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Part 14 - Celestial Stargates - SS Runes and Lady Gaga

At this point in the series there's a collection of loosely organized observations I'd like to offer. It's not very tightly focused but there's plenty of value in some of these insights.

The featuring of the identity of the sun god is often very subtle in the classic Wizard of Oz film, but it's a constant undercurrent. I've given many examples already in this blog. This excellent video presents many examples of how sun and pyramid symbolism is embedded throughout the film. The Wizard of Oz-Movie Magick-illuminati Hollywood. He is the one the stargate rituals are all about.

An image of the sun god appears in the ritual room of the Wicked Witch of the West, perched on the left side of the high back of the throne-like chair that faces the crystal ball. He appears in his form as the eagle, probably a golden eagle.

The acronym of the customary label, Wicked Witch of the West, is WWW, which evokes the mark of the beast. WWW transforms to 666 with W as vav, the 6th letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

The book the film was based upon reveals how the WWW's castle is located in Winkie Country. The guards of her castle are Winkie guards. She rules over Winkie Country. The name “Winkie” has “wink” for a root, which is the closing of one eye. That hides the eye and the hidden eye is the Horus Eye, of course. It seems the author L. Frank Baum and the producers of the film were winking at those who shared their secrets.

There is another geographical item of note. I suspect the flying monkey monstrosities may derive from a legend where there's a link to the pillar of the Silver Gate. In symbol, things with winds and things that fly indicate the ability to traverse dimensional barriers as they literally fly between a heaven and earth. This is the ability of the gods.

SATYR, LIBYAN (Satyroi Libyes) Monkey-like satyrs which lived in the forest of Mount Atlas in North-West Africa” (

You may recall the following excerpt from Part 6, which connects those Mount Atlas to Sirius and Gemini and the Pillar of Heaven that is known as the Silver Gate.

“The twins of Gemini, whose Astrological glyph is two pillars II, were the inspiration for not only the foundation myths of Rome and Thebes, but also for Atlantis. Atlantis was ruled by seven sets of twins, the most famous king being the son of Poseidon, Atlas. The Atlas Mountains in Algeria lay directly under Sirius and Gemini. Atlas, it was said, held up the pillars where heaven and earth connected. According to Herodotus, the Libyans living around the Atlas Mountains professed to know the measurements of the earth: 'These mountains are very high and were believed to touch heaven, but were altogether inaccessible because of the density of trees and [they] call this mountain “the Pillar of Heaven”; and they themselves take their name from it, being called Atlantes.' [Herodotus]” (The David Flynn Collection)

The room where Dorothy was kept is where the WWW apparently did her star gazing. It's kind of an observatory. Some practitioners of ceremonial magick claim that round rooms are conducive to potent spell casting. Given the spherical containment bubble within which protection is afforded to the witch and energy is raised, it makes sense as physically complementing the geometrical expression of the supernaturalism. I see the domed and arched architectural elements that prevail in temple architectures in this same way. Magick is about modeling- as above, so below, and commanding and binding those beyond, from here.

Compare the WWW's ritual room with one featured in a castle that the Nazi SS appropriated in 1934. The triangular castle in Wewelsburg, Germany is aligned on the North-South axis, and this was of particular interest to Heinrich Himmler. I do not doubt that he was linking the local Westphalian legend of the "Battle at the birch tree" (Schlacht am Birkenbaum) to the campaign of Armageddon. That's a big deal. The castle was to be their Center of the World, which reveals how much importance was assigned to it in their cult religion. In this picture, you can see the black sun emblem embedded in the floor of the cylindrical tower, which has been called the "Obergruppenf├╝hrer"-Hall (SS Generals' Hall). The black sun is considered by some (including Chilean diplomat and esoteric author Miguel Serrano) to be a stargate. As a symbol of ritual sodomy, which had to have been ceremonially practiced there along with human sacrifice, it is certainly that. As a 12 fold radial image of the celestial, the black sun symbol must be seen in connection with the zodiac, and quite possibly with the King planet, Jupiter, which has a period of 12 earth years. With pillars joined by arches surrounding the black sun emblem, their ritual room compares to the WWW ritual room. Those who designed the set for the MGM film and the esoteric Nazis have the same spiritual heritage.

The black sun is believed by some to be a radial array of Sig runes, which are sun runes. This symbol is related to the magickal swastika and is a multiplication of the double Sig runes of the SS. Runes held an important role in their religion. They are magical symbols.

The SS rune pair speaks to me of two things. First, it's a reference to the sun god as the enchanter, the Nachash, the fiery serpent. The root of that Hebrew word is the hissing sound, which is the sound of an enchanter. I have listened to hundreds of hours of audio recordings played backwards seeking to understand what the Lord might reveal to me about reverse speech, and I have heard many instances of hissing. Reference is very obviously being made to the Nachash. Instead of naming him, a simple hiss suffices, and sometimes a very brief one at that. The other thing the SS speaks to me of is the stargate known as the celestial Golden Gate. Scorpio and Sagittarius: SS.

I believe many SS brands and logos are symbols like the Nazi SS runes. I have noted how the Silver Gate is being represented as TG or GT, for the region of Taurus and Gemini. I'll present an example shortly, but here's one for the SS.

The runic SS is featured in Lady Gaga's branding. Her lightning body image is a doubled Sig rune. This runic connection with the Nazi SS is evident in her Born This Way music video. The symbolism of the Waffen-SS isn't merely coincidental. The birthing of a new race, the conception and birth, black magic, cloning, the living dead, these are all pretty obvious themes.

The flag flown at the headquarters of the Waffen-SS pictures the four winds of heaven, which appear in Gaga's video as bursts of flames exiting the gun barrels. Like how bullets bring death, this is what their runic magick is bringing by advancing Horus' incarnating into the Totenkopf-Jolly Roger beast, to make “living dead” of us all. The death-life “bullet” is the DNA life of the serpent tree, the hiSS-Nachash, Lucifer. It has to do with stargates, and the celestial Scorpio-Sagittarius Gate.

The movie poster for Practical Magic features the Silver Gate by calling out the intersecting letters T and G in the stylized title. Taurus-Gemini. They cross, and + or X marks the spot. They are superimposed over a white candle. The candle is a cylindrical pillar, with a light on top, a pillar of heaven and stargate symbol. I've decoded some of this poster's symbolism already. The black umbrellas are signs of ritual sodomy and mind-control programming. The stacked and entwined letters C are a double C Code 33 symbol, and these intersect to form the richly symbolic vesica piscis to extend the sex magick layers. The stacked letters “i” form a magic wand, and identify the “i” of Horus, the star-angel. I think it can be inferred that this wand is another pillar of the Silver Gate. Given the context, Ra is obviously implied, naming the sun god, with the extended leg of the R implying a Horus Eye. A pyramid with capstone is pictured in the stacking of the A over the M. With the R connected in to the A over M pyramid, it is the Eye of Ra like on the Great Seal of the USA. The RA and M speak to me of the Royal Arch Masons, whose symbolism is embedded in so many places in sneaky ways. The way the witches hold hands forms the letters M, with all the layers of meaning in that ubiquitous symbol. The poster is like the film. There's practical magic at work, quite literally. This is a bit of a reach, but if you rotate the final M formed by the two witches on the right, they spell out, TIME. That's usually featured in Silver Gate ritual. So is leaping, and if you watch the movie, the scene pictured here is at the very end. They are about to leap off the roof together. Yes, it's a Silver Gate ritual!

More to follow, Lord willing!

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