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Part 7 - "The Iron Giant" signaling the Beast agenda

The Iron Giant" (1999 - Warner Brothers) is a vehicle of antichrist promotion that conceals and reveals the epic scheme of the serpent Lucifer. This seventh post in the series continues to expose this scheme through the animated feature's symbolic imagery that is both visual and non-visual. In this post, star symbols are the focus.

The Bible uses the star as a metaphor to represent angelic beings. (See What Was it That is Called the Star of Bethlehem?)

The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches, and the seven lamp stands are the seven churches.
Revelation 1:20b

This metaphor is widely leveraged in occult symbolism because star images are very powerful and most people are unaware of what they signify. Of course, many kinds of star-like structures and images are naturally occurring and quite innocent, like the snowflake and hexagonal forms like the cells of a honeycomb. What signals their being leveraged against you is the context. Many people will recognize an inverted five-pointed star as a evil symbol, especially when inscribed within a circle, but when it's not inverted, or has four, six or eight points, a star generally won't alert suspicion. Yet, it often should.

In the plot of The Iron Giant the giant is killed in the sky, blown up while intercepting a missile. In this image we see Hogarth looking up at a star that is the radiant light from the blast. The iron giant is a messianic figure who sacrifices himself to save people and is later resurrected. The star supports that theme, presenting us with a cross, which in most peoples' minds represents the instrument of Christ's crucifixion. (Technically, Y'shua was more likely hung on a tree that resembled a vertical stake with no horizontal cross member, but I digress.) The form of the iron giant star is one you might recognize as a Celtic cross, with concentric rings of light around the intersection.

I perceive more layers of symbolism in this. The iron giant, who, in the official synopsis, is stated to have "fallen from the stars," has ascended to once again to become a star. A fallen star represents a fallen angel, what Enoch refers to as a Watcher and Genesis 6 refers to as a son of god. The iron giant really represents the antichrist Beast as a counterfeit messiah, which is to say he is a hybrid god-man. He is a cross between god and man, the four pointed star. The vertical represents the heavenly sons of god, the horizontal; the earthly daughters of men, the intersection; their union. What Hogarth is looking at is an end that is a beginning, a emblem that is both a "death star" and a "star of Bethlehem."

Stars are more frequently pictured with six points, the number of man. The six pointed star compares to the hexagram. These both resolve to the essential opposing deltas that signal the sons of god with the daughters of men and their triple helix offspring. If you've ever heard of a hex being put on someone you've heard reference to the use of this six pointed symbol as a demonic portal. When inscribed in a circle it's the primary symbol through which demons are invoked, invited to pass through as a dimensional portal.

The six pointed star is featured in several scenes including this one in Hogarth's bedroom, pictured in a snapshot on the right. You may recognize this from an earlier post where I featured the cross that marks the window as a dimensional portal. Companion signal elements often appear to make the spell more potent, and as commonly found in this movie we find it here in the stars on the wallpaper. One of them is enlarged in the insert so you can identify it more easily. This particular version is as an eight pointed star that is missing its horizontal elements.

You should be grasping in this series the reality that the agents and agencies behind this vehicle know the scheme, and that, by the grand scope and scale of the themes and thematic elements, it must be orchestrated by the master of deceit himself; Satan. You should also be growing in awareness that this father of lies and all who serve him are only really serving the greater and sovereign Yahweh's purposes, who is granting discernment to those of us who watch in obedience in this late hour.

The six pointed stars you see here should be familiar.

Walmart, the corporate giant often hated for the devastating effect their stores typically have on small town life and economies, and also known for their use of in-store subliminals, identifies itself with the six pointed star. Their motto, "Live Better," should tip you off to their complicity in the triple helix DNA "upgrade" scheme that will counterfeit the life that is truly Life.

The medical community is replete with occult symbols promoting the spells of antichrist delusion. Red and blue four-pointed-star crosses and six pointed stars are everywhere! As recently documented from such as NCR's marketing sequence, ObamaCare imagery and various PositiveId attributes, you should be convinced beyond any shadow of a doubt that the mark of the beast will be popularly introduced in the context of the medical center through the agency of health care professionals.

To be continued, Lord willing!

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