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Part 8 - "The Iron Giant" signaling the Beast agenda

The focus is once again on the star symbols that conceal and reveal the serpent Lucifer's antichrist scheme, presented in the animated feature The Iron Giant" (1999 - Warner Brothers).

An eight-pointed star is equivalent to the six-pointed star but with the addition of a horizontal divider, the horizon line separating heaven and earth. The number eight emphasizes the new creation that will be the union of the heavenly and earthly - the triple helix DNA offspring. I believe it also references Noah the Eighth (as presented in the "Milk Hill 8" crop sign of 8/8/08), due to the importance of the counter-flood perspective from which this mark-of-the-Beast kind of incursion can be viewed.

The popular image of what is called Solomon's Seal is a good example of the eight-pointed star. It appears as the six points of the two deltas plus two more from the horizontal divider. This is a really powerful occult image! Most of the individual elements have already been addressed in this blog in one or more posts as signifying the great secret, but it's appropriate to offer a review.

This is a hexagram inscribed within a circle that resembles the simpler form used for the invocation of demonic entities. The circle is itself the serpent ouroboros. The circle divided in two, horizontally, presents the Hermetic Maxim: "As above, so below." The lighter heavenly air is above the darker earthly water. The waterline marks the horizon with the reflection of the heavenly visible in the earthly. The "iron cross" in the center aligns with the vertical drawn between the uppermost and lowermost points of the opposing deltas, and the transverse horizontal divider. This four-pointed cross fits neatly inside the hexagon formed by the union of the two deltas and is white to represent the divinity of their offspring. The male heavenly upward pointing delta is white and the opposing female earthly delta is black. The head is white and the body is black. The royal crown is triple tiered, representing one tier for each strand of DNA in the hybrid Beasts that are promised kingdoms. The beard is likewise a trident. The deltas appear as truncated pyramid bodies, with capstone heads.

Another inspired example of such a layered star is found at the Vatican, in St. Peter's Square. This one is punctuated by the pyramid-topped obelisk relocated from Heliopolis (On) Egypt under commission of the emperor Caligula. Many of the above observations apply.

Such a star marks the doors of the barn where the iron giant first stayed, in Hogarth's care. A barn is where you might expect a Beast to be kept. The star appropriately marks the barn doors because it represents a dimensional portal. One is presented on the outside of the front door and another on the inside of the back door presumably providing for passage both in and out of the barn.

The stars on the red and white sweater Hogarth wears are of this eight-pointed variety. I addressed the meaning of the sweater a few posts back (Part 5). Comparing the meaning of the sweater to that of the eight-pointed stars reveals how they are companion signals, multiplying their effectual influence.

In this next image we see Hogarth signaling the great secret with both hands while wearing the symbolic sweater, plus the amazingly richly symbolic serving bowl on the dining room table, plus the checkerboard floor in the illuminated kitchen-temple and - a curious eight-pointed star on the wall! This star features star burst rays with its central face displaying a serpent and what looks like an astrological image (See insert for enlargement). This element may be presenting us with a particular heavenly alignment on a particular date, perhaps involving the star Sirius that is assigned such reverence among the esoteric Freemasons.

More coming, Lord willing!

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