Saturday, December 31, 2011

Part 26 - Rochester, NY - Eastview Mall - Sun Worship and Buried Nephilim

During a recent visit to the Rochester area I recognized yet another important witness to the area's gods that is simply brilliant. It signals the entombment of the fallen ones while marking the passage of time in a way that is incredibly elegant. This sign warrants reviving the Rochester series, which I last posted to way back in October of 2010: Part 25 - Rochester, NY - From out of Gates, Greece Came Forth

This series began in July of that year with this post: Rochester, NY and the Gateway to High Falls. In brief, it featured different kinds of evidence from the area that suggests the ancient Mercury (Hermes) is the Baal, the local god of the region. I believe his primary agenda through all his activity is as it is everywhere else, to facilitate the coming of Horus. Evidence suggests there are Nephilim buried in the area, also known as Djinn. The branding iconography of Eastview Mall, about 20 minutes southeast of downtown Rochester, bears the same testimony!

If I weren't already acutely aware of what the Lord showed me about the area I wouldn't likely suspect Eastview Mall and its iconic sundial of being signal devices. Knowing what I know, however, this name and branding really strongly validates what I already reported!

The first picture of the mall at the top of this post was taken during my visit in early December, 2011. In front of the giant Christmas Tree with the star on top sits their branding icon, a sundial. You can see it in this Google map satellite image, casting its shadow. If the embedded map appears below, you can see it if you zoom in all the way (click the plus sign to zoom in).

Eastview Mall is not so named just because it lies southeast of Rochester. The sundial is a clue. This is about the Sun.

14) Then He brought me to the entrance of the gate of the LORD’S house which was toward the north; and behold, women were sitting there weeping for Tammuz.
15) He said to me, “Do you see this, son of man? Yet you will see still greater abominations than these.”
16) Then He brought me into the inner court of the LORD’S house. And behold, at the entrance to the temple of the LORD, between the porch and the altar, were about twenty-five men with their backs to the temple of the LORD and their faces toward the east; and they were prostrating themselves eastward toward the sun.
17) He said to me, “Do you see this, son of man? Is it too light a thing for the house of Judah to commit the abominations which they have committed here, that they have filled the land with violence and provoked Me repeatedly? For behold, they are putting the twig to their nose.
Ezekiel 8:14-17

Eastview Mall is about honoring the Sun god, Apollo aka Horus, which is idolatry, an abomination. A sun dial isn't evil of itself. When you name a mall, Eastview, and brand it with a sun dial, however, the meaning is obvious to pagans and sun worshipers and those who are familiar with such. “A Higher Form of Shopping” is the Mall's slogan. Get it?

Here's a pair of images comparing Eastview Mall with the Vatican. Guess which one is for worship of the Sun god. OK. Trick question. Which one serves Mammon? Uh, right. So, which one may be identified as Babylon? Still not falling for it? Good!

Several posts in this series featured Midtown Plaza and that shopping center's icon, the Clock of Nations. Eastview Mall is a shopping center (honoring Mercury/Hermes - the god of commerce) like Midtown Plaza and both have a timepiece for an icon. (Midtown Plaza is closed and the Clock of Nations has been relocated to the ROC airport terminal.) Now, what's really notable is this other feature they have in common, buried star/angel/Nephilim references!

The name Rochester, the Genesee Beer (Genny) brewed in caves below High Falls, the Jenny aircraft; such as these make reference to buried Nephilim in the area. The Clock of Nations does too, known to me through a number of personal signs given to me that pivoted around a fictional short story that had been written about that very clock. (See Part 17 - Rochester, NY - The Blood Sealed Vault of Cthulhu) This creepy tale (of the H.P. Lovecraft Cthulhu mythos genre) presents the clock as magickally connected to a vault, which, after the clocks removal from Midtown Plaza, required the ritual application of blood at the former location to seal it off, to close the gateway. Here's an excerpt from that story.

"The gist of the letter was that I needed to come to visit the professor in Arkham, or what I had done so long ago would be undone and some sort of vault or gate would reopen and creatures with a whole lot of consonants and not many vowels in their names would be free to terrorize Rochester."
Short stories: Inspired by H. P. Lovecraft - by Terry Mahoney

So, beyond the pointers to buried Nephilim that includes Midtown Plaza's timepiece, Eastview Mall's iconic timepiece graphically suggests a buried angel. Consider how it pictures the point of an angel signaling star sticking out of the ground. As with an iceberg we might infer the greater part lying below, underground, buried.

Consider how the stylized brand imagery isn't readily recognized as a sundial because there's no dial. We see the style and gnomon, the parts that stick out of the dial, and the shadow they cast. Without the dial in view, even with the shadow present what exactly it is that we're being shown isn't obvious. It's like a pyramid, like the letter A signaling Apollo, perhaps, but what is it, we wonder.

Here's some insight to consider. Shadows of objects in brand imagery are often occult elements that signal the Hermetic Maxim: As Above, So Below. As the object, so is the shadow it casts, the very form of it. With regard to the Eastview Mall brand with its shadow, this extends or expands to; as above ground, the point of the star, so below ground, the rest of the star.

What really seals the deal on this interpretation is the slogan, “A HIGHER FORM of SHOPPING.” In the context of the branding graphic, the higher form is visible, which suggests a counterpart lower form that's hidden, the whole being a star. The shadow naturally connects to the object that casts it at the ground or sundial face and thus forms another star point, connected, on the ground, seeming, too, to hint at other points that might be connected below the ground.

The branding is elegant - evil genius! The devil is no slouch. Don't underestimate your adversary.

Here's a photo I took while exploring the inside of the mall, of a picture that hangs in a hallway gallery of sorts. The upper of the two in the set was apparently taken while the mall was under construction in 1970-71. The lower one was taken during the latest remodel. Compare and consider the buried star image I made. The style and gnomon are not unlike the typical henges and monuments that appear all over the world.

Curious about the technical detail, I gave the angle of the monument some consideration. A proper horizontal sundial at that exact latitude requires the style to incline at 43.03 degrees. A regular pentagram tilted to present a vertical line has an angle of the incline of 180-90-36 or 54 degrees. The current one looks accurate for a sundial, but the one built earlier does not, and it very nearly matches the angle of a pentagram. This suggests to me that it's the point of a buried star under the pretext of being a sundial.

Consider what appears in the animated feature Rango during a dream sequence. Phallic cacti transform into giant rattlesnake rattles that stick up out of the sand. The rattling serpent tails present the picture of serpents buried in the ground, alive! These cast distinct shadows on the desert floor, which may be easily used to read the general time of day. If Rango was set in the Rochester region, there would probably be a big shopping center with a food court in sight, right? (Actually, in the big zombie resurrection scene such a setting could be inferred because the venues in which troupes of traveling thespians would perform were courtyards of taverns called inn-yards.)

Compared to Rango's rather obvious implication of buried serpents, the buried star implied by Eastview Mall's shadow casting icon seems less obvious, but the clues add up to present a pretty substantial testimony. Compared to that, the buried Nephilim reference made by the Clock of Nations through the fictional short story may seem lacking in substance, but it should be noted that further reference to what's underground is provided in the adjacent and closely associated fountain. Under the water of the visible fountain was a hidden pentagram, involving the star lighting and circle water system. (See comment here by Dave N.)

So, Eastview Mall has a timepiece associated with buried angel beings, like the defunct Midtown Plaza and present ROC airport atrium plaza. Why are these devices that are being used to signal the buried Nephilim both timepieces? I perceive two reasons.

One reason is because the Nephilim are buried only for a season. Seventy generations were appointed for their binding in the earth, after which term their release will come. The clock is ticking. The countdown timer is nearing the preset limit. If you've been following this blog for a while, this theme should be getting pretty familiar. The devil and his agents are eager for this present season to pass and even hell-bent on a jail break!

The other reason is certainly highlighted in the sundial because Horus is coming as the Sun rises at dawn, returning as the Sun god in a new guise. This will come at the appointed time, and that day is looked to with great anticipation as the days, hours and minutes pass!

It should be noted that it is not likely a coincidence that Eastview Mall is located in Victor, NY. The name "Victor" is used to signal victory over death in resurrection and eternal life, or more correctly, their counterpart versions. The countdowns for the raising of the buried star Nephilim and Horus being signaled in Victor are fit for the Eastview scheme. Those who worship to the East are seeking the victory over death relating to this Sun rise!

If you recall the images comparing Eastview Mall and the Vatican, both have their Isis dome set opposite the Osiris member. The same sex magick is at work, even as in Washington DC between the Washington Monument and the Capitol Dome. This magickal ritual involves raising Osiris from the dead every morning, continually exhibiting the victory over death that is assured. Again, those who worship to the East are seeking the victory over death relating to this Sun rise!

The palm tree is a symbol of victory over death, but you won't find them in Victor, NY because the climate is not suited for them. Unless you go inside the mall. Appearing above is the second frame of three in the rotating Web site header graphic sequence. Notice the palm trees by the door. The other picture is me, inside the mall. See the palms?

Unless you know what's going on already, none of these things appear to have any real significance. Once you know the plan and can interpret the signal language, the message comes through loud and clear. Praise the Lord! We are less ignorant of Satan's devices! We are being freed from the spell!


  1. Wow Bob! You nailed this one too. We all appreciate you using your insights and talent for the Lord.

    Amazing insight!

  2. Thanks Jeff. The Lord is following through with His promises, and all His Word will be fulfilled, to His glory.

  3. Bob, where do you get your Jubilee/Shmita cycle reckoning from? It doesn't agree with the hillel calendar and doesn't appear to agree with the Lord's reset of jubilee in the last 100 years?

  4. Scuggers1, I'm just going with what I'm convinced the Lord has shown me. I never found much agreement among others. Beyond the Veil on has details. Big key - the sign of 1991 with a pivot of the Shemittah in 1998 and pivot of millennia in 1999. One year offset, just as it should be given same start year for both cycles.

  5. Thanks Bob, the reason I ask is because your scenario appears 2 years off (e.g. is still in play!).
    My calendar shows the Smitah year beginning Sept. 16th 1993 and the following one on Sept. 30th, 2000, then Sept. 13th 2007, then the 49th beginning 25 Sept. 2014 thru 2015.
    The jubilee begins 14Sept 2015 (the re-set yovel cycle for the last prophetic 100 years. Many think 2015/2016 would be the end or midpoint of the last 42 months. I'm using Hillel...

  6. Bob, in any case the orthodox rabbi believe that 14Sept. 2001 was the first year of the millennium (not 1999) since there is no 0 AD. I'll see if I can locate a yovel year on their calendar... I use their version 3 download, a very handy tool

  7. Two Shemittah cycles of watching have confirmed to me quite sufficiently that I've on the Lord's calendar. When the Lord confirms a thing to me, I'm no longer inclined to look elsewhere, as odd as that may sound.