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Part 20 - Celestial Stargates - The Tomorrow People, Linking NYC, London and the Vatican

Since I started learning about the Golden and Silver Gate symbolism I've seen quite a few instances I would love to have presented in a video. I have just published a clip from the CW show “The Tomorrow People.” If it's gone when you get there, you might be able to watch it on The CW network website.

Limbo - clip from The Tomorrow People

The Tomorrow People on The CW is a new show that is a remake of a British series (1973-79) that had also been remade in 1992. The Tomorrow People are like X-Men, psi power mutants by evolution, a new breed. They have abilities of what they call the three Ts, telepathy, telekinesis, and teleportation. They can read minds and block others from reading their own minds, they can move things, with a special few even being able to freeze time. They can teleport themselves and others through space like a quantum jump, with long distances requiring several jumps with rest periods.

The show's plays on the usual symbolic levels, with a layering of trauma-based mind-control programming over antichrist beast symbolism. The plot features a group called Ultra, which you may well identify with MK-ULTRA and such organizations as the CIA and the Tavistock Institute. Their “Three Ts” echoes the Triple Tau of the Royal Arch Degree of Freemasonry. The SRA DID multiples are created for a slave force and their psi powers are highly prized and ingeniously leveraged. That's the real world, which is given the little spin in the fictional series.

This clip is from the most recent episode, Limbo, and it's obviously being featured in this series because of how gateway imagery is presented. It starts and ends with teleportation events, which are instances of stargate activation. The setting is NYC, which is a Silver Gate location. At the start of the clip, Stephen, who has the psi powers, has just taken his “normal” friend Astrid to the Empire State Building to show off and have some fun. They just returned back to his living room. Stephen's friend and fellow teleporter Cara waits upstairs for him in his bedroom. When Astrid leaves, they discuss the consummation of their relationship, sexually, so the scene is emotionally and sexually charged.

Notice the blatant sodomite gateway imagery. Astrid's blouse has a big heart that is rainbow striped. They cast a character with brown skin in that role to add that color signal (What Can Brown Do For You), and her clothing is brown. This is supplemented by the NLP of her suggestive name, As-trid. The star-angel element in the relationship is evoked because “astr” of Astrid means “star.” Astrid keeps wearing her backpack, which, given the context, adds another supporting element. Not seeing it? A sodomite is being called names like “dung packer” on TV these days. When they first appear they are backlit, and both wear backpacks, and their arms form a cross. These signal elements have become so familiar. The blinds on the windows signal obfuscation.

Stephen and Astrid didn't just arrive in his bedroom directly. Why? So we can see them ascend the stairs, adding this stargate symbol to the sum? Yes!

Notice how Cara's head is being framed between the two pillars of London's Tower Bridge. Stephen stands near a poster of the Spiral Staircase, and his shadow falls lightly upon it. That very bridge and a spiral staircase (Part 16) were recently featured as stargate symbols that both appeared in the film Sherlock Holmes, 2009. Next to Cara are two maps, one of the entire world, and a globe map also appears behind Stephen. When Stephen moves closer to Cara, a large wall calendar shares the scene. It's about travel - through time-space. That's the superficial theme and one that plays on the symbolic level. He says. “There has been something between us from the very beginning.” This is when we see the calendar. Why? Time is a factor, and this connection has to do with 3 stargates.

That Spiral Staircase isn't just some random example, it's the one at the Vatican Museum, which I wrote a little about back in January of 2010 as a symbol of the triple-helix DNA “stairway to heaven.” This clip from The Tomorrow People provides another witness to that place as a stargate.

When Cara turns to leave and her head is no longer framed by the Tower Bridge poster, she immediately disappears, teleporting through the stargate. If you really needed a more convincing illustration of the London Tower Bridge as a stargate, well, there it is. With its twin towers and the river (The River - Eridanus, decan of Taurus), right near the Prime Meridian that is apparently anchored to Sirius, the Dog Star, what's being picturing is the celestial Silver Gate.

Because the scene is set in NYC, here's another example illustrating a stargate link between NYC and London. There is also a link to the Vatican that needs to be considered. I mentioned the twin red granite obelisks in NYC's Central Park and London's Victorian Embankment, right? There's another red granite obelisk in St Peter's Square at the Vatican. Three stargate locations - three ancient Egyptian Obelisks.

In the NLP dropped in the conversation between Stephen and Cara we hear, “bring it up again” which is really the point of all this ritual, to raise Osiris into Horus through Isis, porting him through the stargate in a fresh incarnation.

Here's a few images of interest regarding the London Tower Bridge.

At the climax of Sherlock Holmes (2009) the magician Lord Blackwood fell from the unfinished bridge. We see him here hanging by the neck from a chain, a symbol that has been adequately explained elsewhere. As the Silver Gate is the portal at the middle of the Duat, the underworld, that is a fit place for his soul to depart from his body, particularly after a freefall event from the twin pillar structure spanning the river.

The folks behind the Olympics worship Zeus and Apollo openly, which is also the ancient Egyptian god of many names. They clearly recognize the Tower Bridge as a stargate, hanging the idols of their brand imagery off the structure as part of the mass ritual activity promoting their One World Religion of Olympism in 2012.

The photo of the full moon as the missing ring is an excellent shot, which really has to be one the Olympic folks were hoping for because it adds a real celestial image to further amplify their magick ritual's potency.

The Agitos symbol for the Paralympics magnifies the 666 mark of the beast symbolism that will also represent portal events for each individual who receives the mark.

I photoshopped the ring from the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. It just seemed to be begging for the match.

It's good to be able to recognize what we're being shown, over and over again, in so many ways. It's good to know my God has not left us all to suffer the fate of those who willingly remain ignorant victims of the vast deception.

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  1. Bob hello it is I Vincent D. I was in contact once before and appreciated your response. I hope and pray all is well. I actually have a question. Is it angels fallen or not that travel through these stargates? It might seem a silly question,but surely not humans so, angels. Is that how they travel as you mentioned that even Y'shua himself was caught up this way?! I have,we have entirely turned the TV off. Bob I want to share with you something I think especially you will find interesting.I was young 30 years ago a young man really a friend of mine had taken in a hitch hiker and gave him a place to stay while he got on his feet. Well this fellow was deeply addicted to porn,the phone bill gave him away.Well this fellow walked past a tv that was on in the living room,just as he walked by a wicked commercial for a new movie had come on the tv,just as he walked past the tv a being fallen angel or demon came out of the tv and entered through his head. I freaked out hair standing all up on my body. Only ever saw something like this this one time. Any thoughts. I tell you the truth.