Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Series Links: Celestial Stargates

Between this realm and the heavens are boundary layers and bridging mechanisms. The realms are separated for good reasons that are appointed by the Creator. The doorways between them exist for good reasons, too. These bridging mechanisms are being called stargates or wormholes.

These dimensional portals are pictured in the Bible in various ways, with two examples being when Elisha watched Elijah ascend into heaven in a whirlwind, and when the disciples watched the Lord Y'shua ascend into heaven, being received out of sight in a cloud.

The sovereign Lord has control over the realms and access between them, by definition, but He has granted a season when these mechanisms may be exploited by the Adversary. This matter of controlling access between realms is critical to the ancient dragon's plans.

As with other aspects of his plan, even the great secrets of the stargates are darkly concealed in the ways of ancient times. While there may be some secrets that are locked away in private, there's an abundance of information that is widely available to you and I, hidden in plain sight! It's steganography, from one perspective, yet there is also a supernaturalism that provides further cover for the messaging system and a controlling influence to facilitate the objectives.

In not many months, ancient gateways to the underworld called the Golden and Silver Gates will be exploited in ways that will change the world. The work of this series is not to raise alarm through sensationalism but to prepare some among us for what's coming, because I understand some among us have a role to play, and there is, in this, something of a mission briefing.

If you're not familiar with the 7 part series on Crazy Kids, I recommend it as a foundation for this one.

This "sticky" page presents links to all the posts in the series.

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Other posts on the subject may be found by searching the blog for, Silver Gate.


  1. Speaking of stargates, read this demonic channeled message from "Jesus Sananda". There are so many parallels with what's been mentioned here so far. It feels also like a small glimpse into the enemy's plan, though twisted and obfuscated.

  2. Why? Why is this being allowed for this shirt period of time, as you cite above?

    1. The Sovereign Lord has a plan that is being worked out, and it must be fully worked out. There is a time appointed for the end of His enemy's work, and it will not be cut short from the perspective of leaving any and every thing necessary undone.

  3. Why? Why is "this being allowed"?

  4. Some matters should Not be discussed as Trustworthy Servants we should respect the treasures at hand and not act foolishly with what IS revealed to His children!