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Part 38 - 2012 London Olympics - Sub Rosa - Black Ops "Under the Rose" Cauldron

Secrecy is the obvious hallmark of a secret society. Operating in stealth is the only way their agendas can be carried forward. Without the practice of deceit that serves to cloak and shield, the victims of the wicked schemes perpetrated by the elite conspirators would never abide them or their activities.

Within the esoteric community, the term sub rosa is used to refer to the keeping of a secret. Translated, this Latin expression means, “under the rose.”

When the Lord revealed to me that the copper elements composing the Cauldron were rose thorns, the first insight that followed was that the cauldron was a rose bush, and then a large flaming rose as it "rose" into bloom. This Cauldron is cryptically being identified as a flower when the copper elements are called petals. It follows from identifying the Cauldron as a rose that everything happening under this Cauldron is being done “under the rose,” sub rosa, as a covert operation.

“More recently, "sub rosa" activities have become a byword for covert operations, usually by security services. Originating primarily in the Canadian and American special forces, this meaning has been gradually spreading to other countries and in particular the United Kingdom.” (Sub rosa - Special Forces usage - Wikipedia)

The IOC operates as an occult agency. They don't deny that Olympism is about worshiping Zeus, aka Satan, but neither have they been forthcoming at any point about the intent behind the cryptic symbols that characterize the brand. If you've been following this series you should know we have every reason to believe they have plenty to hide, and perhaps most particularly relating to the iconic Cauldron that now burns with their “sacred” flame.

If this all seems familiar, it might be due to another witness to this cloaking of what goes on in the stadium, the symbolic medals being awarded to the athletes. The magickal cloak is held in the left hand (left-hand path), which occults or obscures the stadium and its activity from view. (See Part 25 - 2012 London Olympics - The Medal: Magickal Medallion and Schematic of Dark Energy) The magick medallion's cloak that obscures the stadium floor from view and the flaming rose Cauldron that has been lifted up both testify of covering spells, hiding, protecting, enabling the magicians and their sinister working of dark spells. What goes on above the stadium floor concerns me, but not as much as what might be done below, out of sight.

There are two more observations that speak to just how important secrecy is during this particular Olympiad. The rose Cauldron itself was a most carefully guarded secret. Before the opening ceremony, all was hush hush. Now that the Cauldron has been lit and moved into the south end of the stadium, all we know about what will happen in the closing ceremony is that it will “dismantle itself and radiate back down to the ground” before being parted out. As to how that might be done, or why, these are carefully guarded secrets.

From the article, London 2012 Olympic Cauldron by Heatherwick Studio: “The British designer was the mastermind behind one of the best-kept secrets of the Opening Ceremony: the Olympic Cauldron.

From another, Inside the Olympic magic cauldron factory at Stage One - In an isolated shed, the company behind the flaming cauldron is working on a secret closing ceremony plan “For the past nine months, this hangar concealed one of the best kept secrets of London 2012: that spectacular Olympic cauldron, revealed to a global TV audience of billions at the opening ceremony just over a week a go.”

I think insight into the sub rosa Cauldron explains this, which might otherwise simply be dismissed as drama built to heighten interest in the Olympic ceremonies.

By the way, for nine months, that's a gestation signal. Nine months. Concealed in the hanger. Right. Didn't we see a giant creepy baby appear during the ceremony, by the magickal work of the NHS staff? Isn't the thorn bush cauldron itself going to be propagated into the 204 nations when the thorns are distributed?

So, the Cauldron itself is secreted away, in a sense, now being controversially hidden from all but the “privileged” who enter into the stadium. This is a departure from an IOC regulation that has definitely caused a stir.

The decision not to place the structure above the stadium, though, means tens of thousands of paying Olympic Park visitors will be unable to see one of the key features. The International Olympic Committee said it was up to the Games organisers to choose the location. "We allow people to have the cauldron where they want to," said the IOC spokesman Mark Adams. "London Games organisers did not want to compete with other cauldrons. We are fully supportive of that."” (London 2012: Olympic cauldron petals to be given to competing nations)

As I shared when writing about the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, while the cauldron is lit, the cauldron and flame are required by the IOC to be in view of the public, so everyone is illuminated by the light throughout the duration of the games. Look it up for yourself. This exception to the rule is being played as if there is no rule. Ask the folks responsible for the cauldrons in Vancouver if the rule really matters and they would tell you it matters plenty. LOCOG Chair Seb Coe angered many when he said, “It was not created to be a tourist attraction.” (Olympic cauldron is no tourist attraction says Coe)

Why the exception for the XXX Olympiad? Why downplay it with subterfuge? There has to be a very good reason for shielding the Cauldron with all-important flame from view of the masses and vastly limiting the domain of the temple defined by the beacon's reach. I believe there is. This has to be considered a trade up for the IOC, the worthwhile sacrifice of one objective for another. Hiding the Cauldron further supports the covering spell required for the plan to succeed, putting the “covert” in covert operations.

This all bears witness to a hidden work, something going on that is out of the public domain. What is sub rosa here is black magick covering black ops! Just what's up is what I've been developing throughout this series. Indeed, if what's being done is what I'm reading in the symbol language, secrecy is crucial because mass sacrifice requires a massive cover-up.

There's a deeper meaning to sub rosa I've addressed before but must revisit because its so relevant here. Superficially, we're told the term came into use from the practice of hanging a rose over a meeting as a symbol of confidentiality. Such an answer provides no satisfaction about why that was done. What we're not told is what's really important. What is under the rose, but thorns. This a metaphor, an idiom, really. Thorns represent a heritage people. It's a blood thing, as thorns draw blood and become bloody. It's an esoteric biblical reference, and the thorns know they are thorns. They also know most of the not-thorns have no clue about the thorn identity. It's their secret. What they do as thorns is also kept secret. Their activity and true identity is sub rosa, you see. The idiom presented is of a hidden danger as attention is always drawn to the beautiful and fragrant flower instead of the thorns. The rose is a cover. But the rose grows only as a thorn bush. Tangle with it and you'll come away bloodied.

With the flaming thorn Cauldron lifted up as a flower, the fire actually forms the flower head, with flames as the petals. The copper thorns are still under the rose. We're not told this, but it should be obvious to those who look at what's done and said. Look at it and see what you're looking at. It's a misdirection for confusion, obfuscation, cover. A magickal spell is projected through this lying symbol.

Stage magic entertains, working through illusion, misdirection and suggestive leading to exploit expectations. Ritual magick can function in the same manner, on one level.

There's a good reason why the Lord has me blowing the cover on this like I am. If you see with a seeing eye as the Lord opens your understanding, seek Him for what it means for you, personally. The Devil prepares a work under cover of darkness but the sovereign Lord has more than a match for all of it, whose greater plans are served by all. He has covert ops in play, and the Devil won't discover them - until too late.

6 Yet we do speak wisdom among those who are mature; a wisdom, however, not of this age nor of the rulers of this age, who are passing away; 7 but we speak God’s wisdom in a mystery, the hidden wisdom which God predestined before the ages to our glory; 8 the wisdom which none of the rulers of this age has understood; for if they had understood it they would not have crucified the Lord of glory; 9 but just as it is written, "Things which eye has not seen and ear has not heard, and which have not entered the heart of man, all that God has prepared for those who love Him.” 10 For to us God revealed them through the Spirit; for the Spirit searches all things, even the depths of God. ~ 1 Corinthians 2:6-10


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