Sunday, November 24, 2013

Part 6 - NFL & The Final Countdown - Has the "Delay" Begun, Following a 33 Day Countdown that Ended on October 8th?

By Aaron Hermann

Back in September I wrote about the NFL carrying out a ritual during the opening game of the 2013 season featuring an elaborate countdown scenario, which was then promptly followed by a 33 minute delay before the game actually began. I have already discussed how the message being delivered was that of the world moving into a final countdown before major events occur that will forever alter the global landscape, but before those events will occur there will be a delay before "the game" begins.

In part 4 of the series I wrote the following

Taking this into account the numbers 33 and 34 are obvious indicators, but the number 32 must also be considered due to the fact that during the opening game the 32 player countdown was featured so prominently. With these numbers in mind, I will present some possible dates that all fall within the fourth quarter range of October and December. Without any definite revelation insight from the Lord as to exact dates, this is all I can do and invite you to watch along with me.

Beginning with "33" we can start with a 33 day countdown from September 5th, which was the night of the Kickoff game signal. Counting out 33 days from that night would take us to Tuesday, October 8th. If we take Obama's national address signal into consideration and count 33 days from that night we arrive at Sunday, October 13th.

Taking into consideration the fact that there were two delays signaled, if we were to take two sets of 33 days and add them we could get 66 days. Using September 5th as the beginning point a 66 day countdown would take us to Sunday, November 10th. If we use Obama's address as the countdown marker we arrive at Friday, November 15th.

Plugging 34 into the equation and going through the same process we arrive at the dates of Wednesday, October 9th and Monday, October 14th.

If we were to take the two delays and their official accounting of 34 minutes and equate that to two 34 day counts, then that would be 68 days. Once again, using the same process as above it would take us to Tuesday, November 12, 2013 and Sunday, November 17th.

Using a single instance of 32 as a countdown instrument and applying it to the two possible countdown origins of September 5th and September 10th we arrive at the possible dates of Monday, October 7th and Saturday, October 12th.

So far we have the following possible dates, all of which fall in the fourth quarter of 2013.

Counts using 32, 33, and 34 equate to:

Monday, October 7th * 32 days counted from September 5th
Tuesday, October 8th * 33 days counted from September 5th
Wednesday, October 9th * 34 days counted from September 5th
Saturday, October 12th * 32 days counted from September 10th
Sunday, October 13th * 33 days counted from September 10th
Monday, October 14 * 34 days counted from September 10th

Counts using 66(33*2) and 68(34*2) equate to:

Sunday, November 10th * 66 days counted from September 5th
Tuesday, November 12th * 68 days counted from September 5th
Friday, November 15th * 66 days counted from September 10th
Sunday, November 17th * 68 days counted from September 10th

Part 4 - NFL & The Final Countdown - The Holy Spirit On the Move and Possible Dates for "Kickoff"

Bob and I kept watch, and while we understand that the nation will not completely collapse until after Iran is engaged and defeated, we also understand that a major false flag event could be used as the catalyst that brings forth the engagement with Iran.

It appeared that the possible dates that I had put forth came and went with no major events taking place. However, today Steve Quayle posted a rather interesting link on his site linking to a 11/23/2013 MAJOR FALSE FLAG PREVENTED! NUKE DETONATED OFF COAST EX-CIA AGENT CONFIRMS claiming that a nuclear bomb was detonated off the coast of South Carolina on Tuesday, October 8th. According to the former CIA source, the nuclear warhead was supposed to be detonated in Charleston and used to bring forth catastrophic losses plunging the nation into martial law and chaos.

You will notice that the date of Tuesday, October 8th is one of the dates listed in the possible dates put forth in part 4, and is also the date that was exactly 33 days from the night of the NFL ritual that was carried out on Thursday, September 5th!

As is the very nature of these supposed CIA sources it is impossible to confirm or verify these stories, but in light of what the Lord showed us about the ritual done, the final countdown, and what we know about the times and seasons this information is very intriguing indeed!

Was this seeming last minute change of plans in the denotation of the nuclear warhead correlated to the delay we were shown on September 5th and then again signaled by President Barack Obama telling Congress to wait regarding the possible military action in Syria? As we did before, we invite you to continue to watch with us during this most remarkable season!

By Aaron Hermann

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  1. You guys need to be careful when publishing DATES! In the old days you'd be stoned to death for being wrong and there is an awful lot of WRONG these days, it sends the wrong message and people just don't pay attention to it anymore. If you're wrong once you're a joke and why would I then listen to anything else you have to say?
    As for the nuclear false flag event, there are so many ex-CIA types who claim to have knowledge, they don't! But have you two ever heard of the Wildfire Protocol? In the event of a nuclear or biological attack on the US, if it found to be the work of extremist types from the Middle East, the US would completely destroy all cities containing extremist types and eradicate them forever. Apparently all neighbouring countries are willing to put up with the fallout. Now THERE is something the US could not live down! Ask your CIA types about that!