Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Monday's "Call To Decision" broadcast and other links

Here's a link to the audio file download from Monday's Call To Decision broadcast. Call To Decision - Pastor Butch and Bob Schlenker - May 17, 20010 - mp3 download Pastor Butch was gracious to invite me as a guest. (Thanks too, Erin and Rachel!) We enjoyed discussing reverse speech and had some interesting dialog with some who called in during the show.

I'm still working on the pharmakeia study, and still really looking forward to continuing The Iron Giant series. Until then, here's a couple other links of interest.

Russian Navy UFO records say aliens love oceans In this Russia Today news you'll have to click the "read more" link to get the full article.

Photos reveal inside look at East Austin tunnel home If your plan is to survive some coming trouble in tunnels underneath your home, you'd best be more discrete than this fellow.

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