Sunday, November 03, 2013

Part 2 - Celestial Stargates - I, Pet Goat GEMINI

Here's one example of how the Silver Gate is cryptically represented in the media of video. This suggests the value assigned to it by Horus worshiping students of the Occult and also demonstrates the influence it has today as magick ritual.

Like when Anubis was floated past Lady Liberty in 2010, a viral video titled “I, Pet Goat II” raised a lot of eyebrows in 2012. There are some notable similarities. Those who recognize the symbolism will see the sly featuring of the celestial Silver Gate and the agency of Horus. Search this blog for pet goat to find what I've already written about it.

I have pondered why there was no part 1, which seems to be implied by the title. I now believe the observation of that curiosity highlights a deliberate misdirection and suggests a riddle. What I thought was the Roman numeral II for 2 is actually the astrological glyph for Gemini, the Twins, a symbol of the Silver Gate. Consider that the personal pronoun, “I,” of “I, Pet Goat II” is repeated at the end of the title twice. Two of me suggests identical twins, and in that very representation we see the astrological glyph for the sign of Gemini! Now, consider how the first “I” plus two more makes three “I”'s, or, eyes, signaling the 3rd Eye! This is the Horus Eye, which is featured in the video graphically, plus, the opening of that illuminating eye is a primary theme!

What convinces me further about the Silver Gate's centrality to the video is the rich context of astrological imagery, with elements that revolve around the theme of bringing forth a Satanic messiah, one who is distinctly linked to Egyptian underworld. It's further suggested in the very identity of the production company, Heliofant, a name that resembles “Hierophant.” The Hierophant is a Tarot card, the fifth trump card in the Major Arcana Deck and one that is associated with the sign of Taurus, the other constellation that, together with Gemini frames the celestial Silver Gate.

Here's the video that is still being presented on the home page.

In this screenshot captured from the end of the video, the messianic “New Age Jesus” figure emerges from a cavern in a boat bearing the head of Anubis. He has a third eye and illuminated pyramid on his forehead. He awakens out of a trance as he sails toward the rising sun. In this closing scene, we watch symbols of religion fall to ruin, destroyed. It speaks to me of the producer's vision of the arrival of true religion, which destroys the false. This surreal vision dramatizes an ancient one that seeks to exalt another god to the highest position. Aliester Crowley called it the Aeon of Horus. In this scene, the celestial stargates are being illustrated, and an Occult ritual is being performed.

The picturing of Anubis as the boat and the radiant triangle on the messiah's forehead are symbols of ancient Egypt. The setting is the underworld that is called the Duat. Anubis is the god of the underworld and psychopomp, and we see him escorting the messiah on a journey through the Duat. At the center of the celestial Duat is what was known as the Silver Gate, and opposite that is the Golden Gate. As in ancient times, these are believed to be celestial stargates through which souls and gods ascend and descend between the realms.

The cave opening is a birth canal, with some degree of anatomical accuracy in the representation, with a horned devil head pictured as the clitoris. The messiah is being birthed as out of the womb of the demon god Isis. He is making entrance into the world like what was ritually modeled in March of 2010, in NYC, when Anubis was floated past the idol of Isis, the so-called Statue of Liberty. The Lady on Liberty Island. Apollo, the son of Zeus, was born on an island. It seems her water has broken in this scene. The messianic figure being liberated as Anubis delivers the son through the birth canal is Apollo aka Horus, who incarnates in a picture of Osiris being raised into Horus. That's the Sun, rising. Apollyon is the destroyer, and so we see this aspect manifesting in the final scene.

Astrological signs are associated with the elements and allusion seems to be made in this video to those associated with the Golden and Silver Gates.
Silver Gate: Taurus-Earth / Gemini-Air
Golden Gate: Scorpio-Water / Sagittarius-Fire

Another Silver Gate symbol is this scene of the stylized Statue of Liberty. This image is clipped from their website, where its offered as a high resolution desktop wallpaper. I take this as an indication that the producers assign a lot of value to it. What's the big deal about looking into the heavens above the iconic idol and seeing the vortex swirling around a bright opening? Because it's the Silver Gate, from whence their messiah is being birthed into the world!

Their labeling of “Lady Helotry” seems to be a play on “harlotry” that connects Lady Liberty with the great harlot of Mystery Babylon.

When the producers of this video speak about the truth, what they really mean is the obfuscation of the truths their lies are wrapped around, in typical Occult fashion. Their attitude is reflected in the message presented in their website's contact and sharing icons. Facebook + YouTube + Twitter. Like on the controversial ObamaCare website they signal “F You” and then give us “the bird.” Busted.

More to follow, Lord willing!


  1. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Triple helix alert @ 4:54

  2. Great work, as always! The Lord is providing to me through you in superabundance, brother!

    Question: Do you think the ancient swastika symbols that are so ubiquitous on the planet and in world cultures came from a visual representation of those swirling gateways that open between dimensions? Maybe even passed down by those original witnesses of Genesis 6, and the sons of Noah... That just seems to me like an obvious possibility given the shape of the design. You find them in windows here all over China, and since windows also represent dimensional portals, it popped up in my head that it could connect.

    Have you seen the video of the "UFO" in Norway that happened when Obama was over there getting the Nobel prize? Very curious.

    Take care, brother! Blessings in Yeshua!

    1. Jorge,

      I'm glad to hear you're receiving such a great blessing. The Lord is so generous towards us!

      I am convinced the swastika is an ancient solar vortex symbol given to identify and supernaturally support the sun god's kind.

      I have seen that spiral, and it does seem to me that it was a gateway of some kind that was opened. I suspect it was never meant to become visible.

      Blessings across the miles, dear brother!