yielding seed, and fruit trees on the earth bearing fruit after their kind with seed in them”; and it was so.
Genesis 1:11

Man is likened to a tree in the Bible. Much of the dynamic of history (and present and future) can be understood as a conflict between two trees and their heritage, their offspring, seed.

And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed;
Genesis 3:15a

The burnt umbrella signals that the chameleon is no longer His Creator's fruit tree on the earth bearing fruit after their kind with seed in it. He's been converted, his posterity cut off. This is the mark of the Beast plot. It's not so much towards the goal of simply building an army to enable the Dragon's war against God as it is towards the goal of hijacking everything that is the Sovereign Creator's, even His heritage in a grand scale substitution ploy. Then, this tactical maneuver will maximize the Dragon's resources as the converted assets are no longer Yahweh's but deployable as his own troops. It's a brilliant scheme, but still doomed.

The water glass represents the fruit of the tree, expressing Rango's procreative viability. The umbrella drink with water (life) and umbrella (seed) in the glass signals that he is virile and connected to his Creator. When the umbrella-seed was pictured floating down from the sky, it landed and perched on the edge of Rango's glass. If the seed fell back into the glass, his ability to bring forth offspring “after their kind” would remain. When the umbrella-seed fell outside the glass, the seed was no longer going to remain viable. It shortly burnt, when the chameleon's third skin appeared. The chameleon's glass was empty, signaling that the seed life of his Creator was gone, and with it His heritage. The season had passed where he had the ability to bring forth offspring after his Creator's kind.

This is why you see Rango holding the tipped glass in front of his loins. The glass so tipped would, according to the picture, be pouring out right between his legs, and also in line of his tail that signals the spiral of life. That cycle of life ended as the water of life was drained, as he dehydrated, his glass emptied. The reproductive theme, you should note, is still being signaled by the chameleon's floral shirt, with the flower being the plant's reproductive structure, where, as associated with fruit, its “seed in itself” is openly displayed.

Let not the foreigner who has joined himself to the LORD say, "The LORD will surely separate me from His people " Nor let the eunuch say, "Behold, I am a dry tree."
Isaiah 56:3

The chameleon has become a dry seed pod and a dry tree, even separated from the Lord's people as no longer able to be accounted among them.

But I was like a gentle lamb led to the slaughter; And I did not know that they had devised plots against me, saying, "Let us destroy the tree with its fruit, And let us cut him off from the land of the living, That his name be remembered no more."
Jeremiah 11:19

9) and do not suppose that you can say to yourselves, 'We have Abraham for our father'; for I say to you that from these stones God is able to raise up children to Abraham.
10) The axe is already laid at the root of the trees; therefore every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.
Matthew 3:9-10

The chameleon had the axe laid to his root, declared as bad fruit. And the seed pod burns as the whole tree thrown into the fire. The Creator's tree.

If what you see in Rango doesn't offend you, you haven't really grasped what you're being shown!

In this image sequence you see the glass illustrating procreative viability.

At top, the chameleon's head is craned forward to momentarily appear over the torso of the doll at the instant the umbrella drink appears superimposed over her loins. Not to overlook the obvious, let's note that the bare breasts are mammary glands, for nursing offspring. Like the shirt whose flowers have both male and female elements, this picture of a hermaphrodite Rango with male and female parts is the Baphomet. The umbrella shape is as an inverted bowl, the womb symbol. It appears in this screenshot like an x-ray view. It is the fertility goddess and god combined - Hermes and Aphrodite.

In the middle, the glass is pictured over his loins with the umbrella perched on the rim like an erect phallus, wilting. Some of you may recall how a very similar umbrella symbol was featured during the London Presentation segment of the closing ceremonies of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

By the way, when the phallic umbrella falls off the glass of the green skinned chameleon, allusion is made to the Osiris story, whose privy member was severed by Set and, of all his parts, never recovered. It was eaten by a fish, and a fish just happens to appear next in the scene. Yes, this is even one more subtle but “over the top” evil genius reference to the bringing forth of Horus.

In the bottom image, the umbrella-seed lies on the ground while the chameleon throws off vestiges of the former image of his Creator, shedding his skin. Again, the drink glass is superimposed over his loins, tipped and emptied.

To emphasize this, at the top of this sequence of screenshots we see the chameleon lying in the embrace of his naked lover. We don't see her in the middle image. Why not? The context and thus its meaning would be just too obvious. When the chameleon begins to get up, we see her still lying next to him. The umbrella is definitely not in the glass. Between the chameleon's legs appears a flaccid member. He is post-coital and impotent. When the umbrella-seed burns, we know this is permanent.

I should note at this point that the utility pole in the background is a cross, a tau cross. It's used for power lines and telephone lines. It signals the intersection of the vertical and horizontal that is the union of the sons of god with the daughters of men. It looks like a sacrificial altar scene.

The focal symbols rest upon a piece of the terrarium that is reflective glass with a cloudy sky pictured on it. Above, we see a cloudy sky. As above, so below; the classic occult signaled Hermetic Maxim. This is the same dynamic the reflecting pool has that's located between the Washington monument and Capitol building, the magically mediating device set between the phallic obelisk and womb dome. Soon Horus will be brought forth from the interlude!

After Rango gets up he watches the ICHTHYS dry up and die, the resurrecting fish. Then he looks up and everything happens I described with the skin shedding and umbrella-seed burning. Then he holds up the glass to drink any water that might remain, and the tiniest drop comes out. The glass is dry as a bone. He is as a eunuch.

Then the chameleon hears the armadillos' voice in the distance. He puts the glass to his eye like a makeshift telescope, creating the signal eye of Horus, Harmerty. Given that this glass is the device signaling procreative viability, this can be considered equivalent to a phallic eye of Horus signal. Isn't that rich? The chameleon has experienced the eye of Horus activation and transformation. This puts an exclamation point on all that had just been signaled. The chameleon hears the armadillo's voice again and drops the empty glass. It shatters on the pavement. Everything it represented is most definitely past.

I'll close this post with a couple observations about how the symbolism of the glass began to be developed even as the terrarium theater scene began and how that particular layer of interpretation is strengthened in a later vignette.

The narrating chameleon: The stage is set, the night moist with apprehension. Alone in her chamber, the princess prepares to take her own life.
Princess (dubbed by the chameleon): It is far better to nourish worms than to live without love.
The narrating chameleon: She reaches for the poison chalice...

Obviously, wanting to drink from a poison chalice is to invite death, and we understand that the princess intends to kill herself because she is distraught about being denied what love she values more than life. The language used suggests something beyond that. The glass represents fertility and procreative viability, right? The glass filled with water and with the umbrella in it signals a fertile vitality, with the water of life and viable fruit with seed in itself. When the princess prepares to take her own life, she reaches for the umbrella drink. Instead of a euphemism for suicide, consider it more literally as preparing to take her own life, as preparing to take the umbrella drink into her hand that represents her own life, her reproductive life. There's heavy NLP going on here, signaling that this is really all about her love life, romance, procreative sex and offspring, establishing a link with the signal umbrella drink that will later be exploited to illustrate its end.

The night is moist? Hey, nights are not moist. Damp maybe. What's moist is the maiden, preparing for procreative activity. She's alone in her chamber. We see her with bare breasts. She uses another euphemism for dying that suggests the purpose of the mammary glands displayed, which nourish offspring with milk. Hey, worms are like little snakes, aren't they? She says, "to live" which adds to the narrator's earlier use of the word "life" to make two mentions. She uses the word “love” in connection with “live,” and so “love life” just bubbles up below the threshold of consciousness in the midst of this passionate and classically romantic scene. Her romance, her love life, her intense desire for love - these set the stage (“The stage is set”) for the unfolding of the ancient romance between the sons of god and the daughters of men. This is the subtle attraction of the mark of the Beast. It's sexy to some. Dangerous and sexy. Do not be seduced by the old lies. The serpent is not a worthy lover. What he offers is really the poison chalice that brings death, even the second death.

The lower image pictures a seductive flirtation between the lovers. On one side of the lovers we see the guitar. On the other, the symbol of fertility and procreative viability. The umbrella drink combines with the lovers and guitar in the timeless pharmakeia seduction trinity: Wine, women and song. Sex, drugs and rock & roll.

In this scene, against the backdrop of the palm tree signaling victory over death in resurrection, we hear the chameleon as a Latin lover Don Juan testing his lines on the lady.

The chameleon:: I couldn't help but notice you noticing me noticing you.

He traces his finger around the top of her neck, which you may recognize as the ubiquitous dot-in-circle male-in-female Eye of Horus Sun god symbol. In the midst of delivering his comical reflexive pick-up line, he reaches into the cavity in her neck and plucks something out, flicking it away. What's that? That's nearly where in the body the pineal gland is found, the gland associated with enhanced perception as a dimensional gateway, gnosis and the illumination sought by the armadillo on his quest. The chameleon's enhanced perception - the pineal gland - the activated third eye and Eye of Horus illumination - mark of the Beast - ye shall be as gods, knowing good from evil. Got it.

Then we hear:

The chameleon:: You know the womens find me uncomfortably good looking, but you seem remarkably a tease.

This line just shows the Rango folk being clever and subtle. Depp, voicing the chameleon, actually says what I wrote if you listen carefully, but what we are led to hear is, “remarkably at ease.”

The Rango ploy is seductive indeed. The Eye of Horus and mark of the Beast just seems sexy and almost irresistable. Indeed, it is irresistable to many. It's too late for them - and many won't be spared.

As an obedient saint who watches according to the Lord's command, learn how to interpret the pervasive symbols that surround you. Look at and see what you are being shown. As the Lord directs, learn to read the signs and learn to hear the Lord's voice clearly as the good shepherd, discerning it from the droning din of the hireling's continual lies. Time is short. Seek the Lord diligently for all He is and everything He has for you. The value of having a hearing ear cannot be overestimated.


  1. Seeing the first 14 minutes and reading your commentary really made a big difference! Excellent stuff (as always!)

  2. Thanks Jeff. I was really glad to find this clip.

  3. Wow, this was a captivating and eye-opening series. Thank you VERY much for sharing your thoughts and findings. :)

    BTW, I was able to find a full version to watch on Google videos (filter for longer time lengths).

    What really got me was the bible autograph. The sixes in his signature and the circle around the star. That woman represents the deceived church, we were warned that we wouldn't find our savior in the desert.

    And as an ex-Catholic, I still shudder at the pagan rituals I was raised in, including Ash Wednesday. Luckily, Yeshua has pulled me out of there and put in me a desire to know the truth. (All credit to Him!)

    Interesting that this scene took place on a piece of glass. God's throne is on a sea of glass. (Rev 4:6) More blasphemy.

    Anyway, thanks, these articles fine tune my discernment. :)

  4. Thanks for the kind encouragement and for sharing some good insight, Abe. As you noted in your email follow-up to your comment, that video has already been removed. The Rango folk are quick to keep the maverick content corralled. I'm blocked from posting any of it. Bless you brother!