Thursday, August 02, 2012

Part 34 - 2012 London Olympics - Mascots: We'nlock + Man-devil(le)

The mascots for the XXX Olympiad and the 2012 Summer Paralympics have had a lot of people puzzling over what they really mean. The official story behind Wenlock and Mandeville is plausible enough, but there's always a dark side to everything the IOC does. Taking their names, appearance and the rainbow riding theme into account, the message these mascots are signaling is consistent with everything else I've been decoding. The son of Zeus is hearkened, with a physics side and a magickal side to this assault by the one-eyed monsters.

I had been aware of some of the symbolic meanings for a long time but what their names really meant was an enigma until a few days ago. Someone decoded it!

Wenlock and Mandeville = We'nlock + Man-devil(le) = we unlock man-devil

That's evil genius behind the concealing and revealing of their purpose in those names. It compares to the 101 Dalmatians villain I mentioned in the previous post, Cruella de Vil: “Cruel Devil.” The cryptic names of the mascots support and confirm what I had discerned from the symbols of rainbow riding and sodomy, which I'll explain shortly.

If you follow this blog you know the rainbow is a popular theme. It's frequently signaling a dimensional portal, the mecillah or kingdom viaduct that bridges heaven and earth. By other names it's a stargate, wormhole and even a gate of hell, a door to the underworld, the rainbow bridge or Bifröst. Bifröst, in Norse "mythology," spans Midgard, the realm of man, and Asgard, the realm of the gods. It's the only bridge between here and there.” (Part 43 - Rango - Crystal Cubes and Rainbows)

Note the title of that post, and from the following, the name of the company that produced the animation.

“The British children’s writer Michael Morpurgo wrote the story concept to go with Wenlock and Mandeville and an animation titled “Out of a Rainbow” was produced by the London office of Beijing based Crystal CG;” (Wiki)

Rainbow and crystal, signaling the control over dimensional gateways. It is the mechanism that will ultimately facilitate the campaign of Armageddon through an opened stargate to the abyss.

Wenlock decodes to “we 'unlock,” and locks require keys.

1 Then the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star from heaven which had fallen to the earth; and the key of the bottomless pit was given to him. 2 He opened the bottomless pit, and smoke went up out of the pit, like the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by the smoke of the pit. ~ Revelation 9:1-2

Verse 11 identifies the star as the angel of the abyss.

They have as king over them, the angel of the abyss; his name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in the Greek he has the name Apollyon. ~ Revelation 9:11

Apollyon is Apollo, son of the Olympian Zeus. Apollo is an ancient identity of the one who soon manifest in an avatar as the god-man antichrist beast. He will be the man-devil aka Mandeville.

Wenlock and Mandeville = We'nlock + Man-devil(le) = we unlock man-devil

They are mascots, escorts to the underworld, like Hermes the psychopomp and facilitator of Horus (Egyptian identities); Mercury the facilitator of Apollo (Greek identities). Like Hermes had a visa (search this blog for explanation), these underworld escorts have a visa, the authority to traverse the dimensional boundary. These escorts have the key, you see. We are told their appointed mission is to unlock the man-devil. In their appearance and activity, we see them illustrate how this is done through targeted interaction with children, innocents.

There's more insight to be gleaned from the mascot's storyline.

“According to the associated (fictional) storyline, they were formed from the last girder of the Olympic Stadium. Their skins are made of highly polished steel allowing them to reflect the personalities and appearances of the people they meet. Their one eye is a camera and on their heads are yellow lights symbolizing those of a London Taxi.” (Wiki)

These creepy critters are intended as personal interdimensional transportation agents. They are linked to the stadium, which I've been presenting as a magick circle within which ritual magick was performed. This link binds them magically to that construct, which is the destination of their rainbow riding. They are one with it, extensions of it.

The attributes of the mascots are all about light, with yellow lights on top, the polished skin reflects it, the camera-eye requires it for function, and the rainbow is a light refraction phenomenon. Light bodies. They travel the rainbow bringing their light, so they are light bringers, lucifers, Luciferian, as illumined agents of the Illuminati, constantly surveilling with their all-seeing eyes.

The Cultural Olympiad was launched with a rainbow event, signaling that activity as the means to rainbow-transport people to the stadium for the ceremonies and games. At launch, the array of lasers beamed out from St. Mary's Lighthouse, shining beacons of rainbow light from the Holy Mother, Madonna, the hijacked mother of the messiah known also as Isis and Hera. In symbol, the event featured the birthing rainbow bridge to the Olympic Stadium and ultimately the Bifröst upon which Thor will descend from Asgard, a star from heaven falling to the earth. Will he then thank his rainbow riding Illumined light body escorts?

There's another side of the rainbow riding Wenlock and Mandeville that shows how their mission to unlock the man-devil is being done. It is through ritual sodomy, Rothschild sodomy, the Key of David, specifically targeting children. "We 'nlock Man-devil" with the key of David. I intend to address this dire picture in the Sodomite Gateway Series, which you'll probably find soon in an adjunct to this post. There's a technical side of the rainbow I want address too, with a distinct linkage to ritual sacrifice and cannibalism - for yet another post, Lord willing!


  1. Let me point out that "le" is French for "the" so even though you drop of "le" every letter is still used when intermingling the French and English language. Kind of like the intermingling of iron and clay, eh? Or Sons of God and daughters of man. You can also see this similarity with Danny Boy(le). This speaks to me that what we have is "THE Danny Boy" similarly "We Unlock THE Man Devil".

  2. The rainbow can also be a pseudo way, truth and light.

  3. In French there are masculine and feminine articles. "la" is the feminine for "the" and "le" is the masculine and "les" is plural. When we look at Cruella de Ville we can see several "hidden" things. We see Cruel (la) or "The (feminine) cruel" and De vil (le) or "The (masculine) Devil" this could signal a hermaphroditic type of supernatural being. the word de Ville is also interesting is a preposition meaning "of the village" so when taking the visible and the invisible the entire message here could be "The cruel hermaphrodite devil of the village" This does not follow normal linguistic rules, but it does in a sense follow the Crowlian model of backward speech. I am not a linguistic scholar, but this seemed to jump out at me so I thought I would mention it.

    The other thing I wanted to point of from my rainbow post is that I said the rainbow could symbolize a pseudo way, truth and "light". The correct reference should have been "life". Christ, however, is both the life and the light. "In Him was life; and the life was the light of men." John 1:4

  4. The rainbow also harkens back to Noah and the Days of Noah.

  5. I was just curious, not trying to start an argument, but can you explain to me the reason you seem to prefer quoting scripture from the NASB? From what research I have done on this translation it is derived from the Westcott and Hort Greek texts, primarily the Codex Siniaticus and Codex Vaticanus. The term "Vaticanus" alone should raise a red flag, as nothing good has ever came from the world headquarters of the "romish sun cult" to borrow one of your own terms. And further evidence against this and many other translations is that they are derived from those two and several other manuscripts that came from/out of Alexandria, an epicenter of the Mystery Babylon religion, which is the very thing that you claim to be exposing and fighting against! Now I know that you have probably already labeled me " one of those KJV fanatics", but the truth is I am more of a Textus Receptus proponent than anything. Once again may stress that I am not trying to create dissension, just honestly desire an explanation. I have been following your blog for some time now and do enjoy it. God has used it to further increase my understanding of the times and His word.

  6. Hi Jesse,

    I like the NASB, not exclusively, but if you get too picky about weeding out versions you'll be left with none. Even the Greek texts have extensive critical notes, logging variants. The Lord took me through some pretty rigorous exercises with textual criticism several years back. Placing trust in a version just shouldn't be done. Placing too much focus of attention on one version or another just shouldn't be done. Use many, trust none. Seek the Lord for insight instance by instance and be willing to go with what He shows you. Look at Genesis 9 in the next post. The literary patterns are evident with the NASB, the NIV... The details of translation can be amiss in every English version, or none, or some.

    I'm glad you're finding what's on the blog helpful. You're why it's here!

    1. Thanks for your reply, I spent some more time this afternoon doing some research on the subject, and I must say the more I do the more I'm inclined to agree with you. I grew up with a strong Baptist background in the southeastern US, and the Lord is having to "deprogram" me to a certain extent, especially on what teachings are of God and what is of man, which as its turned out has been not a few major doctrines of so-called "independent" baptist churches, that, while claiming to a beacon of light in a dark world, sometimes were almost as suppressive of free thought and the challenging of their beliefs as perhaps Catholicism or government education. Praise the Lord for opening the eye's and ears of those who truly seek His face.

  7. What is Wilbur, the mascot for GIMP?
    Mascots Shiping Worldwide