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Part 6 - Celestial Stargates - I Don't Think We're in Kansas Anymore

I left off in the previous post with an exhibit of how the celestial stargates were represented in the symbolism of NASA's Gemini and Apollo projects.

About Gemini, one of the goals involved NASA's first space walks. Remember Ke$ha's Crazy Kids music video? Well, here's where another link is made to the Silver Gate, because's space suit resembles those of the Gemini era, which you can see from the evolution of NASA astronaut space suits pictured here. The Gemini suit matches the symbolism of the utility chain around his neck that is a twinned torus.

What are we to make of these symbols of the Silver Gate being gold in color? As a “Great Chain of Being,” the gold in that symbol suggests the being linked to has a gold body, as the gods of Egypt were conisidered to have flesh of gold. That's just what we see in the suit, the gold body of the sun god. I suspect there is more to the gold-silver compositing than that. With the chain of twinned torus construction, the Silver Gate between the Gemini Twins and the twin horns of Taurus is very much in view, but I can see how both Gates together may be inferred. If the insight I shared about the energy dynamic of the stargates is valid, there are two toroidal fields aligned around their connecting axis, one counter-rotational to the other. This construct involving both Gates can also be considered as a twinned torus.

A good question to ask at some point is whether it even matters which Gate, or by what means entrance is given, so long as the god of their false religion or his agents come through? For most, it doesn't matter how or even when, but to others it matters plenty. I'm personally convinced of this because the Devil wouldn't be giving it such a major role if it weren't a big deal, and my Lord Y'shua wouldn't have Aaron and I giving it our attention now in this late hour if it didn't matter, a lot. As I understand things, a ritual only works if it's legitimate, which is to say, genuinely sponsored by the demon gods, and this is one context where such things do matter. Direction must be followed if the performance of a ritual is to bear the intended fruit. If Horus is coming through into our dimension as through a stargate, the symbols used in ritual will be an accurate representation; as above, so below. While varying degrees of obfuscation and misdirection factor into these expressions in the public domain, there are, in the shadows cast, the form of the requisite elements. What we're looking at in these ritual displays conceals and reveals what is planned, and with the Lord's eyes and ears, mind and heart, some among us have roles to play, and so we receive our provision in due time.

I introduced the pillars aspect of the stargates in Part 5, and I'm going to explore this for a while as we discover some remarkable models, and get more insight from the Bible.

Researcher David Flynn had made some interesting observations that deserve mention here.

“The twins of Gemini, whose Astrological glyph is two pillars II, were the inspiration for not only the foundation myths of Rome and Thebes, but also for Atlantis. Atlantis was ruled by seven sets of twins, the most famous king being the son of Poseidon, Atlas. The Atlas Mountains in Algeria lay directly under Sirius and Gemini. Atlas, it was said, held up the pillars where heaven and earth connected. According to Herodotus, the Libyans living around the Atlas Mountains professed to know the measurements of the earth:

“These mountains are very high and were believed to touch heaven, but were altogether inaccessible because of the density of trees and [they] call this mountain “the Pillar of Heaven”; and they themselves take their name from it, being called Atlantes.” [Herodotus]

In myth and accounts of the mystery schools, there has been preserved a tradition of “twin” pillars. Intriguingly, the passage above is the clue to the identity of the two pillars of legend. Two pillars were “built” by the pre-Flood civilizations so that the knowledge of heaven coming down to earth would survive. Josephus said that the remaining pillar in Siriac would attest to the fact that there was another pillar. The one pillar that survived the Flood, according to legend, was the Great Pyramid of Giza. The Great Pyramid was the counterpart on the earth of Isis' consort Osiris, a Pillar that extended from Giza towards the constellation Orion in the heavens. The other “Pillar of Heaven” was located on the Prime Meridian, as it extended to heaven anchored at its counterpart, Sirius.”

He connects Gemini not directly with the celestial Silver Gate but through two pillars on the earth. He identifies the Great Pyramid at Giza as one of the pillars, linking it to Orion in the heavens. The other pillar he links to the Prime Meridian, linking it with the Dog Star Sirius. The pillars he believed to be of Gemini are the region of the Silver Gate. The alignment of the celestial with the terrestrial is at least worth noting because there seems to be something to that. I'll explore some Prime Meridian - London - Greenwich connections soon, Lord willing. As for the pyramid - Orion - Gemini Silver Gate connection, here's more insight from Ke$ha's music video imagery.

In the Crazy Kids video, Ke$ha's wacky hand jewelry included two ringie thingies that had “Crazy” and “Kids” on them. Each of these were bracketed by little pyramids. Embedded inside “CRAZY” is “RA,” a feature that is made relevant by the pyramids. The flanking pyramids are Twins, and they are forms of pillars, which is Gemini or Silver Gate signaling. Ke$ha entered the house between the two pillars that flank the house's front porch. You can see one of them in some scenes where the Silver Gate wreath appears on the window.

Before I launch into some of the really remarkable exhibits of the pillars, it seems appropriate to offer a lengthy excerpt from David Flynn's Collection that Aaron came across. It contains a few valuable nuggets I intend to be referencing later. In the first paragraph, you'll discover the reason why, in the Wizard of Oz, the spiral start of the yellow brick road is wound up with a red one. It's alchemy. I'll set up for that with some more insight into the Golden Gate, as pictured by the yellow brick road. Yes, I already gave this some attention, but there's much more here that's worthy of our attention! Without understanding about the stargates that are so important in the religion of Illuminated sun worship, you miss so much of what's been embedded in their ritual vehicles.

In this screenshot's scene, we had just heard Dorothy and Toto being identified as witches. Dorothy denied it, offering that she's Dorothy Gale, from Kansas. The Witch of the North was just singing, “Meet the young lady who fell from a star. She fell from the sky. She fell very far. And Kansas, she says, is the name of the star.” Are you thinking STARGATE yet? Do they need to hit us over the heads, here?

The name “Kansas” is a Sioux word that means, “People of the South Wind.” Dorothy Gale, from Kansas. A “gale” is a strong wind, a storm at sea. She had just arrived in a whirlwind as one of the People of the South Wind. Her arrival caused the death of the Wicked Witch of the East. Another line from the song: “When she fell out of Kansas a miracle occurred.” The name, “Dorothy,” means “God's gift.” To the oppressed Munchkins, Dorothy's taking out the witch was like a gift from God. The names and locations are symbols that supplement the ritual, you see.

The scene overtly features three witches that are identified with the cardinal directions. Where's the missing 4th that's implied, the beautiful good Witch of the South? Why, she's not missing at all? Dorothy is a Gale, of the South Wind. Her familiar is her dog Toto. (As I read it, that's an acronym for The OTO, the Ordo Templi Orientis.) This is why the ruby slippers magically transferred from the dead witch's feet to hers. Her gingham dress is a subtle checkerboard print that pictures the knowledge of good and evil. Ceremonial casting of the magic circle involves the invocation of the four Guardians or Watchtowers of the cardinal directions. Proper ritual doesn't just leave one out.

This scene is revealed as one that is a key to the film by reason of how the names were chosen to augment it. Oz is the place that is “over the rainbow,” according to Dorothy's declaration. As a reference to Australia, “the land down under,” the setting is the underworld. With Oz as an obfuscation of On, the Egyptian underworld is being featured, which is known as the Duat. At the center of the Duat is the Silver Gate. At the opposite end of the axis extending through the celestial sphere is the Golden Gate. Dorothy Gale arrived on a vortex of the South Wind, falling from a star out of the sky, modeling to us the Silver Gate. She landed near the center of the spiral of the yellow brick road that represents the Golden Gate. The underworld is the place of the dead, and so it is that death marks the event.

This is all about the production of Horus, and with the name of Dorothy Gale, her initials signal just that in referencing the esoteric 47th Problem of Euclid. D is the 4th letter and G is the 7th. DG ~ 47!

In that screenshot above we see the two witches of the North and South ascending the steps. Above we see a large flower that represents the sun in the sky. They are ascending to the sun. The flower is also superimposed over the center of the spiral. Check out the set. Golden Gate: Scorpio-Water / Sagittarius-Fire.

There's one more item in the scene that really needs to be called out. While the creepy Munchkins repeat Glinda's line, “Kansas, she says, is the name of the star,” we see a male Munchkin emerge from a manhole in the middle of the yellow brick road. Are you familiar with the Sodomite Gateway series? Man hole. Think proctology, colonoscopy and prostate exams. He wears a red scarf around his neck as the bloody tie that binds. He's got a pipe in his mouth. Think, about that pipe, in his mouth. The man hole is a Horus Eye stargate. Again, this is in the middle of the yellow brick road. Bricks and mortar, Masons and fecal mud. Recall the storming of heaven to get the “gold pooper” in Puss in Boots. Recall Wreck-It-Ralph and the bricks in the dump Ralph slept in. If you need a refresher or you're new here, I recommend checking out those links.

Think about the line they sing as the Munchkin man climbs out of the man hole. “Kansas, she says, is the name of the star.” Kansas: People of the South Wind. Have you ever had “the wind”? What is the south wind but flatulence? These folks who script and execute the symbols are obsessed with the nether-world and nether-region. This is their power base. This is how rituals are done!

Dorothy is received into a carriage with sun wheels pulled by two horses. This models a heavenly vehicle. Behold, the chariots and horsemen of Oz! She is conveyed along the red-cinnabar spiral winding into the Golden Gate, as they sing, “Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead.” Ding, dong; that's the sound bells make. Bells are for dimensional transport! Off they go, through the Duat.

“Wake up, the Wicked Witch is dead. She's gone where the goblins go, Below - below - below. Yo-ho, let's open up and sing and ring the bells out.” They are celebrating the opening up of the stargate to the underworld, and death!

Here's David Flynn's excerpt.

“Belief in the transformation of blood-like cinnabar into gold dates from 133 BC when Li Shao-Chun appealed to the Emperor Wu Ti to support his investigations: Summon spirits and you will be able to change cinnabar powder into yellow gold. With this yellow gold you may make vessels to eat and drink out of. You will increase your span of life, you will be able to see the hsien of the P’eng-lai [home of the Immortals that is in the midst of the sea]. Then you may perform the sacrifices fang and shang and escape death.

Through the years, the Philosopher’s Stone of myth has taken on a wide range of powers; not only has it been called the “secret of life and health,” but it also possesses spiritual significance. The alchemists of the thirteenth century sought the Philosopher’s Stone while undergoing strict devotional ritual and purification. After completing spiritual rituals, the alchemist was thought worthy to perform his activities. Eventually the Philosopher’s Stone was thought to signify the force behind the evolution of life and the universal “binding power” which unites minds and souls.[921] Famous mystery school initiate Eliphas Levi, considered one of the master occultists of all time, wrote authoritative works on freemasonry and ceremonial magic. Levi’s most important work was The Dogma and Ritual of High Magic.

This book was followed by A History of Magic, Transcendental Magic, and The Key of Great Mysteries. Levi believed in the existence of a universal “secret doctrine” of magic throughout history. The most widely read Masonic initiate, Albert Pike, clearly derived inspiration from the works of Eliphas Levi.[922] Pike’s Morals and Dogma has been called the “Masonic Bible.” This honored American Freemason was the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite when he took the Cabbalistic occult doctrine of Eliphas Levi and put it in his own book. The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, founded in London in 1888, adopted much of Levi’s magic. Mystery school adept Aleister Crowley, a former member, was born the year that Levi died and claimed to be the reincarnation of Levi.[923] Eliphas Levi claimed to have summoned the magician Apollonius of Tyana from the dead.

Apollonius (c.4 B.C.), and his legendary life imitated and counterfeited that of Jesus in the Bible. The parallels of Apollonius’s life were so convincing that many were persuaded to see him as “a christ” himself. Noted mystery school initiate Manly P. Hall wrote in The Phoenix that the wizard Apollonius was such a good counterfeit of Christ that he was the first candidate worthy of the name anti-christ. Levi stated that he was influenced by an earlier writer and occultist Francis Barrett. In turn he influenced another writer and occultist Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton, with whom he visited in London in 1861. Bulwer-Lytton wrote The Last Days of Pompeii and other occult books helping to make magic fashionable to the last of the 19th century. Francis Barrett, a practically unknown author of The Magus published in 1801. This was a concise handbook on the occult, dealing with the magic of herbs and stones, magnetism, talismanic magic, alchemy and other means of creating the philosopher’s stone The Philosopher’s Stone was first mentioned by Zosimos the Theban (c. 250–300) in the third century.

In speaking of the Philosopher’s Stone, receive this stone which is not a stone, a precious thing that has no value, a thing of many shapes that has no shape, this unknown which is known by all.

Mars is the Philosopher’s Stone. Mystery schools through the ages have sought this “unknown which is known by all.” Modern initiates of the alchemical mysteries have created the NASA “space program,” JPL etc. in the hopes of attaining the power that Mars is said to possess. The red planet is the goal and inspiration behind the names of the first space probes to circle the earth. The final acquisition of the great work before the coming of the “Golden Age” will be the comprehension of the planet Mars.

The union of man with the lost knowledge from the red planet will be the end result of the transformative Great Work of the mystery schools through the ages. Though the modern organizations of space exploration seem, outwardly, purely scientific, a closer look at their origin and the people who helped create them reveals a different story. The traditions of the mystery schools of the ancient Pelasgians have continued to be preserved in such organizations as the Freemasons.

The first manned space program, project Mercury-Redstone officially began October 7, 1958 carrying astronaut Alan Shepherd. The sole objective of this spacecraft was to complete “orbits,” gyrus or circles around the earth in space. Mercury-Redstone was launched on the 5th day of the 5th month in 1961 at 9:33:00 A.M. or 13:33 Greenwich mean time.[924] It is not hard to see the illuminated numbers. Even the year 1961 fits the dualistic theme of conveying a higher message within symbolism. A 16 is a 19 turned upside down, and the Mercury-Redstone capsule itself was painted a tesselating black and white.[925] Alan Shepard later became the 5th man to walk on the moon. The name “Alan” is a French masculine version of “Helen” meaning “light”; the name of the primary participant in the space mission named for the Philosopher’s Stone was literally the Shepherd of light . The NASA manager of the Apollo Program Command and Service Modules and Gemini program was 33° Scottish Rite Freemason Kenneth S. Kleinknecht, eldest son of Christian Frederick Klienknecht who himself has held the highest Scottish Rite office, the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Southern Jurisdiction, since 1985. The Masonic mystery schools have always been in the forefront of the scientific community, from the founding of the British Royal Society to today’s NASA program in the United States.[926] Other NASA projects were connected to the mysteries through their names, dates and astronaut affiliations. Edwin E. “Buzz” Aldrin was a member of the Clear Lake Lodge Seabrook, Texas, taking part in Gemini 12 and Apollo 11. Leroy Gordon Cooper, Jr. of Mercury 7 and Gemini 5 was a brother of the Carbondale Colorado Lodge No. 82. John H. Glenn, Jr. belonged to the Concord Lodge, Ohio. Other freemasons who journeyed into the heavens for the sake of knowledge were: Virgil Grissom, Edgar D. Mitchell, and Walter Schirra.[927] The connection between the NASA space program and the occult organizations of the world, especially the progenitors of the post WWII political and scientific world, will be fully explained in the closing chapter.”

(Wikipedia)Flynn, David (2012-07-01). The David Flynn Collection (Kindle Locations 18696-18731). Defense Publishing. Kindle Edition.

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