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Hand Signals of the Great Dark Secret: Triple Helix DNA / Mark of the Beast

Hand signals are used to convey meanings that are frequently esoteric. In the animated feature, The Iron Giant (which I'm in the midst of blogging about), Hogarth momentarily signals the great secret with both hands. Since this is, in itself, such a big deal, I'm dedicating this post to exposing this class of signs that was first brought to my attention through Mike Hoggard's excellent DNA series.

Here's a snapshot of his hand signaling. On both hands we see three fingers apart from the others while his whole body is rather awkwardly and unnaturally posed. Both of Hogarth's hands are signaling the great secret - triple-helix DNA.

The triple-helix hand signals are often presented in ways and contexts that relate it to the heavenly sons of god procreating with the earthly daughters of men, so that we don't miss the connection. The offspring from this union are brought forth in the transformation of Adamic double helix man into a serpentine triple helix genetic hybrid. This is related to what the Bible calls the mark of the beast.

A calling out of three fingers or three points with the fingers or even hiding the three makes the sign. You'll notice a variety of forms, but each instance of the class calls out a triple. Here are some examples of this class of signals.

Baphomet, the androgynous Satan, is pictured signaling with both hands, with the right pointing up (blessing - heavenly sons) and the left pointing down (cursing - earthly daughters). Framed between these signals we see the composite heavenly serpent male and earthly female features. In the snapshot above, Hogarth's left hand signal pointed down and his right hand was pointing slightly upwards, directly at the iron giant Beast's animate left hand (that was just out of frame).

This angelic being knows the secret, flashing the sign with her right hand pointing up.

The heirophant from Aleister Crowley's Tarot deck conceals and reveals the secret. He is signaling with his left hand forming the sign pointing down, and, with the triquetra on the wand in his right hand pointing up. Notice how a human-star / Adam-angel composite being is positioned between them! This hybrid of heaven and earth appears inside the upside-down pentagram, and the signaling arms are this pentagram's side "wings." This is powerful magical symbolism.

By the way, that version of the triquetra is the one associated with Led Zeppelin's John Bonham on the Led Zeppelin IV album that featured "Stairway to Heaven." Are you seeing a theme here? The triple helix DNA transformation IS the stairway to heaven sought by the deceived! Another band member, Jimmy Page, owned an occult bookstore and published Crowley's books on magick. Jimmy bought Crowley's house on Loch Ness and was known to practice Crowley's black magick. Does he know something about the great secret?

From an image at the Vatican, a goddess signals with her left hand while holding the companion symbol, the ouroboros.

The Masons who built the cathedral in Metz presented us with this enigmatic figure of a monk. Blindfolded and squatting in the daughters of men symbol, he signals us with his upward pointing right hand that the daughters of men are blind to the secret of the triple helix scheme plotted against them.

There are examples of this signaling in the religious art of many cultures. Here's one you might recognize, called the Vulcan salute. Yes, Mr. Spock knows the secret!

Notice how this hand signal is done pointing up with the right hand. See how it not only forms a trident but also presents a daughters-of-men downward pointing delta, which cleverly forms the matching counterpart to the right hand up signal. Leonard Nimoy, the actor who played Mr. Spock in the original Star Trek series, devised this sign himself.

Do you know what was special about the Star Trek character Mr. Spock? He was half human and half Vulcan, a hybrid conceived of a space alien father and born of an earthly human mother. Think about that for a moment.

Do you know what is usually spoken when this hand sign is made? Live long and prosper. Think about it! The mark of the beast is an anti-death solution (Revelation 9:6) counterfeiting eternal life. Get it?

There is a secret plot for a DNA transformation to make a triple helix beast out of you, remade in the image of the serpent. The Vulcan salute is another element coming through the science fiction genre bearing the mark of "iron giant" influence.

To what does Leonard attribute the inspiration for this clever sign? "In his autobiography 'I Am Not Spock,' Nimoy wrote that he based it on the Priestly Blessing performed by Jewish Kohanim with both hands, thumb to thumb in this same position, representing the Hebrew letter Shin, which has three upward strokes similar to the position of the thumb and fingers in the salute. The letter Shin here stands for Shaddai, meaning 'Almighty (God)'. Nimoy wrote that when he was a child, his grandfather took him to an Orthodox synagogue. There he saw the blessing performed and was very impressed by it." (Vulcan salute - Wikipedia)

An example appears on the right (from a gravestone, appropriately enough, since receiving the mark of the beast guarantees death). In addition to what is signaled by the individual hands, an upward pointing delta is formed between them. This is balanced by the sons-of-god sign's mate, the containing shape like an inverted bowl that represents the female womb.

The following is a quote from Rabbi Yonassan Gershom. "We come now to the most famous Jewish influence on Vulcan culture, the 'live long and prosper' hand gesture. This 'Vulcan salute,' as it has come to be called, was invented on the set by Leonard Nimoy during the filming of the second-season opener, 'Amok Time.' In this episode, Spock goes into something like a male estrus cycle, called pon farr in the Vulcan language. Comparing himself to a salmon swimming upstream to spawn, Spock tells Kirk that he must return to Vulcan to mate with his betrothed bride, T'Pring, or die trying. The wedding ceremony would be the first glimpse of Spock's homeworld in the series." (The Jewish Origin of the Vulcan Salute)

This hand signal was inspired in the context of presenting the unchangeable nature of male aliens and their mating ritual. I think it's just remarkable that this sign came to Leonard in such a fitting context, which speaks to me of how the sovereign God Yahweh presides over such things as this! It also shows how the devil is quick to capitalize whenever folks are willing to represent spiritual truths in ways that are not even graven images but formed with body parts! But of course, printing the image to film does then make it a graven image.

I want to note that, just because people are Jewish, or Rabbis, or Christians, or Priests, the practice of a thing does not change the nature of that thing. A whitewashed sepulcher is still an unclean grave with a dead body inside.

The following is another quote from Rabbi Yonassan Gershom's article. "Back in the 1960s, hippies who watched 'Amok Time' thought the salute was a variation of the two-fingered peace sign. But we Jews knew better. The Vulcan salute came not from protest marches, but from the pulpit of Nimoy's childhood synagogue." I would add that Gershom was right, but so were the hippies!

The peace sign is basically the same meaning as the Vulcan salute. Three fingers are called out, plus a V is formed. Other popular signs that call out three fingers or points have the same meaning. While these take various forms and are recognized under different names and seen in different contexts, they have the same underlying source and derivation - Satan, who knows what is coming and knows how to signal it!

[updated: 7/2/2011]

Consider the seemingly innocent Boy Scout and Girl Scout signs and salutes and the OK sign, which is being used to signal 666. Not so innocent, are they?

Now, there is a related set called the sign of the horns (goat Mendes or Baphomet), the hook-em horns, and the Karana mudra. These appear to be in a very special class! As you'll see in this video by Diran Lyons and Stephen Mears, an array of hand signal images where the third and fourth fingers are together are presented in such a way that shows this unnatural position is intentional and meaningful. This is an occult hand signaling that appears extensively in classic religious art, in Disney cartoons where women are involved in supernatural/magickal activity, and as signaled by Hollywood celebrities.

When I saw this, it occurred to me that the deep meaning signaled by connecting the fingers three and four was what I have been referring to as "Three Things and then Four," which is a key secret relating to time. For those behind the signaling, it points towards the season when the one in whom they hope will arise as the Beast of Revelation 13:1. The signal points to when he comes to power and reigns, and those evil beings associated with the flood of Noah's day who are buried in the Earth since the time of their binding will be released for a season to execute judgement.

Hand signals that don't seem to fit in this category are the thumbs-up or down, pointing with the index finger or pointing up to signal #1, or another number of fingers held up to represent the number, or the "bird." I recommend avoiding that one, regardless. And the Seig Heil and Olympic salute. :) I don't think legitimate innocent instances of baseball's "two outs" sign or the thumb and little finger "call me" telephone handset sign really apply, but those that intend to signal some truth or oath (which we are commanded in the Bible NOT to take but rather to let our word be true) are without exception to be avoided for what they truly signal.

One last item in closing. Consider the Roman Catholic practice of crossing oneself. This hand signal-like gesture marks one with the cross. Making the vertical is to signify the sons of god. Making the horizontal signifies the daughters of men. The cross is their union. Really.


  1. Anonymous9:36 AM

    the rapper Jay Z is also using a verson of the blessing gesture as his ROC nation hand sign lol pretty sneaky sis

  2. Stephie, Your criticism makes an assumption that the hand gesture for 'I love you' in American Sign Language is neutral or good or necessarily independent from any other signal language. What do you really know about Helen Keller, who is credited with the invention? Her god was that of Emanuel Swedenborg, "Christian mystic," to whom she dedicated her book, Light in My Darkness.

  3. "Truth/Stranger than Fiction" (of unknown gender) left this comment.

    Bob has a good point. I dont know if you researched Helen Keller, but she was a theosophist and a professed satanist. The Christian Mystic Swedenborg taught Jesus as the son of Lucifer, Light Bearer. The catholic church makes the same declaration during Easter in the Gregorian Chant Light of Christ sang in Vulgate Latin. Vulcan is another name for Baal, Moloch/Melek/Chiun/Milkum, Beelzebub, jinn, Shaitain, Satan, Tammuz, Adonai and the like. These symbols of the esoteric are all connected across the world. I have done the research and my conclusion is, Jesus Christ as represented by the roman catholic church is the son of the Morning Star(Lucifer) and is a false Christ and not the true. We have been decieved for generations.