Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Part 12 - Celestial Stargates - Silver Gate Mass Ritual

The post Aaron just put up was numbered 911 in the count of posts to this blog. What a fitting numbering! Emergency! Call for help (to the One in whom help truly is)! We didn't plan that, but, there it is.

A transit through a stargate was pictured as a cat jumping off a column or pillar in the music video “Insane.” When I understood about the meaning of the candlestick that turned into an hourglass, what came to mind was the Wizard of Oz and the hourglass in the castle of the Wicked Witch of the West. When I watched the scene where it was featured, Dorothy and Toto were being held captive. I saw the hourglass was set upon a pillar.

When Toto leaped off the pillar and ran down the stairs, jumped over the lifting drawbridge to span the moat and escaped the castle, I knew this was a parallel dramatization of the Silver Gate, then Golden Gate. I'm going to expand on that, Lord willing, after first presenting the pillar leap vignette from “I, Pet Goat II” (which should be read as “Gemini” as the glyph implies). It's a leveraging of the most significant mass Silver Gate ritual in recent times!

The video is still being presented on the home page.

This viral video is in large part a ritual invocation of Horus as coming through the Silver Gate. After the introductory scenes we see a kind of apocalyptic view of New York. A stylized but easily recognizable image of the smoking and collapsing Twin Towers is accompanied by haunting and hypnotic music. The Twin Towers are a Gemini symbol, twin skyscrapers, reaching from the earth into the heavens. One of the stylized twins has a human form with the suggestion of a bare bottom because the Silver Gate is considered to be the back door.

The date they were destroyed, 9-11, is also a Silver Gate symbol, which is sometimes identified as the 9th gate, and the numeral 11 illustrates a graphic of one or two pillars. Counting from Virgo as the 1st sign of the Zodiac, Taurus is the 9th constellation. The Twins are Gemini.

Timing and time itself is a key factor in the stargate operation and ritual, as I've demonstrated at some length, and to emphasize that feature a clock tower is highlighted in this scene. It's midnight, like the 12 o'clock hour we that appeared on the “Insane” video's cuckoo clock. An allusion to the Midnight Cry.

Some of the horrific imagery burned into our memories by the media includes the falling bodies of those who leaped from the burning Towers. Those traumatized victims fell to earth out of the sky in freefall, to their deaths. The evidence that has been examined for many years contradicts the official versions, exposing how the event was carefully planned and executed. It was a ritual sacrifice, and very particularly marked as a Silver Gate ritual.

It might be considered insensitive to illustrate the scene with terrified victims falling to their deaths, so Heliofant illustrates it in connection with the burning Twin Towers but with a degree of separation. While the burning Twin Towers recede into the background, we see a single character leaping from a high place into the water. Yet, I suspect Heliofant's reasons for representing it this way have more to do with symbolic meaning than sensitivity.

The leaper on a column is costumed. He spins around before he leaps as a choreographed move, suggesting to us that this was a choreographed or staged event. When we're shown a crescent moon in the sky (eclipsed, actually) with a figure popularly identified as Osama bin Laden wearing US Army fatigues and a CIA badge, we see their identification of the event as a false flag op, which they extend by further suggesting that it's about oil. Given how Satan's hands were pictured earlier controlling Bush and Obama as marionettes, we see this scene as consistent with the theme of control being exercised as from off stage, as theater. Putting it all together, I believe what's really in view illustrates a Silver Gate mass ritual staged as a sacrifice to Satan.

Just like with the MTV WMA ceremonies that have been held in every 11th month, a certain kind of energy is harvested and exploited. If you think this isn't a real dynamic, you've been missing an important point of these posts. A magician understands about the building and releasing of energy. The pivotal event of 2001 was effectual ritual magick as the sacrifice involved about 3000 lives, or so it is reported. There was also ritual involved in the reporting of the event, then and since. I believe that every time someone who accepts the fabricated story and is emotionally engaged by it sees or hears of the event, or some memory of it is triggered, there is a reenactment of the ritual for further benefit to those who planned and executed the operation.

The emergency phone number 911 is also a Silver Gate symbol. We have been programmed to recall and respond to this programmed imprint of 911 in the midst of trauma. That harvesting ritual is being repeated over and over again!

Now, as the observer's point of view in the video demonstrates that we are continuing to back up, we pass through a narrow passage (back door) and find ourselves alongside Anubis, in the misty underworld Duat. The impression made in their image of the narrow passage is that of a keyhole, which punctuates the scene as the Silver Gate transit. The false messiah is in the boat, still in a trance, which is to say that this ritual is invoking and facilitating the coming of Horus.

After the Bin Ladin and oil sequence we look down upon the stylized Statue on Liberty Island to see another signaling of the Silver Gate. The apparent ice formation is the head of a dog, a celestial constellation, Canis Major, the same one pictured in the opening sequence as the stick figure guard dog. It's Anubis! The Statue's pedastal appears as a star. Dog Star. It's Isis and Anubis, together. The idol is Isis, as identified in Part 2. In scenes and texts of ancient Egypt (and promotions of the Golden Age of the Pharaohs), Isis and Anubis are often pictured together.

The next image looks up into the Silver Gate, establishing the celestial heavens as our frame of reference. A portal momentarily opens at the center of the vortex in the shape of a 5 point star. Horus, comes through the Silver Gate!

There is some parallel layering in this sequence that is mind boggeling, but just can't be covered in this post. Soon, Lord willing!


  1. Brilliant work! The constant stream of intelligent and intriguing posts is quite amazing. Please keep up the great work...steve.

    1. Thanks Steve. This is quite a season.

  2. The stylized twins human form with the suggestion of a bare bottom is called a "torso". Sounds similar to Taurus.

  3. I hope you receive some insight into so-called sacred geometry. I think the merkaba lady harlotry is standing on has more to it than just signifying a star. I've seen luciferians sporting tshirts with that same symbol. And I'm pretty sure it's not just because they like math.

    1. I think the base has to do with resonance and damping, and a combination of goddess star forms.

    2. I think the base has to do with resonance and damping, and a combination of goddess star forms.