Tuesday, August 28, 2012

`Fringe Science` Posts of Note

Some of the posts in the last year or so have crossed back and forth over fringe science themes. When Aaron did a round-up we were surprised to find so many of them. You will find this somewhat organized collection of links and keywords helpful. Of course, Using the blog search feature may also help you find related content.

Part 21 - Rango - Time Travel, a Transdimensional Vehicle and DNA Portal
(dimensional, frequency, time-space, portal)

Part 43 - Rango - Crystal Cubes and Rainbows (03-13)
(rainbow, crystal, bifrost, dimensional, cube, time lock, manipulation)

Part 44 - Rango - A Transdimensional Technology Primer (03-16)
(rainbow, crystal, cube, dimensional, manipulation, time lock, gravity)

Part 45 - Rango - Hacking Crystal Hypercubes and Superman's Fortress of Solitude (03-17)
(rainbow, cube, dimensional, crystal, frequency)

Part 46 - Rango - Hyper-Kaaba, The Immortals and the Marvel Universe Cosmic Cube (03-19)
(cube, dimensional, bifrost)

Part 47 - Rango - A Cubic Name Key to a Multi-dimensional Access Code (03-20)
(cube, dimensional, crystal)

Part 48 - Rango - The Ice Cube as the AllSpark of Transformers PLUS (03-28)
(cube, dimensional, crystal)

Part 49 - Rango - Hoover Dam, Alcyoneus and the Hypercube Tuning Fork Angels (03-31)
(rainbow, cube, dimensional, time lock, angel, tuning)

Amarucan Eagle as Feathered Serpent, Hoover Dam and the Mayan Lord Pakal Ahau (04-10)
(cube, angel, tuning fork)

Amarucan 2012 Addenda - Credit: Tom Horn (04-11)
(no matching keywords)

Part 50 - Rango - Now Streaming on Netflix - with Cubes (04-09)
(cube, dimensional, crystal, bifrost)

Part 51 - Rango - Black Stones Rising (04-16)
(rainbow, cube, crystal, dimensional, black stone)

Part 52 - Rango - Rango as The Black Stone (04-18)
(cube, black stone)

Part 53 - Rango - The Blackstone Influence (04-25)
(crystal, dimensional, black stone)

Part 54 - Rango - Unobtanuim, the Black Stone Body (04-26)
(crystal, dimensional, black stone)

Part 55 - Rango - The Fringe Version of Petrus Romanus, a “Black Stone” (04-27)
(dimensional, portal, black stone)

The Avatar Stratagem (01-27-2012)
(dna, portal, beast, hybrid, transformation)

David Flynn - Gone on Ahead (UTAH Beach - Direct Hit!) (01-26)
(time, quantum entanglement)

Part 9 - 2012 London Olympics - Quantum Entangled Zion and Fringe Science (02-15)
(time and space, quantum entanglement, dimensional, portal)

Part 10 - 2012 London Olympics - “the sensational Pit of Tartarus” and Bifröst (03-02)
(rainbow, dimensional, portal)

Part 28 - 2012 London Olympics - Ripples through Time (07-22)
(dimension, time)

Part 34 - 2012 London Olympics - Mascots: We'nlock + Man-devil(le) (08-02)
(rainbow, cube, time lock, bifrost, dimensional)

Genesis 9 and the Bloody Conspiracy of the Rainbow Hackers (08-03)
(rainbow, cube, crystal, bifrost, dimensional, hack)
Rainbow Hacking - HAARP, Chemtrails, Terraforming, Cloud Seeding... (08-09)
(rainbow, cube, dimension, hack, frequencies, atmosphere)

"The Coming Great Deception" and the Watching - April 4-5, 2012 (04-03)
(watch, shemittah, times, seasons, bride, sign)

The 2012 Watch Day Report (04-06)
(sign, bride, times, seasons)

A Watchman's Report - The Timeline (04-08)
(watch, shemittah, times, seasons, sign, bride)

Bring the Heart to Wisdom - Heptadic Time Waves (04-11)
(time waves, seven, fractal, sign, shemittah)

Those Days Shall be Shortened (04-12)
(time, truncation, shortened, mission, elect, sake)

Chronos kai Kairos - Times and Seasons (05-16)
(times, seasons, sign,)

911 - The Time Truncation Mission and RUSH - Clockwork Angels Tour (05-17)
(time, truncation, shortened, mission, elect)

Quake Truncates Time-piece (05-20)
(truncation, time)

The Plan - Executing... (05-21)
(no real keyword - videos presented)

Because of the Elect Those Days Will be Cut Short (08-23)
(time, truncation, shortened, mission, elect, sake)

Plan 9 from Outer Space (12-10-11)
(dimensional, portal, beast, transformation)

Falcon 9, ISS and the SpaceSex Dragon (05-07)
(rainbow, dimensional, portal)

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