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Part 22 - Celestial Stargates - The Hourglass, Wormhole, Orion, Pyramids and Light Speed Cones

In media presentations where celestial stargate transits are being illustrated, time keeping mechanisms like clocks and dialogue peppered with time words are familiar features. The hourglass symbol has some particularly profound implications, like the pendulum. These are worthy of further exploration.

The brightest and most easily recognized constellation resembles an hourglass in the sky. Orion. This sign identifies the celestial Silver Gate, so the hourglass symbol can well be used to represent the Silver Gate.

This constellation has also been identified as the celestial end of a bridging pillar, anchored to the Earth at the Giza pyramids. The three stars in the belt are represented on the earth by the Great Pyramid and the two others with it, as popularized by Robert Bauval. The hourglass contains the flowing sand from which derives the expression, “the sands of time.” I note that the hourglass of Orion above is, below, filled with sand in the desert of Giza.

Orion has long been identified with Osiris. The hourglass further presents the form of an X, which is the mark of the sun god. It should be noted that every hourglass can be traced around to form a mirrored pair of 3s, like the numeral 8, so there is an implicit Code 33. The infinity symbol may also be traced through it, aligned in a way that us usually perpendicular its most familiar orientation. Another notable hourglass figure is the analemma, which represents a path traced by the Sun and by the Moon from Earth as plotted at certain intervals.

The hourglass actually presents a diagrammatic image of a wormhole as the warping of spacetime.

The hourglass also resembles the opposing cones used in cosmology to represent past and future light speed world lines when illustrating Einsteinian relativity.

The hourglass and the classical image of the wormhole share the form of the core of a torus. The torus, as a homonym of Taurus, is, alongside the stick figure of Orion, another way the hourglass suggests the Silver Gate.

This book cover pictures a scene from The Time Tunnel, a TV series from 1966-67 (which I can still remember watching). The graphic on the floor is easily recognized as a stylized hourglass, and also the time cones of Einsteinian relativity. The funnel-like object is the opening of the stargate they called the Time Tunnel, which was used to transport people back and forth through time. The hourglasses presented in the show's intro sequences present the frame as two flanking pillars, stargate and perhaps more specifically, Silver Gate imagery.

The Pyramid book cover and title encodes a Silver Gate image in the clever positioning of the letters. They are stacked and shaped into a pyramid, with their own Pyramid publishing icon as the capstone. The three Ts align to signal a Triple Tau, the Masonic Royal Arch emblem, which is itself a dimensional portal symbol. Two letters E align for a Code 33 signal, which makes “The” (which is called out by being mixed case instead of upper-case) a complementary instance (the=20+8+5=33).

There is a capping of a smaller scale pyramid with the letter “e,” the 5th letter representing 5-Horus. The body is “M” (rebel lord beast - 13 - two pillars - Gemini) on a base of twin letters “N,” symbols of the Nachash and dimensional portals. These symbols have been given adequate exposure in previous posts to this blog, but it's good to be reminded to keep such things fresh in mind.

This image of the light speed cones superimposed upon the Great Pyramid can be found on many pages.

The great pyramid is being connected to Orion's hourglass belt and the light speed cones of relativity to suggest an unseen dimensional projection.

When NASA designed the Gemini project symbol they bowed the twin pillars of the astrological glyph inward. This bowing suggests the hourglass and wormhole and lends support to the interpretation of the two stars as angels transiting the Silver Gate.

An hourglass appears in the Harry Potter series of films in the context of signaling the Silver Gate. These scenes are from # 6 in the series, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

There is a professor named Horace (Horus!) who has a magickal hourglass, where time moves more quickly or slowly depending on how interesting he finds the conversation to be, and then it resets. What's pictured is mind control, and stargate control.

They are using the twin "sister" mechanisms to transport and storm the castle in the astronomy tower. The form of four pillars supporting one speak to me of the four winds of heaven, a multidimensional biblical construct, which I hope to address soon.

The hourglass is considered to have been in use since the 14th century, but earlier timers that used water (clepsydra) are thought by some to have been used by the ancient Egyptians. In those timing devices flowed the water of time, in a figure, or a river of time.

A Wikipedia entry makes some useful observations. “Unlike most other methods of measuring time, the hourglass concretely represents the present as being between the past and the future, and this has made it an enduring symbol of time itself. The hourglass, sometimes with the addition of metaphorical wings, is often depicted as a symbol that human existence is fleeting, and that the "sands of time" will run out for every human life. It was used thus on pirate flags, to strike fear into the hearts of the pirates' victims. In England, hourglasses were sometimes placed in coffins, and they have graced gravestones for centuries. The hourglass was also used in alchemy as a symbol for hour.” Wikipedia. It's an easy place to find facts that hint at the truth of things.

The expression "time flies" or flees, “tempus fugit,” matches the symbol of the winged hourglass. Because winged things indicate transdimensional capability, the wings enhance the hourglass as a stargate symbol. This figure is often seen on gravestones in conjunction with skulls and crossed bones, which provides us with redundant symbols for the sun god Horus as the antichrist beast, and, in that context, resurrection, as I've previously explored at length on this blog. Even without the wings, the hourglass presents the same symbol of resurrection in that context.

Sometimes the hourglass is reclined so that no sand is passing, which represents the sleep of death where there is no apparent passage of time.

Sometimes the symbol of an hourglass within an Ouroboros appears on a gravestone, with or without wings. The immortality and eternal life is thus pictured with both the river of time and the sands of time - and the Nachash life of Horus, resurrected out of Osiris.

The Latin expression, memento mori, which means, “remember that you will die,” is commonly associated with the symbol of skulls and bones in artwork, with or without the hourglass.
This is widely accepted as a reminder of how life may be short and therefore to be considered as precious, not really that unlike the expression of “carpe dium,” “seize the day.” The symbols ascribed to memento mori mean much more than that, in typical Occult fashion. They point to resurrection, and Horus, and in that context the transiting of a stargate is implicit. In ancient texts, Horus is linked with the eye of time. The pictographic story of hourglass - skull - crossed bones tells of death and resurrection, of the sun god kind. Search this blog for skull and crossbones or Jolly Roger to find more about this symbolism.

For many years, every ship navigating the high seas had at least one hourglass onboard. These were used for navigation (dead reckoning) and for timing the labor shifts, called watches. The hourglass appearing on pirate flags like those of Blackbeard, Black Bart and Emanuel Wayne speaks to me of the history of piracy and the Knights Templar. I believe “Templar” suggests not only the Temple and also time, that which is temporal. The Temple in Jerusalem is, as proposed and adequately demonstrated by David Flynn, a reference point for a center of time. (You can find a remarkable validation here, David Flynn - Gone on Ahead (UTAH Beach - Direct Hit!)) It is Zion, a version ruled over by the Dragon, enthroned in the incarnation of Horus, which the inheritors of the quest of the Templars hope to bring forth. By wielding control over time itself, they intend to leverage the stargates in fulfilling their ancient hopes, and a level of success will be granted.

More to follow, Lord willing!

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