Friday, August 03, 2012

Genesis 9 and the Bloody Conspiracy of the Rainbow Hackers

In the previous post to this blog I presented some insight into the mascots for the London Olympics, the rainbow-themed Wenlock and Mandeville. There are some technical aspects to the rainbow that are of particular interest, some of which I touched on in that post and some in other posts, but, because this is such a big deal, there's more some of us need to know.

There was no rainbow until it was given as a sign of a covenant between the Creator and all flesh, and also with the earth. The record of Genesis 9 is very clear about this. Because of the extent of the rainbow hacking theme I've been exposing, it should be obvious that the Devil is obsessed with it.

We'nlock + Man-devil(le) = we unlock man-devil

That's just one witness to his obsession with the rainbow hack. The reason why is to unlock the man-devil by cracking the time-locked vault, thereby accessing the “valuables” that have been locked away out of reach. This is CERN's job via the LHC effort, but the other side of that coin, of you will, is supernatural, the magickal working. The magick serves as a necessary cover for their evil actions, but beyond that, it's how the work gets done. I'll provide some pretty convincing evidence of this shortly.

To understand why a rainbow jamming mechanism is sought you have to see the rainbow covenant's institution in the context of when it came, post flood of Noah's day.

In the antediluvian (pre-flood) world, there was no rainbow, and look at what happened. Within 1656 years from Adam's expulsion from the Garden of Eden, the race of men purely descended from him had been reduced to a single man, Noah. The Serpent's grand objective, the extinction of the pure race was nearly complete. That genetic crisis was averted with an extreme intervention, which purged all but 8 souls from the face of the earth by a global flood. In something like hitting the reset button, the world was repopulated with the life that had been persisted in the ark.

The earth dwellers of this post-diluvian age inhabited a world with a different physics, one that featured a rainbow. Why? Why was this construct the sign of the covenant that was made with both the flesh inhabiting the earth and the earth itself, a promise that God wouldn't hit the reset button again by flooding the earth with water? What is it about the rainbow? The rainbow is a witness to the changed physics.

Why was the physics changed? I believe it was to prevent a return to what happened before. Hey, it's been about 4357 years since then and it's worked so far, right? The rainbow is a seal, a dimensional construct like a lock. To hack the rainbow is as unlocking it with a key. The lock was put on a vault, a hypercube, if you will, with a rainbow seal. The vault is a containment system. The pre-flood world did not have the containment system and therefore needed no rainbow seal. The post-flood world has a containment system, a containment field or grid, and a rainbow seal. There seems to be very limited traffic on the Bifröst of “Jötnar” from “Jodenheim.”

Think of the vault with the rainbow seal as a prison for Watchers and/or the disembodied spirits of their hybrid offspring. Genesis 6, right? Consider the testimony of Enoch.

11) And the Lord said to Michael: “Go, inform Semyaza, and the others with him, who have associated with the women to corrupt themselves with them in all their uncleanness. 12) When all their sons kill each other, and when they see the destruction of their loved ones, bind them for seventy generations, under the hills of the earth, until the day of their judgment and of their consummation, until the judgment, which is for all eternity, is accomplished. ~ 1 Enoch 10:11-12

The rainbow or spectral jamming represents a dimensional breech, the opening of a portal, for a jail break and an attempt to access the higher heavens, even Yahweh's abode. One of the special forces needed to storm the gates of Yahweh's abode will consist of post-humans avatared by the ancients, attributable to the success of the rainbow hack. (Revelation 9:1-2, 19:19) Mercenaries are even now being recruited through agents like Wenlock and Mandeville!

Many of you reading this will want to dismiss what I've proposed here, but I challenge you to give the record of Genesis 9 a serious consideration. What I'm going to share now will seem pretty esoteric to some, but the institution of the rainbow is actually connected to cannibalism, which touches on the supernaturalism involved. I'm not going to go into a big explanation about this. Those of you who want it bad enough will go after it and get it. I'm going to present something that will be too technical for some, but will follow that with some validation taken from recent movies, intel from the Devil's deployed armament.

The Devil didn't invent the way of concealing and revealing, he just copies what Yahweh does, after a fashion. Click on the image of the passage to load and experience the interactive version. I learned software programming so I could make tools like this one, which is useful to illustrate what the Lord shows me about the symmetry of the holy scriptures. It's presented here so you can see it and meditate upon the symmetry as the Lord may lead. When I analyse a passage for its inherent thematic structure, the exercise is useful to me personally because it prompts important questions, posing riddles of sorts and suggesting their solutions. The investment of effort required is always time with the Lord well spent!

The inherent structure of the biblical text conceals and reveals an esoteric connection between the institution of the rainbow and the eating of flesh and drinking of blood. I've done enough study of other esoteric passages to grasp the link to the ancients and the behavior that was responsible for the judgment manifested in the flood. The Canaanites were cannibals. They didn't invent that. It resulted from the curse pronounced at the time Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden, as I present in the shocking exposé titled Who is Cain's Father. This link between the institution of the rainbow and the perverse ritualistic practice reveals how the nature of the matter is a pairing of science and magick.

The reason why not drink the blood is something Satanic ritual blood drinkers understand, who testify of an energy vampirism rush, the transfer of demonic spirit and enhancement of their longevity and powers.

In a line from the movie Thor (2011), Thor describes the 9-branched structural relationship of the realms, saying, “Your ancestors called it magic, but you call it science. I come from a land where they are one and the same.

The rainbow jamming that intends to spring the lock on the sealed vault requires science-magick, and Thor would know. Hopefully, you've figured out by now how those who script the plots and dialog don't really make this stuff up out of their own intellect.

[update] What I noted about a scene in Rango is very relevant. Part 43 - Rango - Crystal Cubes and Rainbows

See also here, Trolls, False Prophets, Evil Emperors and Antichrists and Such, and here,
Decoding the Olympic Logo - In them, I reference the movie Trollhunter, with its jötnar, trolls or frost giants, which are the reason why the Bifröst is guarded by the god Heimdallr. In the movie, the weapon used against them was light, UV rays. They had been contained by a circular electrical grid, which was breached when the grid went down. This is not all just random fiction.

For another example, in MIB3, which I recently featured in the Sodomite Gateway Series, the earth was threatened with destruction. The only defense was a security net called ArcNet. A device was launched into the atmosphere above the earth to create this protective barrier, which shielded them from a particular hostile alien race. Now, think about it. A rainbow is an arc, a segment of a circle. The ArcNet shielded earth from a hostile alien race. The rainbow arc shields us from a hostile alien race. Think about it.

The Devil is not stupid. He know's what he wants and he knows how to get it. He wants that alien race, his own fallen star-angel serpent kind, to invade the earth, and he's got to take out the rainbow arc containment grid that shields it. He's going to do it by leveraging the secrets of heaven, using science-magick.

The God particle, that's a partial solution. The ritual sacrifice with flesh eating and blood drinking is a partial solution. The rainbow hack is going to be done and some success will be granted in the Dragon's scheme, and I know because I've read the account that was written and passed on from The One who is not constrained by time-space. The secrets of heaven taught by the fallen Watchers included magickal ritual, the exploitation of the blood and soul of man through forbidden acts including cannibalism, murder and sodomy. Every facet of what we consider science will also be exploited in this rainbow hack, including and especially genetics.

When you see the h+ symbol being used, think h-, because you're not going to improve on this model. The Creator has got an upgrade in mind but it's appointed for those who earn it, not for cheaters.

Y'shua has set and maintains the limit on all the cheaters and hackers. Do you know Him well? My God is good!


  1. Saw this today and thought of your last couple of posts, Bob:

  2. Just a quick comment, Thor the movie, when red sounds like "tor" which is gate, portal, gateway, etc. in German.
    Thanks for the good work, as always. God bless!

  3. A rainbow UFO - very interesting! Thanks Jeff.

  4. AltOp - Wow! Blessings!

  5. I was reading through Revelation recently and while reading your post, the verses from the beginning of chapter 9 jumped in my head regard a "key" to the Abyss. Could this "key" fit in with thinformation in your post?

  6. I believe so, Anthony.

  7. I am fairly new to this blog and I find most of the information to be compelling however I would like to point out that only Jesus can release satan from the bottomless pit and allow the events of tribulation to unfold. The devil can parade around and project his desires until he is blue in the face. I believe part of his deception is creating the perception that he is actually the one with the power to begin the judgment. All of this info is interesting but the Magic is still just a deception, maybe an attempt to force God's hand. It may be an attempt to enslave the minds of people which is still bad.

    The bible shows us over and over again that God places cruel rulers over disobedient peoples in order to perform his judgment over them. The final end times judgment will be the same. It is God's judgment upon the earth through the workings of satan. Revelation identifies God/Jesus as the owner of the keys to hell and the bottomless pit.

    Rev 1:18
    18 I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death.

    1. Jesus often grants authority to others to do His work.


    "A NEW episode in the history of iconic Arthur’s Seat will be written by the thousands who take part in the art project Speed of Light, writes Susan Mansfeld"

    "A RECUMBENT lion. The chamber where sleeps King Arthur and his knights, to be roused in the country’s hour of need."

    "In the next three weeks, thousands of people will see this old landscape in a new light in NVA’s Speed of Light, the largest public art project the hill has ever seen. Audiences of up to 800 per night will walk after dark to the summit holding light-emitting staffs fuelled by their own energy, while 150 runners in specially designed LED suits run in formation over the hill’s ancient paths."