Monday, May 03, 2010

Part 4 - "The Iron Giant" signaling the Beast agenda

In this fourth post in the series featuring "The Iron Giant" (1999 - Warner Brothers), more symbolic elements from this vehicle of antichrist promotion are exposed.

One point of this effort is to show that we are being preyed upon by those who are masters of subtle deception. When you learn how to recognize the enemy's weaponry you can nullify its influence in your life and help others to do the same.

My friend, we do absolutely need all the help we can get! The Bible's declaration is that in these last days, only the very elect will not be deceived. All others will. Seek the one who opens the eyes and ears, the Lord Y'shua, son of the most High God, with your whole heart.

This cartoon movie is richly crafted with some very subtle features, and some not quite so subtle. With regard to visual elements, the Yin Yang symbol presented was obvious, undisguised. The serving bowl was very clever! Some of the other visuals are so frequently presented in various forms they can be considered as a class. There's far more to be found than I will address here, and, of course, you may pursue them further as the Lord leads. I'm going to be leading up to a very significant insight, but, Lord willing, it will come after a few more posts.

Hogarth's house decor features an oak leaf and acorn motif, with a prominent oak leaf appearing in a forest scene as well. We might expect to see a variety of leaves in the movie, with a mix of maple and elm, perhaps, but the oak is quite dominant. In some contexts, such an observation might be unimportant, but not in such a vehicle as this has been proven to be. The oak and acorn point to Thor, the thunder god, following the movie's Norse cues (the name Hogarth, the iron giant's reassembling / reanimating on Langjökull Glacier, Iceland).

Thor equates to the Zeus / Satan identity and also to Apollo. The acorn, as the seed of the oak, signals the offspring; Thor, of Odin, and Apollo, of Zeus. The acorn identity is the Beast and those who are likewise transformed by his mark. The iron giant himself compares to Thor, with flashing eyes, a huge appetite, protecting humans - the god of thunder and sky. (See In Worship of Trees - The Oak Tree)

The oak is also known as the garden of the forest because it is host to many other plants like the mistletoe, ivy, stinkhorn and lichen. As the garden of the forest we see a connection to Hogarth, whose name means "hilltop garden." The oak motif decorates his home.

He is pictured sitting at the kitchen table in a chair marked with an oak leaf, as on the throne of Thor. As a rebellious, disobedient and dishonest boy, he is pictured in the movie ruling his domain by manipulation and threats. The lie in presenting Hogarth on the throne of Thor is that those who rebel against authority, rule by manipulation and honor the Beast will be exalted to a throne of authority. The truth is that Satan hates everyone and has little loyalty. He delights in setting people up for destruction.

In Celtic mythology, the oak is the tree of doors and thus a gateway between worlds. It's also a place where portals can be erected. We see several dimensional portals presented in The Iron Giant in such a way as to validate the symbolism. On the front door of Hogarth's house there is an oak leaf and acorn door knocker, marking it as a dimensional portal.

The two-story house has a staircase. You ascend and descend by passing between two pillars marked by large acorns.

Hogarth sometimes accesses his bedroom through an open window. He accesses the upper floor portal by ascending and descending using an oak tree. The portal itself isn't marked with an oak symbol but rather a cross. The cross marks a dimensional portal, as I've explained before, with the vertical as the heavenly male, the horizontal as the earthly female, and the intersection representing their union. The cross signals the DNA portal between heaven and earth - the mark of the beast.

I had wondered why the house's window panes were arranged in such a peculiar way, with the uppers divided into six panes and the lowers into two. The cross that appears when the window is open explains it, because it's then a dimensional portal. Seeing how the cross symbol is used to mark a portal used for secret access should speak loudly to us about the use of the cross symbol by unsuspecting Christians. If they only knew the secret they would get rid of the cross and every other graven image in a big hurry!

On the cabinet above the bathroom sink are more oak and acorn symbols. For a knob, instead of another acorn is what you might recognize as a version of the Rosicrucian rose, as sometimes seen in Masonic architectural ornamentation. This is a tip off, as the Freemasons and Rosicrucians are related. The white rose adorns the mirror identifying it with the practice of scrying, divination, which is communicating through a dimensional portal. (See the Hermetic and Rosicrucian Timeline entry for the year 1531)

The doorway from the hall to the kitchen is framed by the hall's vine helix wallpaper pattern, signifying that this oak-framed dimensional portal is DNA. On the hall side, it is two strand. The light lies beyond. That's the false promise.

Consider the plate behind Hogarth in this image. The three oak leaves appear as a delta inscribed within a circle. Triple helix DNA signaling - of the oak kind. For those who cast a spell through this symbol portal, magical protection is given by the circumscribed circle. Don't fall prey to the scheme.

If you think this movie is probably unique in its manner of presenting layer after layer of demonic signaling and real dimensional portals, please consider how subtle this deceptive threat is and rightly conclude that it is far from unique. You have been surrounded by such without even being aware of the presence of this evil. Are you becoming more aware? Seek the Lord for insight into how He might have you respond to this awareness.

More coming, Lord willing!


  1. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Actually the Bible states that beware for even the very elect will be deceived. Many Christians such as David Flynn, LA Marzulli, Tom Horn, Steve Quayle and many others believe the whole alien thing is a real deception from Satan himself. He pry's on the minds of men.

  2. The very elect will absolutely not be deceived, and they know it. Those who don't should be very concerned about already being deceived about such an important matter.