Thursday, December 15, 2011

Part 30 - Rango - Odds and Ends

In this series on Rango there remain several odds and ends to address. These insights are worth noting, some of which could well cover multiple posts, but it is expedient to touch on them now and rather more lightly.

When the chameleon arrives in town he assumes an false identity. He spins a yarn with tall tales in the Gas Can Saloon, creating a Rango mythology reminiscent of those created around the ancient gods he represents.

At the end of the movie, the water main valve is opened. The water that flows into town is the element that brings them salvation. Beans' bottle and ash wagon (Numbers 19's "resurrection cure" purification ritual) is blown sky high. From inside a jail cell, Balthazar the zombie-mole and a couple family members being held captive are provided such a means of release. "It's our salvation, Pa!" They enter and ascend in a vertical stream, exiting the prison. It's another symbolic ascension of imprisoned underground dwellers with new life.

The water flows so forcefully into town that the buildings blow to pieces - sky high, yet they remain. It's the destruction of a counter-flood event, but this also pictures the Tandava and Lasya of the cosmic dance of the Nataraja done by lord Shiva, the Destroyer and (re)Creator of worlds - a new age false hope promise.

Have I mentioned that Rango is richly layered with symbolism? Rich, like fudge. The Lord continues opening this to us at this time because some of us really do need to know what's going on. It matters.

The mariachi band that provides the narrative for the movie constantly mentions Rango's impending death - but he does not die. He is the undying.

The critters in the band providing the narrative are owls. Equate owls to the fallen Watchers, the sons of god of Genesis 6 who spawned the hybrid Nephilim. Today, there are those who, like the mariachi owls, provide the narrative for our lives, framing our “world view” through the media, and through our teachers in university style educational systems from a very young age. They train and program us, and we pass it on because this is our learned paradigm. Are we relearning, more able now to discern truth from error?

A paradigm shift is mentioned in Rango's script in the context of DNA transformation. When the posse goes after the bank robbers who had stolen the water reserve bottle, they follow their trail underground. It leads them along a pipeline and through an aquifer. When they reach the end of the pipeline, after plenty of signaling along the way, we hear the following dialogue.

Buford: Some one or some thing is messing with our hydration and that pipe's got something to do with it.
Elgin: Now I thought we was following bank robbers!
Sergeant Turley: We're experiencing a paradigm shift!
Elgin: I'm going to shift the features on your face if you don't shut up!

To “shift the features on your face” suggests changes in appearance in the physical body that will attend the mark of the Beast transformation, which will be the result of someone or some thing messing with hydration, our watery DNA. This builds off what was heard when the water pipe was first discovered in the tunnel.

Buford: Would you look at that!
Spoons: Like seein' the face of God!
Elgin: Amen, brother.

If seeing the water pipe is like seeing the face of God it must have the image of God, or a god, right?

Sound energy will be involved in the transformation (“...if you don't shut up” -- the most familiar audio transducers we know as "speakers" ) and a paradigm shift will occur, with changed thinking like what Elgin's comment (“Now I thought we was...”) suggests. Sergeant Turley is the bird with the arrow piercing his eye, enlightened with the phallic eye of Horus. He's qualified to report his perception of the paradigm shift. Just prior to that exchange we hear, “It's the end of the line.” “Don't go no further.” Meaning? It's the end of the genetic line of Adam, the end of humanity in the image of his Creator, Yahweh's heritage.

While on their way, bearing torches across the aquifer, the posse crosses on a stone bridge that's in the form of a viaduct. It's what I've referred to as a kingdom viaduct. This is a stairway to heaven, Thor's rainbow bridge, Bifröst, which is biblically a mecillah. It's a dimensional portal. A peculiar feature in the backdrop to this crossing is an enormous eye that appears with no explanation and minimal reference. The singular reference is a comment made with a very subtle visual cue attending it. “Well that's a big one,” Doc says, with his left eye closing slightly and shuddering. Recognizing that as a Harmerty signal, we can confidently identify the big eye as the all-seeing eye, in which we see the passing torches reflected. What is being dramatized for us is the eye of Horus facilitating the crossing over of the gene pool aquifer on the stairway to heaven. The “Olympic” torchbearers make the journey with the light of Zeus.

During the artsy extended end credits sequence, the image you see here was presented. Resembling the scene where Rango and Beans were locked in the bank vault that flooded, this is another big eye of Horus transformation dramatization. Rango appears with his fertility signaling floral shirt, swirling around in the water with three fish (triple helix resurrection) inside a big eye marked with the ubiquitous sun wheel symbol. The transformation is facilitated by the audio signal coming from a Watcher, the owl blowing his horn, the 1 Thessalonians 4:16 style trumpet of a god. It's not quite an owl like we had been seeing, however, and his appearance hints at the cock-crowing watch resurrection.

Whew. Take a breath. There's more.

Here's what happened in the bank vault while it filled with water.

Rango: Where I come from, we call this improvisation.

Rango puts the bullet he had secretly removed from his gun into his mouth while he uses both hands to untie Beans.

Beans: [ungagged] You came back!

Beans gives Rango a big kiss and, in the process, swallows the bullet Rango had in his mouth.

Beans: What was that?
Rango: No need to panic. But I think you just swallowed Plan B.
Beans: What?

Beans freezes, experiencing another untimely tonic immobility episode as she sinks under the water. Rango performs the Heimlich Maneuver and the bullet emerges out of her mouth, sent slowly through the water towards the glass bank vault door. When it touches the glass, a high pitched resonating sound is heard and the glass shatters, expelling water through the rupture and releasing the pair from their near watery grave.

What does it mean? Plan B. That would be the Beast plan. B for Beast. Plan B involved the bullet, a 45. A bullet for a male's phallic gun is seed. Plan B is Plan 9 (from Outer Space), as 4+5. See, it genome plan, that. Beans received Rango's bullet. When Rango helped her deliver, the water broke. New arrivals in the nursery. The delivery was facilitated by the resonant acoustic element, because the meager force of the bullet couldn't possibly have broken through the door on impact without it. Resurrection. Genetic reanimation. Mark of the Beast.

You can infer that the oral element alludes to the serpent's conquests in the garden of Eden. Beans receiving the seed in her mouth also suggests the position referred to as 69, highlighting the triple helix transformation as the chromosome sum of 23 x 3.


  1. I think you should (or you already have) written a book on Rango! ;)

  2. If one is forthcoming, I can't say. No books have been produced yet by me, although one on Cain's paternity may be forthcoming, if the Lord continues to prompt and green lights it. I'm glad you're enjoying it. It's a really big deal.

  3. Not going to lie, this was interesting to read. I love Rango so much I want him tattooed on me, and I thought that was a little over the top. Just saying, this all sounded like you have too much time in your hands. Where do you come up with the idea that any of this symbolism is going on? Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be snide or insulting; I genuinely want to know.

    1. If you really want to know, take some of the time on your own hands and apply yourself to learning what things mean. This is one of many blogs exposing Occult symbols.