Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Part 5 - "The Iron Giant" signaling the Beast agenda

In this fifth post in the series featuring "The Iron Giant" (1999 - Warner Brothers), I'm continuing to expose symbolic elements from this vehicle of antichrist promotion.

I'm beginning with a focus on the different kinds of triple helix DNA / mark of the beast signaling done by Hogarth, the 9-year-old boy hero. His clothing is usually signaling, and I found him hand-signaling once too. The most interesting signal is how he was using the phone.

A coiled handset cord is obviously a helix. In the image on the right you see the helical strand looped around his loins. When you add one helical strand to the Adamic double helix, well - do the math.

I've related the matter of adding a third strand of DNA to the Adamic man's native two to the mark of the Beast frequently in this blog.

And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
Revelation 13:16

When Hogarth hung up the phone, the helix was still wrapped around him, trapping him. To free himself, he lifted the cord over his head, presenting us with the image on the left.

Hogarth's point of connection with the black helical strand was the telephone handset, which he held in his right hand. We were presented with a snapshot of his holding the helix in his right hand at his forehead. When the helix was wrapped around Hogarth, he was trapped, just like those who will receive the mark. While Hogarth was able to free himself, the Bible declares that those who receive the actual mark will not have that option.

Now, certainly, you can dismiss these observations as "coincidence" if you like. I believe a better response is to acknowledge that the Lord is revealing a plot against us that is a deadly threat, and that he is revealing it and opening our eyes today so that we will not be deceived when it really counts. I pray that you don't take this brief season for granted. Make it count.

Hogarth wears this sweater you see on the right in several scenes. If you have read what I blogged about the meaning of Obama's seal you may recall what the bands of red and white signify. The red represents the Adamic man, because Adam means "red earth." The white represents the divine light of the sons of god. Two white stars appear, stars being a metaphor for angelic and/or demonic heavenly beings. Wearing such a sweater signals the union of the divine stars with the Adam. The next time you see a flag waving, give this matter some thought.

Here, on the left, he's wearing a sporty looking shirt with two red bands (Adam) flanking a blue band (heaven). Triple helix DNA.

Supporting this observation we see triple helix DNA being signaled right next to him in the wallpaper covering the walls of the upstairs hallway. In the previous post I addressed the pattern of the wallpaper in the DOWNstairs hall, which has a double-helix vine pattern. The UPstairs hall has a triple helix design. The double down and triple up signifies how man ascends to heaven and godhood through the triple-helix transformation.

The repeating elements of the triple-helix signaling pattern resemble a matrix of segments of genetic material. This wallpaper appears frequently in the movie but the pattern elements are seldom very perfectly formed. They are serpentine flourishes suggestive of a vertical infinity symbol (eternal life). In the pattern you can usually see some well-formed sixes and nines. Six is the number of man. Nine is the single digit that signifies the number of the triple-helix upgrade.

I've written recently about the meaning of the number 69 as the popular metaphor for oral sex, pointing back to the activity in the garden of Eden. Through it, Satan boasts of his conquest. I don't think I've introduced yet how sixty-nine is the two digit number that represents the triple helix upgrade. I believe the reason for it is because a male and a female each contribute 23 chromosomes when reproducing, which combine to the necessary total of 46. If you equate the two strand DNA structures produced you can consider each strand as equivalent to the number 23. Two strands, forty-six chromosomes. (2x23=46) By extension, three strand DNA involves 3x23 or 69 chromosomes. I don't have the lab results :) but there's more evidence connecting 69 to the triple helix DNA I haven't shared.

I believe this is why the reclining 69 appears on the keystone of the Masonic Royal Arch. It is recognized as the astrological symbol for Cancer, but that's not all it is! It marks the place where the two pillars join, the male and female, the heaven and earth - and the triple helix transformation is that joining keystone - the GREAT SECRET!

More coming - Lord willing!

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